Top-notch Facebook marketing strategies are designed to go beyond the norm of just getting fans. These tips are meant to attract the best, most engaging, and active fans to your page.

Using proper Facebook Marketing Strategies will bring you fans are more like to purchase from you, share your content, recommend your status updates, products and services and continue to bring in more fans.

Creating Facebook marketing strategies are not for the faint of heart – they are for businesses that are ready to take their Facebook fan page to the next level.

These kind of Facebook marketing strategies takes time, but for persistent businesses, they can be rewarded with a very active, thriving and profitable Facebook fan page.

Facebook Marketing Strategies To Follow

Facebook Marketing Strategies #1 Create Epic Content

Many businesses post stats about their sales or put up promotional ads. They wonder why their page never gets any traction.

Epic content means the best possible content you can create: killer status updates that get people talking, blow-your-mind stats graphed out in an infographic, videos that people can't help but watch and share, and links to very informative or helpful blog posts.

This should all be made for your target market and as time goes on, tweaked to match the preferences of your growing fan base.

 Facebook Marketing Strategies #2 Ask, Ask, Ask

If you are delivering excellent content, it will be easier to get your fans to simple things to help you create more engagement.

Asking them to like, share, or comment is one of the most common ways to get engagement. Asking them to click on links, watch videos or to read your posts is a great way to put that extra intent in your posts. Studies show that if you put out two updates on your page, where one has a call to action and the other does not, the one with the call to action will get more engagement.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #3 Get Warm and Fuzzy

In essence, share something about your personal life. I am not talking about trips to the grocery store, I mean something that you are proud of. Do you paint? Share your finished work on Facebook. Post a picture of your new Christmas tree. [bctt tweet=”Inject a little bit of you into your business. #personality #personalbusiness “]

Facebook Marketing Strategies #4 Encourage Engagement By Everyone

Every day, when you see a comment, like or comment in return. When your fan base explodes, it will be more difficult, but keep engaging as much as possible. While you are engaging with people, you also want fans to be engaging with each other.

You will want your Facebook page to turn into your business' “living room” where people come to chat with each other. Mention a fan in a status update, feature a fan's accomplishments or show off a fan's work to get people talking. Your fans will love it.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #5 Make It Fun For Fans To Buy Or Subscribe

Contests, sweepstakes, coupons, discounts, all make for great ways to get your fans excited about buying from you. You can also run contests or promos to get them to subscribe to your list, recommend their friends or to share your statuses.

Having good Facebook marketing strategies doesn't have to be all serious. The people you are targeting are just that… people; So provide fun and entertainment.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #6 Have A Vision For Your Facebook Fan Base

This is one step up from marketing to your target audience. This is about creating a community on Facebook that contributes to the page and helps each other in the process.

Do you want a community that you mindlessly advertise to? Or do you want open, respectful discussions about things that you and your fans care about?

Do you sell recycling bins and want to create a community of green activists? Or do you want your community to talk about the best ways to recycle or upcycle – sharing pictures, tips, videos and more?

[bctt tweet=”Your Facebook fan page can really become a catalyst for change. #facebookfanpage #facebookfan”] Part of having good Facebook Marketing Strategies is knowing everything you have to offer and how it's going to look like to your follower. The vision will provide you with the ability to tell the story to those ready and following our content.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #7 Engage With Other Pages And Profiles

Leaving the nest once in a while to go out and share your comments and likes is a great way to build appreciation among others on Facebook. Choose profiles or pages similar to yours. Do this on a consistent basis and you will find a spike in fans on your own page.

This is one of many great Facebook Marketing strategies because you are pulling traffic from active pages and showing people there that you also have relevant content that is helpful to them.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #8 Host An Event

You can do pretty much anything online nowadays. If your Facebook fans are spread to the four corners of the earth, how about hosting an online event?

You can do a Q and A, Google Hangout with guests, a live broadcast and more. Get creative and see what really gets your fans excited.

Example of a spur of the moment Facebook Q/A

Post by Lawrence Tam.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #9 Team Up With Other Businesses or Leaders

Combine two Facebook profile styles and cross post, share or host an event. Guest blog on their blog, or have them guest blog on yours, and share that on your wall. Host a joint contest, do a review together, or record a conversation or interview. Share on each other's fan pages to get even more leverage to you and your business.

Facebook Marketing Strategies #10 Monitor, Track and Watch

Doing all of these different Facebook Marketing Strategies with your fan page is great, but you will want to track your results. This is the number crunching that will help you see what is converting fans to customers, what is ramping up engagement and what just isn't working.

This will help you fine-tune your efforts so that you get the most bang for your buck. You can use Facebook analytics and you can also use Google Analytics to get really detailed information.

Part of doing good Facebook Marketing Strategies is just that, a strategy. So ensure to really check the analytics. A good business person understands the importance of data and using it the right way.

Facebook Marketing Strategies Infograph

Facebook marketing strategies in a nutshell.

Most of these ten points can be used daily, while others can be used weekly or monthly. Use them correctly, and you can really see your Facebook community take off. If you have a great community, you can actually release a lot of great content that will help others. The community will pick up some of the slack by sharing and engaging on your page. Take action and use these Facebook marketing strategies to create more sales and conversions in the long run. It also helps build your online presence which is always a plus.

So tell me, which these Facebook Marketing strategies do you like and which one will you try next?

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On the monitoring and tracking….what should be the procedures… Thank you Sir. Lawrence..

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Great Stuff Tam!

TyronneRatcliff · November 16, 2013 at 11:34 pm

Hey Lawrence, I like #2 on your list. Simply asking your fans for a favor can be the difference between a lot of engagement on your fan page and none whatsoever, absolutely crucial! Thanks for bringing the value!

    Lawrence Tam · November 23, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    people like to be asked… it’s human nature for them to speak out

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