Thanks for your interest in writing for my personal blog which I started blogging on in 2010. This is a blog run by Lawrence Tam (Facebook) and focused on entrepreneurs, network marketers, affiliate marketers, and people just sick of their jobs and wanting a new way to earn online.

Before you start writing your post, be sure you’re familiar with our audience and guest blogging process—we will prompt you to revisit these guidelines if it’s clear you haven’t read them.


First – Why Blog with us?

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Examples of content that did very well and got a LOT of Facebook Shares

*disclaimer – now not all guest posts will get the “royal treatment” as we won't blast every single piece of content unless it's KILLER Content and does well with your core audience. Also, there is no guarantee that your post will go viral like that as these are examples of previous content.



The blog's focus is on online marketing, lead generation, SEO, Internet Marketing, and how to run a home based business. There are other opportunities to write about education, learning, and niche sites about business.

We only accept original content that has not been published anywhere else before.


Keep it conversational. The target market of our audience is home business owners and internet marketers.



Word Count

Blog posts should be at least 1,000 words. Think “Resource” and why would someone share this?



Spend time on this. This is the main reason someone comes to read the article.

Headline Generator Idea

Headline Generator



Break up your paragraphs with headings—we won’t publish a wall of text.

Lists do well and having them organized and properly spaced is important.


External Linking

– Self Promotional Links

You will be given  one (1) link back to your website in the signature (all of your blogs will use same signature)

You may link back to two (2) of your company’s blog posts or website in the post if it fits the context of your topic and enhances the lessons and message of your content.  Spamming on link stuffing will not be published.

– Referencing Non-Promotional Support Links

More the merrier. Support facts and figures as much as you can. Referencing quotes, stats, infographics…

Photos & Images

Always use Creative Commons and other copyright-safe sources. Creating your own would be best (use tools like Free photos you can use (click here – click here –  click here). Using screen captures work really well (use Jing)

LINK back to the original Creative Common image so I can check it's copywrite free. If not I will delete them to be on the safe side.

NO images taken from the web should be used unless they are owned by you or from an free use photo like from (you still need to LINK to them so I know it's copywrite free)

Be sure to match image file name (alt text) to the keyword being targeted in headline.

NEVER USE paid sites as I have no way telling if you bought it or just stole it. Plus if you bought it I need to show a receipt …. so best to NOT even use clip art unless you can LINK to it and prove it's free from copywrite.


– Feature Image

If you don't use a lot of images, the MOST important image will be the FEATURED image which will be seen the most on social media and has the biggest impact on click through rates.

The ideal size is (1,200 x 628) and you can use to make a image fit. This is handy as I can then use this image for Facebook promotions if the article does well.


Keywords and On Page SEO

Follow the guide below from SEOmoz.


*image pulled from here


*guideline based from sharaholic

  1. Let us know you’re interested. Shoot us a quick email with two (2) topics with outlines as well as three (3) links to other articles you have written. Please be detailed but concise so we can judge whether the topics will align with our blog.
  2. We will approve the idea. If the blog post ideas are not in line with our objectives but you have the right writing style, we will help brainstorm additional ideas.
  3. You write the post. Follow our editorial guidelines outlined above. Submit your post directly through our wordpress dashboard in top-notch, ready-to-publish fashion. There should be absolutely no spelling errors, grammar errors or typos. Read it out loud to yourself and have a friend check it over as well. We will go over it once (1 time) and may send it back to you for one (1) round of corrections. (we will set you up with an account if you have good history of articles and your writing style is what we are looking for)
  4. If there are too many edits, poor writing, and not top quality… your article will not be published.
  5. You should be notified by our system by email when your article goes live.

What you Get

  1. 1 signature link (clickable) (back to your offer, blog, website)
  2. signature image (using your email in
  3. signature bio – up to 50 words


Comments and Engage (blog and social media)

On the day your post is published, check back frequently and respond to comments you receive. Also be sure to monitor social media for conversations. Engage with our readers. Best also to share this with your audience for your own exposure as I will also be sharing with our list and social media.

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