How Investing in Design Can Help Marketers Navigate Influencer Marketing Legal Traps

It was only a matter of time. As folks became celebrities through non-traditional means, brands jumped at the opportunity to have these influencers promote their products and services. This flavor of influencer marketing, seen most frequently via social media, is really just an old twist on celebrity spokespeople. The difference is that those celebrities were (almost) always bolstering brands in overt marketing -- things like TV commercials or magazine print ads. There was no mistaking their ...

How To Convert A Lead ~99.9% of the Time

how to convert a lead
I wanted to share with you a cool way I've been generating leads ... but not through the traditional sense.It's a weird way on how to convert a lead... and probably get the lead 99% of the time. Interested? Read on Lead = someone requested MORE information* Always adhere to CAN-SPAM (read more about spam and emails here) and ONLY email those who have requested to be emailed. So this is going to play out like a simple cooking recipe... so simple it's like making peanut butter sandwich...

4 Clicks and 7 Seconds – Capture Page To Facebook Fanpage Tab

Facebook Fan Page Tab
Facebook Fanpage Tab... you know the one at top of your fan page Have you been ignoring it? Don't... That's pretty prime real estate there. *If you are a network marketer or biz opp business owner I would suggest NOT putting your affiliate link in that spot... JUST In case Facebook does an audit on your account when you start doing paid traffic they will look at that and see if you are a "Value Based" business or "Business Opportunity" business. To setup a Capture Page tab in Faceboo...

LT 17: Increase Facebook Likes Organically to 624,400 Plus

Learn how to Increase Facebook likes organically with my special guest, Holly Homer as she discusses how she's built her Fan Page to over 600,000 Likes with over 70% engagement. Show Notes - Increase Facebook Likes Organically: Guest - Holly Homer Where you can reach Holly FanPage - Children's Blog - Business Blog - Book - 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest ...

LT 16: Breakthrough Advertising with Avram Gonzales

5 Levels of understanding your customer and where they are in the buying process. Listen in to this Breakthrough Advertising podcast interview with Avram Gonzales on the Project Mayhem Podcast.   Project Mayhem Podcast 16 - Breakthrough Advertising with Avram Gonzales    MindMap: Breakthrough Advertising Chapter 7 - Intensification  *found on copywritingjournal Show Notes: (more…)

How To Advertise On Facebook And Don’t Spend A Dime

how to advertise on facebook
Let's Dive Into "How To Advertise On Facebook" Facebook represents our primal need to be social: connecting, comforting, sharing, and entertaining. It is part exhibitionist and part voyeuristic. It is our collective consciousness, shared in a digital forum with written ideas, videos, photos.   What we share becomes an extension of ourselves. Facebook is here to stay. Your business or niche is your pride and joy. Putting it on Facebook is a decision to create a digital represe...

Facebook Graph Search For Marketers

So what is the Facebook Graph Search For Marketers? How can you use it? Graph search for NON marketers... I have no idea what you would use it for besides.. hooking up with other people in your area.. But for marketers...  I Introduce to you the  Facebook Graph Search For Marketers Demo   Things To Consider - Facebook Graph Search For Marketers - Listen Up You can really use this to your advantage if you do any Facebook PPC You can really put ad copy ...