LT 17: Increase Facebook Likes Organically to 624,400 Plus

Learn how to Increase Facebook likes organically with my special guest, Holly Homer
as she discusses how she's built her Fan Page to over 600,000 Likes with over 70% engagement.

Show Notes – Increase Facebook Likes Organically:

  1. Guest – Holly Homer
  2. Where you can reach Holly
    1. FanPage –
    2. Children's Blog –
    3. Business Blog –
    4. Book – 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!: The Entertainment Solution for Parents, Relatives & Babysitters!
  3. Stuck at around 10-13k fans for a year and half then a couple months later crossed 50k fans to prepare for book launch.
  4. Facebook Fan Page Likes for Quirky Momma as of  August 4, 2014 (organically grown)
  5. Any interaction with post is good. (read more, like, comment, share, click through…)
  6. Define what is “REACH” – Exposure Number (Facebook Math)
    1. Increase facebook like reach by monitoring your exposure number per post.
  7. The A-ha Moment – When another page was taking her content (without credit) but Holly noticed the content was going viral = Here Content has viral upside
  8. Be a reporter, A Television channel. Even if it's 70% other peoples content. They will come back
  9. Current posting schedule: 15x per day (changes depending on insights data)
  10. Monetization – Primarily on blog
  11. Sharing other FanPages – Check their talking about… not total likes.
  12. Not using Hashtags
  13. 3rd party software – doesn't use them
  14. Facebook loves Facebook – Upload videos, send traffic to Facebook, engage on Facebook

Want To Increase Your Facebook Audience Reach?
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9 thoughts on “LT 17: Increase Facebook Likes Organically to 624,400 Plus

  1. WOW, LT this was an awesome podcast. My avatar is aging parents and adult children caregivers and this has opened up my eyes. Holly has made this so much clearer for me. Thank YOU.

  2. There was some great information in the podcast. I would have liked to hear a few more technical details.

    Holly explained how she could tell exactly when Facebook changed their algorithms as her posts wouldn’t hit the number she expected and she would make a couple of changes and be right back on top.

    An example of the changes she made would have been great. I understand it is a moving target but an example of what she was doing and what she changed would be some great insight into what to look for and how to better understand your own numbers.

    1. you can see the evolution of her facebook… some of it came with frequency but then again she also removes posts that don’t hit marks… only so much you can pack in a 1hr interview 😉

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