Facebook Trends to Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy


Social media platforms have become an integral part of people’s lives around the world. 

Even though numerous social media platforms exist, nothing compares to the popularity of Facebook. With billions of monthly active users, this social media giant is easily the biggest and most influential among its counterparts.

It is not surprising to find that marketers and businesses turn to this platform to widen their audience and connect with and build their customer base. In fact, there are more than 60 million active business pages on Facebook, with six million of these brands actively advertising on this platform. Advertising on Facebook is cost-effective, efficient, and brings results.

However, it is not a secret that this platform often has algorithm changes and updates. That is why it is necessary to keep yourself updated with these changes to be ahead of the curve.

Here are the four latest trends you should know to help you improve your Facebook strategy.


Ad Targeting

Various controversial events led to stringent measures when it comes to data privacy. Facebook was forced to change its ad targeting policy, especially after the implementation of GDPR.

This means users now have more control over the data they share on Facebook. What does this mean for businesses? Users who do not allow this tech giant to use their personal data also make it difficult for businesses to gather information about their consumers.

Targeting the right audience based on their interests can be difficult with limited data at your disposal.


AR Advertising 

Advertising on Facebook allows you to explore various ad types, from images and carousels to videos. But it seems that another revolutionary strategy is well on its way to change the landscape.

We are talking about the recent development where Facebook allowed advertisers to create and publish their own AR effects through Spark AR Studio. AR is an interactive way to enhance the user experience, and implementing this innovative advertising tactic can be something that you would want to leverage in the future.


Focusing on Private Channels

Facebook is anticipating the evolution of digital interactions, with users gradually turning to private channels. This includes WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook Groups. This can pose a challenge to many marketers.

Still, being aware of this option in the near future can help you prepare. You can start building your online community and connecting with your customer base to secure private interactions.


Hidden Likes

Recently, Facebook ran a pilot test in Australia where like counts were hidden. This means only you can see the total number of likes that you get. It must be the platform’s effort to draw attention to meaningful interactions instead of putting too much emphasis on likes.

Although this is still a developing trend and not yet applicable worldwide, this is something that you should look out for as it can greatly affect engagement and the metrics with which you measure your strategy’s success.



Facebook, just like any other social media platform, is ever-evolving. Being informed about its latest changes and updates can prepare you for the impact and challenges ahead. This will ensure you are on top of your game should these changes pose obstacles, prompting you to change tactics and stay in the game.


Josh Wardini

Founder of SERPwatch Josh started building his experience in all things Internet since the beginning of 2000. A novice but aspiring developer, he lives and breathes SEO and loves to explore how the World Wide Web works.


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