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Selling on Facebook can help boost your business in most industries, whether it is retail, affiliate programs, digital products or services. Selling on Facebook the right way provides a captive audience for whatever you are offering. It can increase your customer base, increase your sales and increase the number of returning customers. Developing a way for customers to keep track of your products and services in an engaging way is hard work, but can reward you with a healthier business.


The Basics of Selling on Facebook

First thing that should be set up  to start selling on Facebook is to set up a fan page. The set up process is very easy, as Facebook guides you step by step. Once it is set up, customize your page with branding, logos and color schemes. If you have a store, you can import some of your products into your Facebook page. Provide links to web sites and blogs so that people can visit your online storefront. Finally, fill in the About sections with as much information about your business as possible. Include a link to your business.

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Selling on Facebook Tip 1: Increasing likes and building followers.

If you have just started your fan page, ask family and friends who are on Facebook to like your page. Once you have some fans, start following, commenting and liking other fan pages that are similar to your brand or target audience. Becoming a regular on other fan pages gets you exposure for your own brand. Engage with people who are most likely to become fans on your page in a constructive and positive way.

The more your community grows, the more likes, comments and shares you should have. When you do get increased participation, reward them with comments and likes. Not commenting and liking is similar to ignoring someone in a conversation. Doing so can alienate your fans. Fans love it when you respond to them, so keep them happy. If your community gets too big to do it alone, ask some of your trusted fans to become administrators. Otherwise, you can hire someone to help keep up. Its easier start selling on Facebook when you have a community of fans that know your content and like what you have to offer.

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Selling on Facebook with Great Photos

How many times have you been turned off by ugly or inappropriate pictures on someone's wall? Professional-looking pictures are the way to show off items you are selling on Facebook. Proper lighting, camera angles and touch-ups can be tricky, but once you develop a system for taking great pictures, your pictures will look fantastic and sell your items. Also consider having a professional come in and take photos.

Items you might be selling on Facebook such as  digital products, invest in some stock photos or drive to a nice area and shoot some pictures that you would like to use on your wall. Many businesses use photos to illustrate points. For example, I used a photo of a fountain to illustrate a point I was making about web traffic. People love photos – be sure yours exceed their expectations.


Using Facebook Insights to Boost Selling on Facebook

Facebook insights is a free tool for businesses who manage a Facebook page. It shows you, in great detail, the level of activity from your fans on your page (another reason to have a page). You must have over thirty likes in order to see the stats for your page. It is designed to give you as much feedback as you need to see how each post is doing. Only owners or administrators can see the details.

How is Facebook insights going to help you with selling on Facebook? Simple. When you post content, you can see how many people saw, liked, shared, and/or commented on your posts. If a post is very popular, continue sharing similar content. You can see where a majority of your fans live, so you can target that area with memes, language, cultural references and promotions.

It is best to take a tutorial to really understand how each piece of data is analyzed. Understanding how data is collected and displayed will boost your ability to apply it to your marketing campaigns and ultimately selling on Facebook.


Selling on Facebook Tip 2: How to Post Like a Pro On Your Facebook Page

The obvious answer to selling on Facebook, would be to post links and pictures to products. While this works well for some, the vast majority need to put up a different sort of content. What kind of content? Anything that is going to benefit your customers and fans. If you sell computers, put up articles about how to buy computers, how to maintain them, how computers make you smarter, etc. Share different types of media, like articles, how-to articles, lists, videos, infographics, podcasts, pdf downloads, or other types of media.

The kicker is giving your audience what they want WHILE… you get what you want = traffic to your websites.

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Selling on Facebook Tip 3: Build a community of raving fans around your posts.

Building a community on Facebook is essential for  not just selling on Facebook, but it also builds loyal and repeat customers. Building a community is not just visibility – it is the active liking, sharing, commenting of returning fans to your Facebook page. Not only do they engage with you, they talk to each other as well. The community should have a positive feel, where fans love to come and chat, learn or be entertained. Building a community will help on two levels – customers will be engaged with each other which will free up your time to bring in new fans and it will lower the barriers to buying.


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Selling on Facebook Tip 4: Be Generous with Content

Lastly, if you want to start selling on Facebook, you should be creating different types of content, it should be very well written. Add lots of links, videos, audios graphics and easy-to-skim text on your website or blog post. Share this piece of content on your Facebook page. Put a call to action in your post, asking people questions about the article and inviting them to post their opinions on your wall or on your blog.

For every ad or promotion on your page, publish 7-10 posts on Facebook that will inform, entertain, inspire or make people think. Giving value to your fans will come back to you ten-fold.

Building and maintaining a Facebook fan page takes a lot of effort. Yet, many businesses benefit from building a strong Facebook presence. If you really want to boost selling on Facebook, you will strive to have a Facebook presence that benefits others and in turn benefits you for the long haul.


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