Being A Salesperson vs A Solutions Provider (Video 6 of 10)

The first hurdle I had before I would even work for myself and even consider myself a “boss” of 1… was…

Could I sell something?


Selling to me was associated to being a car salesman… to PUSH a sale… to Always be Closing like in the movie (Glengarry Glen Ross – a movie you should see either way)

and I had this invisible barrier to

“WHY” would someone buy something from me…

You are now ready to have a total shift in thinking. This shift in thinking will help you reach out to more people, have more people come to you, help you to set up a way of having people buy from you even while you are not working, and help you think bigger (scale up).


I can't promise that you will become a millionaire overnight, or even at all, but what I can promise you is that you will never see online selling and marketing the same way again.


Being A Solutions Provider

Let's continue with the concept we learned in Video 5, which was to solve problems versus just selling people. Let me use an example of something that I have done to sell the most mundane product – vacuum cleaners.


I didn't go knocking door-to-door with a catalog of vacuum cleaners. I don't custom-build vacuum cleaners. I didn't buy them and then resell them. I simply used someone else's system to connect buyers and let the system take over.


Let's continue with the concept we learned in Video 5, which was to solve problems versus just selling people. Let me use an example of something that I have done to sell the most mundane product – vacuum cleaners. 


I didn't go knocking door-to-door with a catalog of vacuum cleaners. I don't custom-build vacuum cleaners. I didn't buy them and then resell them. I simply used someone else's system to connect buyers and let the system take over.


Amazon sells vacuum cleaners and they pay a 6% commission to their affiliates. Amazon handles the storage, shipping, customer service, returns and credit card transactions. I don't touch any of that. Instead, I provide information to potential customers. I use a blog to do it.


I set up a blog that had articles about how to clean various surfaces and what the best vacuum cleaners were for the job. I offered a few choices, with links back to Amazon. Each link was coded to an account, so that if someone purchased a vacuum cleaner through my blog, I would earn a commission. I have made 5 figures per MONTH doing this.


Notice, I didn't force the customer to buy. I provided them with some options for their particular need and they picked which option was best for them. They could have chosen to search through hundreds of options, but I made it easy for them. I gave them information. I narrowed down their options. They made the decision to buy, based on the information that I researched and provided for them. I just helped them buy a quality product AND I saved them a lot of time.


Basically, you are finding a solution to a problem and you are putting the information out there for people to find. You can do this in many ways – blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, pdf's, ebooks, email lists, article directories, photos, and more. If they see you enough times, they may buy from you – without you doing anything extra.

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38 thoughts on “Being A Salesperson vs A Solutions Provider (Video 6 of 10)

  1. There’s slot of advice giving in this one along. Arguably the best step dust far. Give solution to someone problem/problems. Right on LT simply nailed it.

  2. If Im hearing right, being a solution provider builds trust as opposed to putting up the walls like a salesperson. It becomes like a bank account. You make deposits and withdrawals. Just keep focusing on the action of making “trust” deposits and the results will come.

  3. Perfect!

    That´s exactly what I mentioned in the last post! Here is the key and the difference between the salesperson and what online marketing does!

  4. So what your saying is that most of the time it’s going to take multiple times of them seeing your name and what your about to actually get them to buy anything from you? Or would it be better to say that by providing them solutions to multiple problems your getting them to trust you until the make the decision to buy.

  5. hey Lawrence, you told me to comment on each video to see if im ready for help. i am really struggling right now and i need your help. i need more people to join wakeupnow which i join 2 weeks ago, thank you!!
    please help me. i really need.

  6. I’ve always been a salesman more less my whole life! I sold myself! I wish I had understood the significant difference before now between selling and providing a solution! Thanks Lawrence! You are pulling the blinders off my eyes! I wish I had understood this in the past or this approach in the past! I would have sold a lot more by providing a solution than trying to sell a product! Thanks

    1. being the solutions provider just makes more sense…

      if you’re starving after a long night of partying…
      a hot dog vendor selling cheap hotdogs could hit the spot..

      take that same hot dog vendor and put it on your front porch when your bbq ….
      it just seems odd… you didn’t want it there.

  7. LT

    Starting to understand different mistakes I was making when I first started empower…….
    ” I offer people services and goods while helping them find a solution to their problem “. By the way I am PUMPED to learn about ” Traffic ” !

  8. ‘A solution’s provider’ – I like that terminology. After leaving Charlotte and Nicole’s training, when someone asks me what I do now, I tell them I’m an Online Business Developer.

  9. Really interesting point about people needing 7 points of contact before buying from you. Love the idea of being a solutions provider as opposed to being in soneone’s face by pushing products on them from the word go. Yes, it really is all about attraction marketing!

  10. Since I started investigating Internet Marketing I was always thinking of how I can help other people. When I have succeeded that will be my goal, to be as you say it “A Solutions Provider.”

  11. Dear LT,

    I have been a salesperson all my life but it’s time to be a solution provider to the masses. IN FACT, I have been a realtor all my life and it’s not easy to make a sale and then hunt for another sale. It’s basically running after money. I want to be a solution provider so they keep coming back for more value. Yes, I’d love to and work “hardsmart” on being an affiliate.

    Thanks again!


    P.s. I am working hard on all the videos this week, especially today! Today, I watched 5 videos alone because it’s so all great value and I was pretty much pumped up!

  12. Solutions provider verses Salesperson …good stuff.

    In my traditional business I provide solutions for device related issues. I need to consider ways of making that more performance based rather than time-based.

  13. Great content, thanks again LT. You explain this so simply. Yes we can surely provide someone with a solution when they have a need. Long before we can “sell” someone a product or a service the old traditional way. Solution provider makes so much sense and learning to think about it like this and get into this frame of mind will be so valuable in working this business. Thank you, thank you so much. See you on the next video. Again this is so encouraging and can’t wait to start learning more from you as we move forward on this journey. God Bless you!

  14. I think it’s the same thing between online and offline marketing
    the only deference is online you can talk to millions in a push of button
    and offline you need hire people to do it for you
    but the concept is alwase the same
    if you can’t sell offline you won’t online

  15. love that video
    lawrence we need more of your stuff
    really love that concept you give it give me larger vue of sale man ^^
    thank you

  16. great content i was so confused with information overload but by watching your videos man i feel so relieved.

  17. There is so much truth in this video! It’s all about providing value. Helping someone learn or achieve their goals. Providing the solutions to someones problems.

  18. I hear “selling without selling” all the time and you explained it better than anybody else in just 9 minutes. I feel more confident moving forward now after watching the last 6 videos. I see myself making a lot more sales in the future and I think I have finally identified all of my problems.


    They say the truth, the ultimate truth is simple.

    Me personally, I don’t like the word ” salesperson”.

    nobody likes to be sold. it makes you feel manipulated.

    Solutions Providor makes more sense. Either you can do it for them, or teach them how to do it for them selves.

    This has me really motivated

  20. And
    I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the
    cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which
    I sent among you. Joel 2:5

  21. Thank you once again! This video gave just what I needed, just when I needed it. I have had a major shift in my mindset as a result of watching & listening to it.

    I was able to put this concept to use right after I watched the video. A FB contact who had approached me a few weeks ago caught me on chat tonight. He’s very curious about our opportunity, but is completely new to any kind of marketing. We spent some time chatting about his needs and I came from the attitude of “What do you need, & what can I do to help?” It really is about trying to discern the need and then figure out what will fill that need. And, it may not be the opportunity I’m promoting – although, in this case, I think it is 🙂 

    This approach feels so much more natural, more organic, than trying to “sell” something – I could actually feel myself relaxing. I was just being me – how very cool!

    (PS – I didn’t experience the skipping issue others have mentioned while watching this video.)

  22. It did skip pretty harshly, but the point was made i Beleive…gotta try and HELP the person, not try and SELL the person!

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