Trends, Masterminds, and Mentoring (Video 10 of 10)

Thank you for coming over and watching the 10th video in this series and I KNOW you have the understanding of how I retired from engineering at the age of 33.

YOU TOO can do it.

Start building your business today. You can do it even if you only have 1 hour a day.

I started in 2008 and built my business to over a million dollars in generated income all part time…

It IS Possible.

Leverage your systems, tools, and money instead of your time. Your time is short and limited.

Start small and scale up.

I encourage you to do what you need to do to get your business attached to the trends of marketing today.

Social networking, mobile marketing, leveraged systems..

And on top of that you want and NEED to be part of a MASTERMIND (a collection of other individuals who also do online marketing and working from home).

The icing on the cake is my mentoring for my best students and most dedicated to their OWN BUSINESS.

I highly recommend you start your journey here.


First thing I want to talk about is trends. As of the writing of this article, social media is the king of online trends and it won't be going away anytime soon. It will evolve, but not disappear. Social media is more than just putting up pictures of snowstorms or checking in at a local restaurant. It is a way to connect and stay in touch with people who are not only friends and family, but potential customers.

Closely tied to this is mobile devices. The explosion of smartphones and tablets makes it easier for people to stay connected online. People who have the Facebook app with push notifications are more likely to check into Facebook multiple times.

This is key if you are building a following online. Why? Because prospects see you pop up in their feeds, see you living a life outside of your business, can relate to your posts and keep you in mind. I personally love to share pictures of food. Guess what? People love to look at pictures of food. Who knew, right?

My point is, when business partners and prospects see me out with my wife, or taking the family to Disney World, or asking for a little help before giving a big speech in front of thousands of people, they know that I am real, that I am living the dream, but at the same time, doing what I teach others to do.

I use my laptop to create high-quality articles and more work-intensive projects. I use my phone to put out content in social media and even on my blog, to touch base with people. People love both types. Good content is good content, so don't be afraid to share some really great posts and pictures on social media. This will boost your business.



This means getting together with others who also work at home. Remember I said in the last article that forming alliances with others helps you, not hurts you. This is not a competition (though you can have a friendly competition to help motivate). Putting a group of minds together with different experience levels, different backgrounds and different points of view is a great way to brainstorm some wonderful ideas. You can ask each other questions. If you went to college, think of your study groups. Everyone got together for the purpose of studying, getting good grades and graduating.

I do masterminds all the time. I travel to Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas and other cities. I also have people come here to Houston. I love doing them and I will keep doing them as long as I can.

Use this information to create whatever lifestyle you want or need. You can do this. I will continue to help you by putting out more training series like this one.

I want to thank you for watching these videos. Keep in touch on Facebook and on my website.

Never stop learning, growing and developing yourself. The more value you add to yourself, the more income you can command.

If you Loved what you saw here… You are going to LOVE what I have in store for you with my personal mastermind.

Get your systems, education in place to scale up and grow.

I highly recommend you start your Internet Marketing Business here…
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10 Video  On Marketing And A Profitable Business 

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43 thoughts on “Trends, Masterminds, and Mentoring (Video 10 of 10)

  1. Very nice !! THANK YOU for all th the very informative videos. .unbelievable. .I’m looking foward to trying this !!! Your a special person

  2. Nice Lawrence Im all in giving my best foot forward and looking to breakthrough and get tremendous results.
    Before all that I’m willing to be coachable and soak up as much knowledge as I posdible can. I think it’s bout time I start to blog.

  3. Oky so throughout all your 10 videos I’ve come to a conclusion and it took me a while BUT not to long. . .your like the ‘god of internet information’ you know how you get like ‘Neptune god of the water’ OR ‘Zeus god of the sky’ it’s like that. . .’Lawrence god of the internet’.That’s what pop’ed into my head soooo I think it and then a write it

    Your good, O your good

  4. Hi Lawrence
    I have a quick question. Where do you outsource for content when you need to put out more volume when time is not really available right now?

  5. I’ve seen the power of mobile and social media(we first connected on instagram and then again on FB). right now I’m struggling through the “building” phase of getting these traffic and content creators to send traffic to my blog(still making functional). I would guess thats where the mastermind group will come in handy. Time to get to work.

    1. it’s a growing process but because you went through all 10 videos you have a better grasp and probably shortened your learning curve by at least 1 year… i stumbled and had to experience the hardship first hand not understanding mobile optimization, social media and masterminds..

  6. Thanks so much Lawrence! Very valuable and generously shared information! I have been learning and growing in the past 3 years…I wonder if I have found The place I was preparing myself for. I’ll be in touch. Would love to learn more.

  7. Hi Lawrence!

    After watching these videos for my second time, Im very motivated to start in th business for sure I will need help to devolp my own business…

    Lets keep in touch!

    Saludos desde Panamá-

  8. hey Lawrence, you told me to comment on each video to see if im ready for help. i am really struggling right now and i need your help. i need more people to join wakeupnow which i join 2 weeks ago, thank you!!
    please help me. i really need.

    1. here is the funny thing Qaisar… .I said to comment.. so I can see where you are in your business…

      If your business is based on NOT thinking, not applying, and using what you learn.

      There is little I can do for you.

      this was a small test to see where you ARE in your business… and it tells me you need someone to WORK FOR YOU…. not you working for yourself.

      You don’t need me at this point… you need to dive into your own business and take massive action.

      copy/paste spam is NOT massive action.

  9. LT

    I understand the importance of trends, gaining the attention of your audience and using the mobile to your advantage being that everyone is always on the go. Now that were on trends I would like to go into more detail regarding the ” formula ” I would like to start begin using. Starting off with building ” important ” business relationships. Last week I spoke with Curtis Young ( Son of Dr. Dre ) about helping / learning about his business in music. After our conversation I started thinking about how I could really make an impact and help him from a ” worldwide web ” point of view. I’m beginning to share more on my facebook since I now have full attention from important ” individuals “that are watching how I operate, promo and build. I want to show them everything I’m doing while I’m ” building ” my business. So I can show them I’m building a new lane of income…..” new outlet ” that shows social media growth, which has power and influence behind it. Hip Hop music has yet to utilize a company like the empower network in the industry. There is TONS of traffic that could be driven if done correctly !! I have the opportunity to show the ” TRENDSETTERS ” & ” MASTERMINDS ” how powerful the system truly is. Check out my last facebook post about the empower network / my mentor, & the ” like” ( notice the name ). If you can please drop comment on there in would be AWESOME. I want to make sure they become familiar with my mentor, Lawerence Tam 😉

  10. Thanks so much for these videos, Lawrence – watched all 10 today and really enjoyed them. I would love to be part of your inner circle!! Thanks again.

  11. Dear Lawrence,

    After listing to this 10th video I am proud to say of all the internet marketers out there, you bring out the best value out there. I will work hard with you so I, too, can make lots of money and help others!!

    I am ready for action!!

    Thank you,


  12. It has been great going through these 10 videos and I learnt some very valuable information and gained a better insight into some of the online matters.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Lawrence. You are a star!


  13. Alright LT, I will begin to use mobile to write content when I am waiting around and never waste any precious time that can help grow my business, and now I am very thankful that I finally am hooked up with the “right” mastermind. The one that I have been following for 4 months evidently did not teach me as much as you have and looking forward to all the continued coaching and mentoring you have to offer. Thank you LT, for all your help, and will continue to connect with you.

    1. i personally wouldn’t blog/write so much mobile but use the time to brainstorm, take down keywords, read other information on the net (blogs)… i do that a lot in the waiting lines… I do my research WHILE i’m out of the house..

  14. Awesome video, I have now watched all 10 and I am looking forward to learning more from you. I am asking myself why did I ever ignore the advice “get a mentor”. I want to be in your mastermind so I can move faster.

  15. Sorry, I’ve decided to unsub to all the conversations in this sweries because someone is spamming them with religious proselytizing & I find it offensive 🙁

    Thanks for all your help & great info 🙂

  16. Great wrap-up. Love your style, so many great tips from watching how you do it. Took copious notes, will watch these again periodically to refresh my memory – so many key points, I’m sure I missed a few the first time around. Thanks so much for doing these videos, and for steering me to them. Hope to meet up with you in Miami next week & give you a big hug!

  17. Video #10 – Thanks Lawrence,  You put out more in Vid #10 that I’ve been needing to hear than almost all the other individual videos combined.   Assessing TRENDS,  moving ahead with MASTERMIND groups, then MENTORING of others.  To me that is the CYCLE OF GROWTH in internet marketing that has finally CLICKED in my head as the FORMULA  to GROWING SUCCESS.

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