Discovering Your Why – Video 2 of 10

If you haven't figured out WHY you do things.. it's time to sit down and start because if not… your going down the wrong path.


In this video, we will talk about a very important component of your business. It has nothing to do with leads or traffic, in fact, it goes deeper than that. We will talk about your “why” In other words, your motivation for starting a business or creating another stream of income.

Your motivation is the driving force behind whether or not you are willing to get up a few hours earlier or stay up a few hours later to get your work done.

It is the driving force behind whether you stick with your business or you don't.

There are plenty of “whys” out in the world and it will vary from person to person.


A Universe of “Whys”

Did you know that about 70% of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck?

That means they are one lost paycheck, cut hours or major illness away from losing something major – a home, a car, credit card default.

Some work more than one job in order to keep their head above water. Not working paycheck to paycheck is a big motivation for a lot of people. These people are constantly stressed out about money and see it as a finite asset that is dictated by salary, inflation and other factors.

When people entering a business think of money as finite, their main motivation is money. But for the sake of this video, we want to dig a little deeper than money. Of course, everyone wants more money. The question is WHY they want more money.

Is it to have some money for Christmas, birthdays and other special events?

Is it to boost payments so that they can pay off some credit cards or car payments early?

Is it because their kids are growing fast, entering high school and need things like clothes, uniforms, musical instruments and money for field trips?


My Why

In my case, I wanted to be happy. In order to do that, I needed money. Money solved everything when your young right? In order to get money, I needed to go to a good university (and this was drilled into every single Chinese kid I knew growing up). In order to get into a good university, I had to get good grades in school so that I could get into the school of my choice.

but things change when you are responsible for others.. vs just yourself.

My why was to make a comfortable life for myself, and my wife.

After our children were born, my why changed dramatically, again. Though I could support a family on an engineer's salary, there was no way I could pay for their higher education, which was projected to skyrocket into six figures PER CHILD. I needed some extra income to help my kids pay for their college. (I believe right now Baylor is about $20,000/semester and would want one of our kids to be a doctor)


Find Your Why

It is very important that you determine your why, beyond simply, “I need money.” Sit down, write down all the things that you and your family needs for your present and future goals. Take some time to discuss them with the people that have the most impact in your life, like your spouse and children (if they are old enough). Once everyone is on the same page, you can have some more support when you decide to start your business.

Most of the time it's not the money… it's what money can release you from or PROVIDE…


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96 thoughts on “Discovering Your Why – Video 2 of 10

  1. Why? Escaping the rate race and having control of my life, being my own boss and having the flexibility to set my own schedules while making an income enough to pay my bills and support my family.

  2. Why? Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with why starting your own home business is a awesome ideal.

    Personally me growning up in a rough environment of MEMPHIS made me want more for me and my close love ones. My mom never lived her dream. My father never lived his dream. That’s my driving force to see some of the weight lifted off my moms shoulders. Thats my driving force. To become more financial free and to see my mom and father happy for a change.

  3. Why? Because I want to be independent with no limits , so that one day when I’m old which I know I’ll get there. I want to say to my ‘old granny self’ YEA you lived your life YOU made your own rules

    PS feel the feeling of making a difference

    *thanx for the video Lawrence

  4. My why would be very similar your yours Lawrence. I have 5 kids. I want to earn enough income to provide for the needs of my family while maintaining a flexible schedule that allows me to be with them.

  5. To be honest, my WHY is much similar to your why. I also want FREEDOM. I want the freedom to be home with my wife and two boys; to have the flexibility of working from home; to travel the world; to be able to pay for my kids’ education; etc. We have been fortunate thus far in the Oil & Gas industry for my wife to be able to stay at home and raise our two boys. Our oldest boy is homeschooled (by my wife). We intend to homeschool our younger son also when he gets a little older. But, we realize that in order to accomplish these goals–I would have to eventually generate enough income to replace my current income. However, we understand that this is not a get-rich-quick program and that it will take time. We understand the importance of setting goals and taking baby steps. At this point–the very first goal I have is to make my first $1 on the internet. And then we would like to grow (consistently) from that point. So, that’s my WHY: Freedom!

  6. I once heard…”if your “why” doesn’t get you emotional, it isn’t strong enough to get you into action”. My why basically comes down to freedom of choice. Choosing when to work, choosing where to send the kids to school, choosing where to travel to, choosing who and what to dedicate my time to…etc. This isn’t just for myself but breaking my entire family out of the cycle of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

  7. My why is simple but it’s all that drives me. I want to have time! I want to have time to be present in my the life of the people who matter most to me. I want to be able to walk my youngest son to school. I want to have time to work, play and have fun with him without rushing constantly. I want to spend more quality time with my husband who is the most awesome guy in the world! I want to have my oldest son’s collefe tuition paid off before he finsishes University.
    I want to have time to live!
    And for this I need to create wealth.

  8. This is an amazing video!!

    WHY is the begining of everything. Now, I am thinking about to put in order my WHYs.

    Thanks again for these open and clear topics.

    Saludos desde Panamá!

    1. People get it all wrong and go about it without proper reason for wanting to make more money or start a business… and they fail blaming the process… they skipped this step – Your Why

  9. I’ve been reading all the comments, and I really enjoyed this video. This problem for me is that I have plenty of “whys”, but in the past no one big enough to conquer my fears. Like many others in the comments I have people who don’t understand, but peoples doubts drive me. My problem is my own self.

      1. Thanks, now I just need to keep using the methods I find in Books to get over the problems I’ve been having with myself.

  10. hello
    i saw this video and i understand the why in life give as the power to do more
    and with out this why we can not do any thing and we start loss
    put i have a one thing always get to me
    i understand the why must push me more and more
    put there is a lot of peoples the dont understand it and start make me down
    but i need to go up again

  11. My why is because i’m in a job I hate, I don’t make enough and I can’t do this 9 to 5 everyday 5 days a week till I retire in over 20yrs.

    1. yep… that burning desire WILL make you do something to get out… I didn’t hate my job.. i just hated not having more… time, freedom, options (money)

      which lead me to start learning marketing and working from home

  12. hey Lawrence, you told me to comment on each video to see if im ready for help. i am really struggling right now and i need your help. i need more people to join wakeupnow which i join 2 weeks ago, thank you!!
    please help me. i really need.

  13. Hi Lawrence…

    My “Why’s” are as follows:
    1.) to become more financially free – to become more financially free – the need to invest into a home-based marketing program
    of where I will learn the necessary skills, correct terminology of a home-based program and it’s components and of an
    entrepreneur to obtain and retain customers which will only put me that much closer to my goal of becoming more finacnially

    1. free.

      2.) to pay off my student loan debt to lessen the burden of it.

      3.) to own my own condo to have that feeling of ownership

      4.) to purchase a home for my mom & dad so they can live out their retirement years in a much better fashion.

      5.) to learn the necessary skills of internet marketing so to become very good at it.

  14. My why is my family! To spend more family time by taking more vacations, by taking my son to school, picking him up and of course being able to pay for his education in college and being able to give the things my father and mother provided to me and more.(values,cars, education, vacations,) To continue to be the man(hero) I am to my son(in his eyes) at his age now.. forever. and to Give to others that have not been as fortunate as I have!

    oh yeah love the Super Why comment! only people with kids would get that one! Great show! Enjoy watching with my son! One of the only english cartoons on in Mexico(at least on my cable provider at the time I was living there!)

  15. LT, we have similar WHYS. My why are my boys. Making sure they have access to the best education, extra curricula activities that will help shape, positively, their characters. If they need braces for their teeth…NO problem. PAID! Vacations anywhere we want, thus exposing them to different cultures. Providing them with a home that they will love to be in and where we create a strong unbreakable family bond. Being able to take my boys to a Bulls game and going to the concession stands without being concerned how much everything is…that a why! Going shopping with out a budget, splurge a little lol, and just going bananas in Toy’s R us or Best Buy is another why…lol

    Also, wouldn’t it be nice to give back? I think giving back to charities is awesome but I see a bigger issue. In the inner cities, these neighborhoods have been abandoned and now over ran with negative images leaving nothing but negativity for these children to look at for role models. Now there are kids that come out of these neighborhoods and they find the right role models. But what about the others? I want to build community centers where these kids can get access to resources and other options that will build character, self pride and confidence. That gangs,rappers and drug dealers won’t be their options for role models but people with character, virtue, integrity and great work ethic will be…

    1. have a strong WHY… makes you run through walls… kick excuses to the side

      If I wasn’t married and had 3 kids… I would probably be an Engineer stuck in a cubicle … happy with $80k/year with 3 weeks of vacation.

      The pain wasn’t there until I had the little ones.

  16. I have several reasons ‘why’ I’m doing this. Leaving a legacy behind for my children and grandchildren is at the top of the list. I want to be able to send my youngest daughter to college without having to worry about how I would pay for it as I did with my middle daughter. Being able to quit my job and be financially free will ensure that (step #1). I also want to provide housing for victims of domestic violence, being a survivor myself.

  17. L.T.

    My ” Why “, I want to create supplemental income that will allow me to stop working a 9 – 5, giving me more flexibility on a day to day basis. I need to relocate to Los Angeles, California ( Home of the Angels ). Recently, I have become business partners with Curtis Young, son of the hip hop legend (Dr. Dre). I have the opportunity to learn the music business from him first hand. Gaining experience & knowledge that is priceless. I feel being in such a unique situation I need to take full advantage of it. I’m looking to become a business man, a creator & executive producer. I want the empower network to be the income that fuels me as I make this life transition.

  18. Lawrence, my biggest “why” is to have the money to pay for my son to go to an exclusive school near where we live, in London (UK). The school is incredible, my son will be set for life if he attends here, and we will need to apply next year for him to start in 2016. That means I need to have a substantial income to be able to pay for him to attend. This is my biggest driving factor at present – my ultimate dream for him. Also a beautiful house and being able to retire my husband from his 60 hour work week. Thank you!

  19. My “Why”s

    1. Move out of my parent’s house
    2. Retire my parents
    3. Hire a personal chef/personal trainer/massage therapist/driver
    4. Go on a big vacation every quarter
    5. Hire a personal swim coach for my son
    6. Be able to ALWAY pay off all my bills in full every month
    7. Pay for my son to go to the Olympics and any college he choses
    8. Have my son NEVER have to ask his dad for money

    1. the WHY drives why you gotta increase your net worth… when we get too comfortable with being mediocre.. then guess what happens.. we make excuses why we don’t make more money and worse yet other HATE the rich … smh

  20. MY WHY(S) – taking baby steps Lawrence
    Present Goals: – $ per year – This would include NOT touching savings and investments in place at this time.
    • Able to retire my husband from his job
    • Able to pay for medical insurance for the two of us to age of retirement +
    • Able to afford extra medical expenses for my husband & I that insurance does not cover
    • To live the lifestyle we currently live today, with his working income.
    Midway Goals: – Family and Friends
    • Able to travel
    • Helping Two girls to live more comfortably –
    1 to marry in 2015, Second married with 2 children, and my Sister
    Long Term Goals – Community – Veterans – Real Estate
    • To reach out financially to others in financial need (first in our home community)
    determined on a need basis, some examples – daycare, medical, need based, etc.
    • Helping others in need. The Veteran’s
    • Building townhouses in our community for retired persons, etc.
    This will generate new income to the community
    o Client purchase a townhouse, they purchase this and pay to the bank
    o Charge association fee covering – snow removal, lawn cutting, landscaping, etc.
    need to check other things covered

    1. Now I need to sit down with family to establish these Present to Long term goals. SUPPORT IS MOST IMPORTANT for me after establishing my MINDSET! If the home support is not there and is a continual struggle, me, as an individual tends to lose focus on Mindset and then I become wishy-washy in my decision making.

  21. This why video is a great reminder on what we must do for our lives. My big whys are for my family, a house and cars I dream to have, and huge success for my businesses. Thanks a billion Lawrence!

    God Bless you,


  22. Lawrence,

    I like the idea of doing what I like, when I like, and with who I like. That’s why I started my own computer tech support business. The thing I liked best about this video is learning that your why is what carries you through.

    I will put this to use in my business by focusing more on my why, knowing that the how will come. I know that education is key.

    You are an excellent communicator and I look forward to the next video.


  23. My Why’s is to stop worrying about rather I have enough money or not and to help my family retire as soon a possible. To wake up on my own time and be involved into making money on auto pilot.

    1. autopilot means you have systems. if you aren’t taught how to “operate” said systems… the systems will break

      like having a care and never changing the oil… it’s just not going to take care of you for the long run

  24. Finding your WHY is such a major step as it will keep you pushing through barriers that will inevitably be placed in your way. If your WHY, your reason for wanting to build a successful online business, isn’t strong enough, you will quit! AND we all know Quitters Never Win! Right? 🙂

    Find Your Why and Be a Winner!!

  25. Thanks for sharing your why. As a result I have sat down and created my why’s.

    I have worked for “Corporate America” made good money and there was always something missing. I was working for someone else and within their rules of the game. I was expected to work 40 hours per week for which I was paid a good salary. But at the end of the day there was a void. I did this for 37 years. During those 37 years I not worked a 9 to 5 job but dabbled in working from home to make extra money.

    In 2004, I started my third career in real estate and have done that for the past 10 years. I really enjoy the work and building relationships with my Clients, but, there are too many peaks and valleys in the income. So, my whys for getting up every day are:

    — Be happy and create a comfortable life for myself and my family. In order for me to accomplish this I must make additional money.
    — Get out of debt
    — Take my family on vacations when I want to
    — Provide a better, less stressful life for my self and my family
    — Be financially free and not have to worry about how I am going to pay the bills, save money, get out of the working from pay check to pay check or in some cases, no pay check to no pay check.
    — Create a trust fund for my grand children
    — Create a nest egg/ emergency fund
    — Work smarter not harder.

    My goal is to make $5,000 per month so that I can afford to pay my mortgage, pay for my meds, keep the bill collectors off of my back and save some money. I want to be self-sufficient and stand tall with a smile on my face at all times.

  26. Well LT, I had already documented My Ultimate Business Game Plan, a while back when I first started.
    For starters it consists of things that I have always wanted and never could afford. I know how important it is to write things down. So here it goes, things like sending my granddaughter to kiddie academy, setting a weekly nails and hair spa appointments for myself. Sending my cocker spaniel to weekly grooming appointments, get her the cataract surgery she needs before she goes totally blind.
    Taking VIP and presidential suite annual vacations, going to the chiropractor for weekly massages and chiro adjustments, as I have a bad back. Have a house in Corpus Christi TX where my mom lives and maybe an apartment in Austin, its such a nice place to live, and do things.
    Own at least a 7 bedroom home in San Antonio where I live now, with all the amenities and space needed to entertain and accommodate family. Own a mercedes, my favorite car and a hummer if they still make them. I want to volunteer, workout, play golf, take my granddaughter to chucke cheese and kiddie parks
    have intimate lunch and dinner dates with my husband Daniel. My goal is to make 30000.00 + per month. My Blessed Husband Daniel, my Blessed Children Marco and Celeste and my son in law Jason, and my Blessed Granddaughter Aviana, they are all the reasons that drive me. I retired from the Postal Service after 28 years and still cannot afford most of the things I have dreamt about for so long. Now I want to work smarter not harder, I now that sounds cliche but it’s true. God Bless you LT, for all you are doing.

    1. the specificity of what you want makes the journey that much more enjoyable…. knowing EXACTLY where you want to go and achieve is an awesome starting point as it’s a roadmap to why you work 😉

  27. You are 100% correct Lawrence, my why is to be abundantly happy, that has always been a goal I write it down daily. =) Be in harmony with the universe & always be in that positive vibration.

    You see in my case I have no college education, I never worked for any major corporation, I barely graduated high school. All I knew was that the cookie cutter system this country has was not going to work for someone like me. But I knew & know that I was born for GREATNESS & never will I never settle for anything less!! Ive worked hard all my life, now I want to work smart then hard!

  28. My why is pretty similar to yours. Beside able to live a comfortable life for myself, and my family. I wish to be able to Work Anytime, Live Anywhere!

    1. and that’s the key…. most don’t want to work at all… Lazy doesn’t pay

      focused work and energy pays like crazy….. be so lazy you ONLY want to work a couple hours a day… but they HAVE to be super focused time on your business.

  29. for me if anyone ask my why i will answer him some typical answer “cause i want be rich or something like that” i don’t say it to many cause i don’t want someone touch it
    my real why is
    I don’t want be like everybody
    born study haard be slave to someone that even don’t know a from b and die
    every day life get harder but i really don’t want die as i born
    i want make something not for my self but for people for the world
    i changed completely on these few years
    i even become so far than all my friends for one reason
    achieve my goal.
    i feel that i don’t belong anymore to my situation now
    my stomach pain me all the day by the fire inside me to change
    i even lose this year for study sooo deep marketing and what make some rich and other poor
    i discover that who work hard don’t make nothing more than a pay check
    but who work smart take most of money
    i found that life will make me win or lose there is no middle solution
    My decisions is soooo clear
    I will win this life
    P.S: i already have a goal to 21 “i am 18 now” : i will make in leaas in leas 1M$/year

    1. it’s the BURNING desire… to be something greater.. to be someone..

      it’s crazy… something school doesn’t teach… YOU can be ultra successful…. tap into you

      learn great marketing and blow it up

  30. As I shared with you earlier, I have absolutely found my “Why”. Life is much different now…. I want to build a Legacy for my future family and to be able to provide for my future wife. Getting married… very expensive, honeymoon, expensive, buying a home, expensive, having kids, expensive, and all the above which also require a lot of time. Time that I don’t want to be spending at a 40 hour a week job doing transactions as a bank teller.

  31. My WHY has always been clear and it is pretty much the same as yours. The HOW has always been my problem, I have made money online (so I understand a lot of the stuff your talking about) but I haven’t done enough yet to match my daily income at my job. I have been too inconsistent but I want to change that now so I can stabilize my online income, that is why I reached out to you.

  32. Lawrence, you are absolutely correct. I want to share my WHY with you, but before let me share a a quick story about my and my WHY.

    I was raised by my Mother in California. My mother worked her heart out for us as a single parent. I lived economically limited my whole life. Many late nights I would hear my mother crying in the bedroom next door because of fustration, not being able to give us the lifestyle we derserved. Then when I was 15 she past.

    Ever since, I’ve had a fire that does not rest. Thanks to my Mother, I have been studying Psychology since the tender age of ten. When she passed, I passionately tried to extinguish a life long passion to understand the human brain in order to be of great service to others as a teacher, but the more I learn, the more I wonder.

    21 years later into my Mastery in Psychology. I have served others with my Expertise in Personal Development .My clients, students and I, have walked together, giving them the best service I can.

    Recent years, I learned about systems and Coaching programs.That absolutely blew my mind! I was able to learn how to replicate and spread further my 21 years of experience in the study of Psychology. I am a servent to serve humanity.

    I recently have hit a glass ceiling.

    I proposed my self to spread my message further and wider. Networking my team and I, we can only reach a certain amount of people. I believe running into you was no coicedence. I believe you are the person whom I can learn from to contunue to be of service.

    why? because I to do for others is to do for my self and my family. I am passionate in serving others. I have my WHY, and a very big one!

    1. wow… thanks for sharing. that fire and reason why is a huge part of who we are and the history we bring with us.

      the glass ceiling is very real, and one many people “choose” to ignore. it can be broken through though 😉

  33. AustinHayes  read the book 4 hour work week… you would be surprised how little it takes to travel.. i’m serious…. define the “WHY” and the path clears a path for you

  34. This is a beautiful world we live in. Taking the time to enjoy the glory of a sunrise, or the magnificence nature is my WHY…. I love this to be mine, my family and my friends, rendering assistance to Orphans, widows, and sick once.., to propagate the gospel… But I believe am stepping into Ha ha moment of my life to fulfill the purpose…. Thank you so much…

  35. Well my why is my family, friends and my church, i want to give my kids a better life and nicer things then i had growing up. Want to help couple friends get back on their feet and want help my church build our new church.

  36. Wow, this really struck home for me. I was forced into retirement due to disability at age 49. I had a good job, that I loved, and I had been building an IRA for years “for my retirement”. After 10 years of trying to live on a measly disability check and raiding my retirement fund to survive, there was nothing left. Life gives you no guarantees – I fully expected to work till I was 60-something, then retire comfortably. I know now that even if I had been able to continue working until then, I would have retired with enough to survive – carefully – but not very comfortably, even if I were in the best of health. I believed the fairy tale – it’s such a crock they feed us.

    My why now is to be able to live without the fear that I’ll lose my home because I can’t afford to pay the taxes on it. To be able to afford the meds I need without having to choose between that and heating oil. To know I can take care of myself and not be a burden to my son, or the state. 

    And finally, I want to have enough money to be able to do the things I want to for my son and daughter-in-law, and all the people I love. You said your why is to be happy – isn’t that what we all want?

  37. My WHY is because I want my family to never struggle the way that my family did. Money issues cause problems in a marriage, so without those problems, my wife and I would be happy. We would be able to take vacations, eat whatever we want, live wherever we want! That’s my WHY…because I want my family to have the life that I didn’t…

  38. Thanks for this awesome video. I think it is pretty easy to say what exactly our WHY is but I think it is up to us to be unselfish in the road to achieving whatever our WHY is. Knowing and Doing together are pure POWER

  39. I finally figured out my why! I want to be able to be able to teach others these simple fundamentals to have a lifestyle they desire, to be able to walk the walk and talk to talk as a true successful woman. To support my family and show them it is all in your attitude and how much work you want to put in….my why is very simple. Thanks Lawrence!

  40. My ‘why’ is to be happy and out of debt, and to teach my girls so that they can be stay at home moms with my grandbabies, which is their ‘why’.  I really enjoy how you present these videos, Lawrence.

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