MyPhoneRoom – How to Never Call Another Lead

Yeah I know, I know. Having the audacity to say MyPhoneRoom allows someone to “Never Call Another Lead” is a bit crazy to say when the majority of the business I do is dealing with people. Many of you will also say “Hey Lawrence, I've spoken with you before so that statement can't be correct!”.

Well your correct to an extent.

Look, I'm not say you will NEVER have to call you leads. What I'm saying is you will never have to call data. Sometimes people get that mixed up and confused. There is a distinct difference from generating data and hot prospects and leads.

What are you generating?

[pullquote]Top super affiliates and network marketers know it's a numbers game.[/pullquote]

Top super affiliates and network marketers know it's a numbers game. Being able to get to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time can be super time consuming.

The right people could just need more time to get their life in order or having the ability to Call someone a couple days in a row cause they are at work and busy….

See the right person just needs to be “touched” in a business/polite manner… not slamming and must close method.

This is where the newbie is at a disadvantage.

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Phone Burner Review: Pros and Cons Of This System Of Calling Leads

Phone Burner Review

Phone Burner, aka phoneburner,  is a leading internet tool that does a lot of different things. In a nutshell Phone Burner is a program that takes your leads and uploads it to an automatic dialer that speed dials numbers. Now this might seem simplistic but understand that if you have hundreds of phone numbers to call the physical time it takes to dial a number, wait for it to pick up, listen if it's an answering machine, hang up, and then dial the next number. Phone burner does this hands free. Submit leads with phone numbers and it will dial them for you. If you get used to the phoneburner system it will even mute the dialing sound so you can be doing chores around the house and it will just connect you when a live person is connected to.

PhoneBurner Skipping Calls

The secondary power of PhoneBurner is the ability to skip voice mails and answering machine. So you record in your own voice your message you would like to leave. When the phone burner system detects a voice mail box it automatically switches you to another line and starts to dial while it leaves your recorded message on the previous caller. What this does is prevent you from having to leave hundreds of the same voice message personally. It will free up time by not having to listen to someone's voice mail and the system will leave your pre-recorded voice message an auto pilot while your waiting for the system to connect you to the next line. This works amazingly well.

PhoneBurner Third Bonus

The Third bonus is being able to send out an email to the ones you leave a message to. The ability to contact your leads in multiple ways and doing it on autopilot is a real time saver. The email will be stored and when a voice mail is detected the phoneburner system sends the email plus voice message on autopilot while the system switched you over to the next line. This takes place quickly and allows most to rip through leads who are not at their phone.

But not all is peachy with Phone Burner. So the question is…

Should You Buy Phone Burner?