Yeah I know, I know. Having the audacity to say MyPhoneRoom allows someone to “Never Call Another Lead” is a bit crazy to say when the majority of the business I do is dealing with people. Many of you will also say “Hey Lawrence, I've spoken with you before so that statement can't be correct!”.

Well your correct to an extent.

Look, I'm not say you will NEVER have to call you leads. What I'm saying is you will never have to call data. Sometimes people get that mixed up and confused. There is a distinct difference from generating data and hot prospects and leads.

What are you generating?

[pullquote]Top super affiliates and network marketers know it's a numbers game.[/pullquote]

Top super affiliates and network marketers know it's a numbers game. Being able to get to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time can be super time consuming.

The right people could just need more time to get their life in order or having the ability to Call someone a couple days in a row cause they are at work and busy….

See the right person just needs to be “touched” in a business/polite manner… not slamming and must close method.

This is where the newbie is at a disadvantage.

green continue*Tell Maddy you are connected to Lawrence Tam

MyPhoneRoom – Filtering Bad Data

So personally I have been using MyPhoneRoom to filter my “Data” to determine if there is a real hot prospect there or just a “tire kicker” looking for the easy way to a pay day.

Look, I love easy. You can even call me EASY LT if you want.MyPhoneRoom

I love outsourcing and I run a business vs work a business.

Too many drive traffic to a website and their funnel isn't setup to screen their data and what happens is this:

  1. Someone visits your site
  2. That person fills in information
    1. Information is bogus
    2. Information is not attended (voicemail box full or not monitored)
    3. Information is of their spouse – You gotta love calling someone back only to be yelled at and accused of messing with their wife.
    4. Information if old
    5. Information is valid and HOT
  3. Then you have the varying types of Leads
    1. I need a J.O.B
    2. I'm DEAD Broke
    3. I'm on welfare
    4. I want YOU to do it for me
    5. I'm lazy
    6. I want the government to take care of me
    7. I want it all but business is EVIL
    8. I want it free
    9. I want your help today and I have money to invest

This doesn't even touch up on the fact many leads are good but you just can't seem to get them on the phone due to time conflicts in job and daily duties. Let alone time zone issues and not calling people after 9pm their time.

MyPhoneRoom (or My Phone Room) speaks to these issues and struggles.


Yes – I USE My Phone Room

This was taken from my back office in My Phone Room as of November 25th 2013.

I want you to check out the fact that 66,359 prospecting calls were made on my behalf.




I tell people to buy My Phone Room purely due to the time savings.

They do so much more but man…. the numbers speak for themselves.

If you are looking to purchase this service… purchase it from someone who actually USES IT.

 myphoneroom review

Buy My Phone Room and Get Red Hot Prospects!

Conversions into your business depends on a couple things

1) The price of your entrance

2) The monthly cost

3) Locations available

4) If you WANT to work with them. Remember, you don't want to sponsor everyone as hard as that might sound

5) How strict is your custom script?


Here it is – My Phone Room Bonus

I will give you my scripts…. 6

And I do not have these scripts available ANYWHERE ELSE…. Exclusive to customers who purchase my phone room from me personally.

I have a script I base all my scripts on. – you will get this

  1. Numis Network Script when I hit 4 star
  2. Visalus Sciences script that I based off of J. Joshua Beistle's script
  3. Empower Network upgrade script. How I take a $25 customer and upgrade to higher packages
  4. Empower Network cold traffic script
  5. Empower Network script to have team members called to attend events
  6. Empower Network unpaid script for members who stop short of purchasing


Just hit me up when you come in and I'll send you one of my custom scripts. I say don't be as strict when you first start out as I like to “weed” people out. So before you buy My Phone Room I suggest you speak with myself on what I'm doing and link to me personally so I can help you build your business (whatever that might be).

That's it.

Pretty simple huh?

My Phone Room is an equalizer when you are having to sift and sort data… the numbers you are calling are ONLY numbers until a LIVE person picks up… get it?

From my PERSONAL experience…

They have called 8 days STRAIGHT and that includes Sunday… yeah

Nothing better than watching football to know someone came in HOT and called on my behalf.


MyPhoneRoom Commission Payout

I wanted to write this section to be clear I DO make a commission from this sale BUT I wanted to show in this article I USE this product for myself to run my own business.

You are going to see some people JUST promote this product and not even use it. I personally use it and want to send you my scripts that I've been using over the years.

There are a couple of levels you can earn on but this article isn't about the affiliate side of MyPhoneRoom so I just wanted to show you just one of the products to let you know you CAN basically have your system paid off pretty easily so cost shouldn't be a concern.


myphoneroom commission*income results are not typical


MyPhoneRoom – How It Pays You To Run A Business

In this video I discuss why so many fail and why MyPhoneRoom used for basically any business that deals with people WILL increase your output. See, many fail in any type of business be it online or traditional basically due to lack of cashflow. If your bad months you were breaking even and in your good months you were killing it, what would prevent you from staying in business?

Many hinge their entire business on selling their primary product. If they don't sell their primary product or service enough times throughout the month they fold shop quickly. But what if you were to say….

  1. Sell french fries to someone who didn't want your hamburger
  2. Sell bubblegum to someone who came in to pay for some gasoline
  3. Sell potato chips who came in to buy beer
  4. Sell warranty service who came in to buy a car
  5. Sell a home entertainment system who came in to only buy a TV

You get the idea. Being able to monetize your traffic is mission critical to capturing what you can out of your traffic. I'm not saying push junk. If you do you will get out of business soon enough.

Deliver value.

This is exactly what MyPhoneRoom does for my multiple businesses.

So yes. I NEVER talk to another lead who is NOT QUALIFIED for my time. If you have been through Magnetic Sponsoring and understand attraction marketing and leverage that is exactly why I use MyPhoneRoom.

Spend more time with the things you really want your time for. Your family, your hobbies, and your faith. Use legit business tools to maximize your time and keep you in business longer. Here is another MyPhoneRoom Review I did when I first joined and to this day I do NOT regret wasting any more time with dead beat leads.




Why Join MyPhoneRoom With Lawrence Tam?

  1. I will send you my custom scripts to work on.
  2. I personally USE the service (unlike other affiliates)
  3. I will personally email you my personalized trainings.

Click Banner To Get Started



updated march 25, 2015

Lawrence Tam

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The Truthpreneur (@thetruthpreneur) · August 25, 2015 at 10:37 am

This is awesome and I like out sourcing as well. Very powerful tool. I can’t wait to check it out. Seems really interesting.

    Lawrence Tam · August 25, 2015 at 11:08 am

    i’ve been a customer of there for a long time and if you have “data” to filter.. this is a good program for that

Lis Carpenter · April 13, 2012 at 2:06 am

Hi Lawrence. I’m a member at EN. There was a dude on the inner circle call today that mention My Phone Room, and here I am.

What I’m really wondering now is what I missed by not being a member of MLSP. Anyway, cool vid. Nice blog and I’m taking you and the other rocking leaders on during the next affiliate contest:)

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