My good friend Mr Beistle had some really good points I wanted to reproduce today in his launching of his flagship MyPhoneRoom services. Leaders in our industry always talk about working with people who have more and know more. Well, this is exactly why I listen to Mr. Beistle. He owns the outsourcing system I use today called myphoneroom. I use this for many reasons but felt watching this video would be a nice change of pace.

MyPhoneRoom Solutions Provider

Here are some common facts of 90% of the people I train

  1. Most are part time
  2. Most want to start making $1000/month quickly
  3. Most hate cold calling
  4. Most have no clue how a funded proposal works, let alone why they need one
  5. Most don't have enough time to qualify prospects
  6. Most have no leverage
  7. Most have very little success online building their business
  8. Most don't have the energy to call their leads
  9. Most haven't had enough success and can't establish leverage into WHY prospect should listen to them
  10. Some, not most, don't even have long distance phone calling!

Please Be Patient – The video may appear to hang while loading.

MyPhoneRoom Personal Bonuses from Lawrence Tam

Since I've worked with Mr. Beistle's team at myphoneroom for awhile now so here are your bonuses:

  1. The current bonus offer in this video above is dead.. right? You never know…. Tell them Lawrence Tam sent you and let's see if we can get some of those bonuses re-activated
  2. I will send you MY personal script I use
  3. I will send you MY personal work flow
  4. I will spend 1 hr consultation with you on what you need to do to explode your business with automation.
  5. I will mentor to get you up to speed on generating leads and building your own funded proposal.

Log in and see what professional outsourcing with MyPhoneRoom can do for your business when your no longer talking to tire kickers

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Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

MyPhoneRoom Package Brakedown

MyPhoneRoom Review Prior to v.2 release

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