What Is My Phone Room And What Can It Do For You And Your Company?

My Phone Room refers to the service that lets you handle the calling up of leads easier than any one would have imagined before its invention.

How can you access My Phone Room service?

To get this service you have to subscribe through the My Phone Room official website. This will give you access to the call center that qualifies and introduces prospects to you through the 3-way conferencing over the cell phone.my phone room

How is My Phone Room helpful to the online marketer?

If you have been in the business of online marketing like me then you can testify that recruiting can really be a very daunting task. There are very many challenges that you have to overcome if you want to become successful. First of all, there is the generation of traffic, the conversion of that traffic in to leads, prospecting then finally, the closing.

In overall, the biggest challenging task in online marketing is the prospecting and the actual closing of prospects in to the business entity that you are promoting. It can be really hard and this is not all; by the time you are generating more than ten leads in one day, you will not have the time of calling all of them. This is the point where My Phone Room becomes more important than ever.

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What is My Phone Room about?

In short, this service is a service for the qualifying of the prospects as well as prospecting and recruiting. Once you subscribe to the service, they will take your leads regardless or where they have been generated from. All those leads will immediately be qualified.

What are the features of My Phone Room?

From the My Phone Room website, the main features of the service include:

• It automatically builds qualified prospects list for you
• Automatically does the booking of qualified prospects to the business presentation of your company. Can you imagine how fast and big your business can grow when you have ten, twenty or even more prospects that are qualified? These qualified prospects are put at the fore of the presentation of your business while you concentrate on the other aspects of your business.
• It automatically connects the subscriber/ user with all its qualified prospects on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

This is not all that you will get from My Phone Room; the testimonies of some people that have used and benefited from this service show that some have realized more than 400% increase in new recruits and new customers. This is very REAL and it can happen to you.

Another feature that has made My Phone Room even more popular among the online marketers is that it does 3-way call with the user and the user’s prospect after they have qualified him/her. Most people that have used the 3-way call describe it as very cool.

The final word for My Phone Room

The service is offered by Americans that are very passionate about online marketing. They know the challenges of this marketing very well. My advice is that you are in a business and speaking with tire kickers is not productive time for you. My Phone Room will help you avoid the wastage of time talking to tire tickers.

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