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If you’re the kind of person who’s always pooh-poohed the idea of making money through online games, read no further for this opportunity isn’t likely to interest you. If, on the other hand, you’ve always believed that it’s possible to make a little extra money by winning online games, the Poker Training Network opportunity’s sure to grab your attention. If you’ve been an active poker poker training network,poker training network independent distributors,ptn poker training networkplayer, you’d know how addictive this game is and how exhilarating it is to win a tournament game. The Poker Training Network offers resources that are said to help you improve your game, no matter if you’re an expert or an amateur.
This PTN, Poker Training Network, review is all set to show you if you can earn back your investment in this company and how much profit you can expect out of this business.

Poker Training Network Background

“Learn, Play and Earn” is the call given by Poker Training Network to encourage people to subscribe to its products and join the business opportunity. The company was launched in 2009 at Dallas by CEO Dennis Nadeau.
The products, as you may have guessed, are learning programs that help users improve their poker game using technology as a medium. These are web based and useful for beginners as well as experts. Poker-Tel, Poker-Tel Lite and Poker Edge are the three products offered.
The membership includes access to poker gamerooms to enable users to play and use the learning material.
The Poker Training Network Individual Distributors benefit from the advantage of advanced training, knowledge resources and good leadership. Make money through commissions, team commissions and bonuses. This business opportunity also gives affiliates the chance to earn luxury cars and other perquisites.

Should You Go In For This?

Poker lover or not, the MLM opportunity offered here is unique and you can’t deny the fact that there are millions of poker players to whom you can market this product. And if you’re a poker player you have the double advantage of making money through games as well as from the income opportunity. Being a recently launched business, the company knows the importance of integrating marketing with social media for maximum benefits. There are plans to launch a Facebook app that’ll further help affiliates market the product.

Challenges You May Face

The first challenge most businesses face is the competition. Though this product as such is unique, the business has its own competitors. Let’s take a look at them.
Lotto Magic
This may not be a game of skill, but the MLM business’s based on the same lines as Poker Training Network. Affiliates of Lotto Magic can claim benefits in the form of vacation certificates, free accommodation at resorts and lottery tickets.
This is a new entrant in the multilevel marketing field and deals with online skills games with cash prizes. This does not offer any learning software, but enables access to a wide range of cash games for serious gamers.

Making Your PTN Fortune

With all this training, leadership and technology, it shouldn’t be hard to make money as a PTN rep. But if you want to be one of the top earners, you have to keep in mind all reps in this business have these advantages. Anyone can use the Facebook application provided by the parent company to invite their friends through Facebook to take a look at the product and the business.

My Lead System Pro

To stand apart as a top rep, you need to forget your friends and focus on expanding your business by reaching poker lovers. There’s much more scope when you try to reach out to the open market than just concentrate on your friends and relatives. Learn new online ways to reach out to people and selectively market your product to target audience to effectively succeed in your business and make your way to the luxury car bonus.

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