If you are looking for a comprehensive LeadPages review, you have come to the right place. LeadPages is basically an online software program that allows you to create beautiful landing pages as well as manage, apply and track your marketing campaigns.

You would think any old sales page template or opt-in box would do – that is, if you are an amateur marketer. Professionals and aspiring professionals alike understand that need for proven, quality pages with high conversion rates. The ability to track feedback of these pages is essential to surviving in the extremely competitive world of internet marketing. Whether this software can deliver for you, in your specific circumstance, is only something you can answer.

It all comes down to having the right tools for the job.

This LeadPages review will take a look at and the options that it has to help you increase conversions. It will provide plenty of information to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a beginner, you know the pain of spending hours creating sales pages that are ugly, clumsy and worse, don't even work. How can you make great-looking, professional pages that convert well? This LeadPages review will show you options that you may not have somewhere else.

You understand the long and arduous process of split-testing and tweaking a page just a tiny bit to see how it converts. Soon, you have a ton of pages out there, all slightly different from each other and only one bringing in a majority of traffic and sales. How do you know which one is doing the best? How do you organize your work? This LeadPages review will show you how you can track and organize your work.

You have suffered the pain of untangling complicated traffic data to find your true conversion rates. How can you interpret the data? This Leadpages review will help you see how your traffic nightmares may be over.

Time is of the essence. Wasting a Saturday afternoon orchestrating a quality internet marketing campaign can be frustrating for you and your family. How can you possibly do this 100 times faster and not sacrifice professionalism? The LeadPages review can show how you can zoom through page creation in minutes – not hours.

LeadPages Review Video

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LeadPages Review: Products and Services Offered

What LeadPages review is complete without a list of the products and services offered to customers? Basically, it is a service that offers marketers tools to help them create online marketing campaigns. They offer templates, as well as a drag-and-drop editor to build:

  • Launch Pages
  • Opt-in Pages
  • Pre-Cart Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Webinar Pages

They offer hosting, both drag-and-drop and pre-made, pre-tested templates, analytics, and full support with their products. The video tutorials are especially helpful. Short and sweet, they streamline your learning experience into bite-sized tips to get you started quickly.




LeadPages Autoresponder Integration

LeadPages Review: Dashboard Features

One thing I wanted to emphasize in the LeadPages review is it's dashboard features. It designed to help new and seasoned marketers alike easily manage their landing pages analytics and traffic flow.

Some of the admin features are as follows:

  • Integration with WordPress and/or separate hosting.
  • Organization of themes and pages with labeling, bookmarks and performance options.
  • Easy control of traffic through gateways, 404 error pages and split-testing.
  • Easily upgrade, switch out and duplicate pages.

First we will start with the basics – hosting. Hosting is never an issue unless it goes down. Most webmasters have been spoiled with excellent hosting services and 99% uptime. However, around the holidays of 2013, hosting consistency started to get sketchy for major hosting companies, as their outsourced hosting services were experiencing downtime more often than customers were accustomed to. It is always a good idea to have a backup  with something as basic as web hosting (yet so important) and LeadPages provides that.

Keeping everything is organized is a snap. Seasoned marketers know that sales pages are all-important for sales. Testing what works and scrapping what doesn't can soon have you up to your neck in very similar-looking pages that can easily get confused. Separating and organizing is key to getting the most out of your sales pages.

Traffic is a precious resource. Even “dead end” traffic that goes to pages or promotions that no longer exist should be used to bring in interested leads and customers. The system is set-up well to redirect traffic going to old offers and bring them to the current promotions that can benefit them.


*New Drag And Drop Builder (spring 2016)

So normally, a capture page it built using “hard templates” and what you can change is really just simple colors and text. Now that's a good thing.

But what if you wanted to change

  • Add a countdown timer for an event
  • Move the call to action to a different spot
  • Add a video or image to a page
  • Make a slight adjustment to the page layout

Well with Leadpages Drag and Drop Builder You can.

Leadpages Drag And Drop


*Evergreen Timer Anyone? Anyone? (Fall 2016)

Normally stuff like this is an add-on and I've actually bought evergreen wordpress plugins for $50.
If you aren't using scarcity driving mechanisms to help your clients move forward…. You are leaving sales on the table, period.

You need to be making sure you are putting a priority of getting your products and services into your prospects hands ASAP.

ASAP doesn't happen when you allow your prospects to “get your goods… whenever”

evergreen leadpages timer

Using Crowd Sourcing To Improve Your Click To Lead Conversion

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LeadPages Review – The Need for Speed

In a “time is money” universe, where the technology of the 21st century speeds everything up (smartphones, WiFi, viral videos, etc.) the time needed for creating, implementing and split testing pages should be compressed. LeadPages was started as a way to speed up the process by providing templates that are easy to fill in. They are very fast to use. They are easy to learn as well.

Par of why I wrote this LeadPages review, is to help customers speed up their sales page process, they use:

  • Graphics with proven conversions.
  • Ready-made templates.
  • Text fields that require no knowledge of programming languages.
  • Ability to save templates.

Something I discovered while writing up this LeadPages review was that it this feature is down to under a minute. This is assuming you already know what you are going to write, what template you are using and how you are going to implement this page. Beginners do not have to worry about technicalities which gives them more time to put into their content.

LeadPages Pricing & Benefit (*Read Below For Massive 55% Discount)
* Lawrence Tam Frugal Asian Discount.
If you were to purchase in an annual payment plan you can save literally over 35% per month. So if you did the standard plan your paying around $25/month for this software.
The 2 year plan actually comes down to $17/month which is pretty dang cheap.

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LeadPages Review: Template Features

Speaking of speed, you can't have speed without good template design. In an effort to create templates that were easy to use, LeadPages has streamlined the templates to include the following features:

  • Mobile friendly.
  • Done-for-you templates.
  • No code required.
  • Fastest pages anywhere.
  • SEO friendly.
  • More advanced features like countdown buttons.
  • The freedom to design your own template.
  • Seamless Facebook integration.

People shop from their phones and tablets more than ever before and mobile shopping is on the rise. Customers even buy info products and services while on their mobile devices. LeadPages is optimized for mobile customers on Android, Apple, Blackberries and more. They do not just display on mobile devices – they will actually conform to the parameters of the device. That means a good-looking page that loads quickly; and customers don't have to scroll back and forth.

SEO is still a vital component of being found and tracked in the search engines. Some sales pages and templates are SEO nightmares – sacrificing the ability of search engines to crawl and rank a page in favor of vanity. Yet these templates have been carefully designed to include this vital traffic tool without sacrificing professional-looking pages.

Install a Sexy Facebook Landing Page in Minutes

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Finally, Facebook integration is key.

Facebook is one of the top five most visited websites on earth. A vast majority of people check Facebook more than once a day, and some check it multiple times per day, especially if they have the Facebook app with push notifications on their mobile devices. LeadPages provides a simple way to integrate, say, an opt-in page on your Facebook page for better exposure to your brand. They have developed an app that seamlessly integrates your sales, capture, opt-in or webinar page into your Facebook page.

Additionally, they allow you to choose templates by performance. You can choose a template by how many conversions, how many opt ins, etc.

LeadPages Review: Analytics Features (Split Testing – A/B Testing)

Analytics are vitally important for marketers. It is imperative to be able to receive enough data to properly measure how a page is performing. Not only is receiving data important, but being able to read the story that the numbers are telling you is the other half of the equation. The better you can interpret the numbers, the more likely you are to improve them. There is no question that good analytics is a must-have for a successful (read:profitable) marketing campaign.


Marketing without good analytics is like driving blindfolded – eventually you will crash and burn rather than arrive at your destination (goal). Unfortunately, most stats are woefully inadequate to determine what is working and what isn't. Other analytics have a pretty steep learning curve.

Enter LeadPages.

With this LeadPages review I am able to determine that LeadPages  was designed for marketers; and they didn't hold back on their traffic-measuring tools. It is very easy to see in seconds which pages are performing and which are not.

The analytics is set up to give you a comprehensive view on your stats from different perspectives. It does this in three ways:

1. Overview of all pages with stats next to each page.

2. Specific trends for each individual page.

3. Ability to arrange pages by category or performance.

When you open up the analytics section of the dashboard, you will see a list of all the pages you have created. Whether they are webinar pages, sales pages or other types of pages, they will all be there. The beauty is that there are three neat columns that break down the real meat and potatoes of each page: total visitors, opt-ins and conversions.

The interface is so clean, you can look at your stats without going blind.

Next, you can either drill down on a page, or if you already have that page open, you can open up the analytics tab. There you can see trends over the past day, week or month. You can follow the trends to see what is working and what isn't, to tweak each page as needed.

Split testing is a breeze.

Finally, you can arrange the pages by different categories. This can give you a clearer picture of how your pages are performing relative to each other.

4 Custom Page, 3 Min with LeadPages

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LeadPages Review: Opt-in Boxes

Another thing I discovered while writing this LeadPages review is that LeadPages calls their opt-in boxes LeadBoxes with a “twist”. They have developed their own special coding to convert any link into a pop-up opt-in box for collecting email addresses and other information.

Sidenote: If you were a web developer in the dotcom boom of the late 90s, you remember the special challenges associated with collecting and sending email from a website. Kiss those days goodbye.

LeadBoxes has made it so much easier. They have made it possible to use special code that pops up in any forum where html can be used and subscribe that person straight to your email list.

You can even hook it up to your GoTo Webinar account, capture their email information and sign them up for the webinar – all at the same time.

You can use this feature within WordPress or without, on your blog or guest posts, or anywhere where you can drop an HTML link.

Behind the scenes, you would go into your dashboard, select your email service provider, select the specific list you want them to subscribe to and then begin creating the actual opt-in box.

Your opt-in box is totally and simply customizable. Simply choose the fields you want to include, type in your text, adjust the colors, save and you are done.

 LeadPages Return Policy (They Are Looking To Work With You Long Term)

Special Offer For New LeadPages Customers

I am an internet marketer who has successfully earned over a million dollars in sales. I really enjoy using LeadPages to help me keep my online business going. LeadPages has helped me streamline my online marketing campaign, saving me time and money. This is why I have written up this LeadPages Review for you.

If you decide that you want to use this powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, then let me help you with some powerful bonuses only offered to customers who sign up through me:

  • You will be sent a newsletter specifically on what I focus on in LeadPages to save me time, increase conversions and ramp up sales.
  • Which pages (example sales pages, capture pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, etc.) that I use for my business and exactly how I use them.

 LeadPages Review Summary

Basically, with this my LeadPages Review you are getting all the answers to the question – which pages are going to help me make the most sales? Of course, there are no guarantees; your results will depend on your efforts.

But if you could work with someone who is getting great results, using a great service and they are willing to give you an advantage over your competition, wouldn't you do it?

This LeadPages review should provide you with better info on the things you can do with your online business,  network marketing or marketing campaigns.  For more information on how LeadPages works, click below…

LeadPages Review Bonus

For anyone who purchases and links to my leadpages affiliate account (I can tell as I get an email from all buyers) I will send you these bonuses and then some 😉

  1. How I personally use the Leadpages system.  Flow of how I use traffic -> sales.
  2. The details I would recommend my clients on how to use split testing with Leadpages.
  3. Simple CASE study I conducted using Leadpages and how you can DUPLICATE it… and it's something ANYONE can do RIGHT NOW…. I step you through the actual process of how to instantly increase your traffic with this case study USING Leadpages.
  4. More case studies and analytics of my personal findings 😉

The key is to make sure you purchase from the link below and tie into me so I know who to send the bonus to (must use the correct email in Leadpages when signing up).

-Now I do want to mention if you are going to click and purchase I would be receiving compensation. I want you to know I personally use this software package to grow my business part-time from home.

Thanks for reading my Leadpages review and make sure to connect with me as I use the service to increase my marketing funnels.

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Lawrence Tam

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Thanks for sharing, 

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a crap ton of training at the fast start level…

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If you prove you really do want to help yourself by *actually* helping yourself and beginning to produce….
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But you can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving, capiche?

If you want to make money with zero effort, perhaps a pyramid scheme would be more to your taste. I don’t know of any, but I’m sure you can find some.

This is a business. The good news: you’re your own boss. The bad news: you’re your own boss.

Don’t wait for things to happen to you. Make them happen: go out there & kick ass!

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