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Speaking at No Excuses 4

Not too long ago i was the one who was only there to learn… not teach.

Now speaking on stage has been more common.


Met Ann Sieg Finally

She was one of the first people I met online back in 2008 when I was learning about “Attraction Marketing”.

2008  I was a complete Newbie online. Didn't have a clue what traffic was or how to build a website.
I read one of her pdfs and listened to her audios while waiting for my van pool at 5:30am…

yeah… I used to ride a van pool to work cause it literally took 45-60min each way and getting on the HOV lane
was way better than driving solo through US 59.

What was even cooler… she actually knew who I was 😉
Never spoken with her but had to snag her and grab a pick.


*not sure what the deal was with my phone.. it had weird purple stuff going on and had it replaced but I guess it goes with Ann's shirt? 😉



Congrats Little Sis For Becoming a Dentist!

This is me photo bombing my sister… Yes.. I know. you are supposed to do it ninja like and not just jump into someone's face and selfie…

but hey… this is what big brothers are for 😉

liana tam graduation


Sleep Study

I didn't speak about this on the podcast but it was too hilarious to NOT put on the podcast as it was in that same time frame of Las Vegas, My sister's graduation, and Houston IPI event.

My wife believes I have some form of sleep apnea (where you stop breathing when you sleep at night) and wanted to do a test. I do some sleep walking… where I go and pick up my phone and I wake up and go… What THE heck!

This was an over night test and it came back saying I had ~50+ times in the 9 hour block I would stop breathing.

My thoughts are that my mind is always “ON”….

It's kinda like having a hard drive (external) and you just keep it plugged in.. .even though you don't turn it off.. it never really goes off..

well… like my laptop.

We are looking at sleeping machines or possible surgery to open up air way sin my nose and back of my throat to help breathing.
Some of it is allergies and living in Houston doesn't help when the season kicks in.

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Show Transcription

Lawrence: Hey, this is Lawrence Tam and I want to welcome you to podcast No. 6, Project Mayhem, I’m your host, Lawrence Tam. Project Mayhem was the idea that you can actually in a crazy life, be married, having kids, having no time to build a business, working full time, you too can still build a fantastic business.

And it’s been a big-big gap since I started No. 5, but I want to catch you up on some of the things that’s been happening. My name is Lawrence Tam. I love my life, I would love to have you love your life first. Because if you don’t love your life, it’s going to be very hard to market, hard to help me help you teach one of my goals – to show people how to do internet marketing, how to build a successful internet marketing business, how to do it properly.


Here’s some of the updates. In May I attended something called ’No Excuses No. 4.’ It was in Las Vegas. I was asked to speak on a panel. It was pretty cool, you get on a panel and you’re asked questions by the audience. And it was a really fun time. I’ve been to this actual event – generic marketing event, internet marketing event a couple of times but I’ve never been asked to speak.


And this was the first time I was actually to get on stage and asked a couple of questions. You know, questions like ’How do you build a business faster?’ ’How do you build your team so quickly?’ ’How do you do it part time?’ Those were kind of the basic questions that you get.


And it was really cool because it was a structured format, I was being interviewed by one of the people that… the speaker or the person on the panel who was actually asking the questions; it was Brian, Brian Fanale. He was actually instrumental in my development in learning internet marketing back in 2008. And he showed something called internet marketing using marketing systems to build businesses. And I thought it was pretty cool that I was on stage and he was asking me questions. It was kind of like a cool loop around, right?


So here is some of the things that I learned doing an internet marketing gig like that. Number one; you will learn a lot from other people. Other people. And the cool thing is it doesn’t have to be actually the speakers. Now, not to say I didn’t learn anything from the speakers, I did. There was a gentlemen named Matt, dude, he had a really cool story and I connected with him afterwards but I learned a lot of things just from the people in the audience. I have met people I’d never met before.


And the cool thing was, there was a lot of vendors there and a lot of service providers there, like Autoresponder Services were there, people who do Facebook marketing, Facebook tools were there and I had the ability to meet a lot of people I’ve known in the past. On Facebook it’s one thing to know one person through their icon or their image on Facebook. It’s a whole other thing to be able to talk to them, give them a hug and actually have a drink with them, right?


So, No Excuses, I actually met a person inside, he was giving a presentation, he lives in Australia, he – let’s just call him Matt. He was able to do, he is a self-made millionaire and what he was able to do was astounding. So I want to be able to give you some tips on some of the things that I thought was really really cool about his business and some of the systems that he was using and some of the things that I’m looking at actually implementing and testing myself.


Some of you are probably considering using InfusionSoft. Now InfusionSoft is considered the bad boy – that’s a bad way to put it; the big boy in terms of full service, CRM, emailer, customer databases and shopping cart. And affiliate marketing tools.


We actually – we; my business partner and myself, Toby, we had a company called Black and Tam. We actually purchased InfusionSoft. And no joke – there’s a joke in the industry that calls InfusionSoft – ConfusionSoft. Now, not to say that InfusionSoft is a bad or good thing, it depends on your business, right? Now, currently as of today I do not use InfusionSoft.


And at that time back in May when I was talking to my buddy Matt, you know he had made a million dollars, I was asking about InfusionSoft. One of the things he was telling me that really reinforced why I should not use InfusionSoft even though I had purchased it already was the fact that it’s probably too much for a single user to manage.


Now, anyone who’s made a significant amount of money on the internet or even traditional businesses will say ’Phht, just go ahead and just hire someone, right?’ Now we actually did have a software person who was physically trained in InfusionSoft and we had a backup person but really, it was overkill.


Now, some of that stuff that InfusionSoft does, that makes it worth it is like offline mailing. We didn’t do any of that. Offline package mailing and stuff like that. We didn’t use the actual funnel process to its, you know, to the T of what it can do. We didn’t even use the affiliate system at all because we were still building our brand, building our database and building connections with our customers.


So there was a lot of different things inside of it. Now, on top of that what was one of the deal-breakers why we don’t use InfusionSoft was the fact that InfusionSoft has its own email system. And inside that email system they are very particular in how or who you actually market to.


Now, as an Internet marketer – well, one of the things I do is Internet marketing. Having an Internet software that actually allows me to email my customers, my prospects, my leads, my newsletter readers is very important. But the thing is, I’m in the space of what we call a business opportunity. I teach people how to make money on the internet using business opportunities.


InfusionSoft does not like that. InfusionSoft likes customers. It likes ’learn how to play guitar,’ ’learn how to cook,’ ’learn how to sew,’ ’learn how to take care of your kids.’ It’s more like a ’how to,’ kind of like a ClickBank thing – a how to. It’s not necessarily wanting people to go on there, showing people how to make money. And I can understand that.


Making money; there’s so many bad things on the internet that are about making money. But there’s so many good things about it, too. If it wasn’t for that, I would still be working in a cubicle as a mechanical engineer. And thankfully I got out of that and I haven’t been doing that for – it’s been over two years. Two years I’ve ben retired from engineering so I’m thirty-five now. I retired at the age of thirty-three from working as a mechanical engineer because that was the only way I was taught on how to make money. You make money by getting a job.


I was never told ’You can learn internet marketing. Learn skills like in internet marketing from ad copy to traffic to conversions, to building teams, to building affiliate databases and building a team of people who will sell your own goods; an affiliate system.’ Noone ever told me that stuff.


So, of course people are going to be like ’Oh, we don’t know what it is.’ So they don’t like it. So the general perception is, you know, people on the internet who are teaching how to make money, it’s all scam, which is ridiculous, right? That’s like saying that everything that’s a strawberry tastes gross because because you don’t like strawberries. Well, no, stop eating bad strawberries, right?


So if you’re not allergic to it and it’s not physically harmful to you and it is value-driven, you should do it. It will give you value, it will give you education, it will help you learn even if you’re never applying it at least you have something in your belt. It’s kind of like reading a book. Just because you’re reading it and don’t apply it doesn’t mean that book is bad. It just means you’re never applying it, right?


So, here’s the deal. So in internet marketing it’s very important that your emails are being delivered. Now, I will be doing an email course on the different email services. So I use a variety of them. Let me count them. Aweber, iContact, JVO and GetResponse. That’s four that I know of right now, I think there is another one my assistant actually uses. Oh there is another, Internal Mailer, too. That’s five.


So we do not use InfusionSoft and the big, big kicker for me was, you know, not being able to mail – how to teach people how to make money on the internet. Because one of my goals was to show people, regardless if you’re not an engineer. Maybe you’re a teacher, maybe you’re in real estate, maybe you’re a home-maker, you work from home, like my wife does. She works from home.


I wanted to design a way for them to be able to come in, have the ability to learn on their own time; which means I’m not calling you, right? On your own time, like emails and websites and training packages on the internet where you learn on your time when you’re ready, not when I call you. You know what I mean?


So I wanted to build my businesses that way, but it’s based on how to make money from selling Amazon goods to selling on ClickBank. Becoming a super affiliate, how to build network marketing teams, how to sell high-end commissionable items, how to do workshops, all this. These are the things I teach but InfusionSoft was a big-big barrier.


So, that was No Excuses, I hope to see you at one of these generic internet marketing events. When I say generic, it’s not really that event. You don’t go there to make money from the event, you go there to meet other people, to see what they’re doing. And I just love that one insight – the reason why he doesn’t use InfusionSoft, because he was getting like was going to teach how to make money and he was getting hammered by InfusionSoft.


Now not to say you can’t do it with InfusionSoft but I really respect this guy, Mat and he’s done a ridiculous amount of stories about people making money on the internet. And so I’m like it just kind of reinforces the fact that I shouldn’t be using InfusionSoft.


So, alright, next gap. Now we go to my family. You know, I talk about my family a lot and I wanted to bring you up to speed about what was happening with my family. My sister, Leanna, she graduated from dental school. Yes! We have our first doctor in our household. I’m not saying in my household – I’m not saying my cousins or anything like that. I have a couple of cousins and uncles who have PhDs in engineering. But I’m saying doctor in the house of the Tam household.


Now she doesn’t live with us anymore of course. She’s six years younger than me. She lives in Canada for the time being. It’s so freaking cold up there, I can’t imagine her living up there. She is afraid of the cold. So my mum’s like ’She’s got to go to Florida.’ But she’s a dentist. She graduated from the University of Texas, Hook ’em Horns, she’s a doctor if you consider a dentist a doctor – if you’ve ever seen The Hangover.


But it’s pretty cool, I mean I went to her graduation and it’s just so awesome that our baby sister finally – well, I say our baby sister because I have an older brother and he is in information systems and tuff like that. We all graduated from the University of Texas, my sister got a Bachelor’s in A an M. She duel majored in etymology and animal sciences. I thought she was going to become a veterinarian, but she actually transitioned over to dentistry. But at least she graduated from the University of Texas, so congratulations.


A small note from my kids and it’s something really cool that I wanted to associate with, you know, maybe it’s your family – if you have kids, how budy is your day? How busy is your week? How busy is your… it’s ridiculous, right? So one of the things like activities we do with our kids, our older ones, right? Right now as of today they’re nine and seven but at this time what I’m talking about is they’re doing their kung fu test, right?


Shao Lin kung fu, where like you put a ball on your stomach and you can’t take the ball off or like you know, you do flips on your head. Not to that extreme but they’re doing stuff like, you know, no hand cartwheels, they’re starting to use weapons, it’s pretty interesting. It keeps them fit, active. You know, I don’t want them just playing on iPad and watching stuff on the TV and the computer, right?


So there is these tests. The cool thing is, it’s very much like school. You go through these… we go twice a week and when they go, they learn these steps and it’s repetition, right? And then they train them on it, and then like once a quarter or I think twice a year they actually physically do a test, they do their belt ranking to make sure that they can move on.


Now I want to make sure that we can bring – when I say we, I mean my sister and myself. Those of us in pressure point marketing. But Project Mayhem the idea that even with chaos and madess and a busy lifestyle and a wife who doesn’t understand or a spouse that doesn’t understand why you do internet marketing, you will find the calm in the fact that you can still build it learning, applying daily.


Now where do the tests come in? The test comes in when there comes a time you have to apply. And if you fail, you make no money. That’s the kind of way I see it. So one of the ways is, if I do a webinar and I build up for that webinar for three weeks and I spend all this energy and noone comes to this webinar? I failed. That’s basically a test, right?


Now I don’t do a big scale webinar every month. I don’t even do them once a quarter sometimes. So it’s really important for myself to really judge where I’m growing, how fast I’m learning. And if I’m learning from my mistakes and I’m applying the wins from time to time, you need to be able to test yourself. Even though see, everyday I’m marketing. Everyday, everyday. So some weeks I market for twenty-five hours, some weeks I market for fifty hours. Because I really enjoy it, I learn a lot.


Now when I say marketing I mean I listen to a book, I read, you know maybe I’m jogging and I read something. I take my kids to school and I listen to something. But I’m always absorbing information. So all of it is in learning marketing. But the thing is you only get paid for what you physically apply. It depends on what you apply.


And you really only get paid when you apply in a focused effort and really it’s test time. Now you can make some money, some small money but you only make big money, like ten thousand dollar nights – things that I’ve done; fifty thousand dollars in commissions in a single webinar. Those are the test times.


Now, you’re not going to pass with flying colors all the time. We wish we could. But it’s life, it’s learning. We have ups and downs in businesses. And the faster I can get you to a point where you can understand that, then it’s okay if something falls or something doesn’t make it. Or something just doesn’t go as planned. That’s okay. That is totally okay, right?


And one of our tests, one of the physical tests for my business and how it’s been running, we actually ran a full-scale event. And we call it the IPI; initially it was termed ’Inner Power Intensive.’ But really it was a Houston breakthrough, okay? It was based in Houston and the main focus of this was to get people fully trained on being ready to do internet marketing, regardless if we’re looking over their shoulder or not.


So this was a joint effort between myself and my business partner Toby Black. We have a company called Black and Tam, right? And so I wanted to go over some of the notes of when we did this back in June. It was fantastic, we had a fantastic blast, it was three days. And some of the things that we were really looking into doing was really helping people break though on what their personal barriers were.


So, how do you know there is a barrier? Well, one reason you know there is a barrier is because some of our students, they were all over our classes, they were learning, they had the tools but they were not producing. And the one way they test themselves that they’re producing is by making money. But before you make money, I would always tell them you need to have different types of goals. Different things that you’re learning.


One thing you should be learning is, are you generating traffic? If you’re generating traffic, you can probably generate sales. If you’re generating traffic, you can probably generate leads. Then those goals can be sales, it’s like a step process. So traffic always comes first.


And I’m watching what they’re doing and one of the barriers is, they only like work hard for three days on traffic and then just give up. And I’m like ’No, if you want a lifestyle of freedom, you need traffic that comes everyday.’ Not three times a month, not when you’re physically working, see, right now when I’m shooting this podcast, traffic is still coming and the idea is, the more you work at it, the more consistently you work at your business, even when you’re sleeping, traffic comes in.


And one of the barriers people are having is, their relationship with money. Oh man, their relationship with money is sometimes so skewed. That’s why they are frozen in fear when actually they should be producing. Here’s an example. Some people are taught the actual phrase ’It’s better to give than to receive.’ So some people feel awful taking money or actually charging for their services.


Like say they are a very good cook. They want to charge to show people how to make a casserole. And this casserole is freaking awesome and no charge, you know, five dollars on a video on the exact steps on how she makes a casserole. But because – well, I say she but it could be he, too. Let’s say she – she has the association that you should always give away because it’s always better to give than to receive, she would never charge anybody.


And so that’s the same thing in traffic and leads. Some people would drive all their traffic and never ask for a lead or never even ask for a sale. See, the thing is, it’s okay to ask for money when the value is there. You see what I’m saying? When the value is there.


Now, of course some people might say ’but the world would be better if everything was free.’ You know what? Maybe. Maybe that’s what God intended. Maybe that’s what Jesus intended. Because when they say you know, do we pay taxes to Rome? Like give to Rome what is Rome’s. Jesus, it’s not that denari or whatever that gold coin is, it’s not Jesus’, it’s just the system’s money.


But here’s the deal. Is it better to be poor – and some people say it’s better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy. But I’m going to tell you right now. The tools of money is not what makes you unhappy. It’s own you use it. Think about it. If you’re a church pastor and you’re raising thousands of dollars a week in ties, do you think it’s better to have money coming in or having no money? How are you supposed to do mission trips? How are you supposed to build water wells? How are you supposed to do educate the new crop of people who want to be pastors? It takes money. You see what I’m saying?


And so living a life of understanding that money is evil, that’s a huge barrier. Money is not evil. It’s how you use it. You know if you spend money to buy wasteful things, or stupid things like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, things you don’t need to be spending money on. Okay, I get it. But what if it’s money to educate yourself? Send your kids to good colleges? Put a roof over your head? Actually pay your bills on time? Because what if you were a service provider?


Let’s say you had a service like you own an email service, right? Do you just give it away for free? It’s going to cost you money for your services, it’s going to cost you money for servers, it’s going to cost you money for bandwidth, you can’t do it – not everything on planet Earth can be for non-profit. If everything in the world was non-profit, how would you stay in business? You couldn’t. Hence the word no business.


But the thing is, what I’m going to teach you is, regardless where you’re at, you could be riding your bicycle, you could be driving to work, you could be the guy who’s on a rig, on route, going to your job site, it’s like three o’ clock in the morning and you’re listening to my podcast. I’m not going to congratulate you, I’m going to say thank you for sticking with me and learning about internet marketing.


My goal was to show you different ways to use the internet and really focusing it, tools, tactics, methods, best ways of using different things, best case scenarios and case studies. All this is cool information. But none of it matters if the route of you, you, the deep core of you has an issue with making money.


So I would say for you – to make sure – is it okay for you to make some money? Is it okay for you to be profitable? Is it okay for you to be rich? And that was a huge breakthrough for our audience. It was like people had huge issues with being rich.


Now those in the audience that were okay with making money, they were already entrepreneurs. They already had their own businesses like real estate agencies, they had their own law firms, or whatever. They were okay but the people who had jobs like myself as a mechanical engineer – well I’m retired now. I initially thought ’Man, it’s bad to make money, right?’


Like I remember someone telling me, my sister-in-law told me it’s bad to do business with friends. Never friends and family. But the thing is, if your business helps save lives. If it helps change the way – if it helps people get better, maybe it’s okay to charge. Well, it depends on the value, right? It depends on what value you have.


And once you’re okay with making money, then we can proceed, right? So we had a lot of cool things, things with pennies if you were there you’ll have seen it. If you went to another event of ours, we do the penny exercise. One of the cool things we were really teaching is stepping into your power. We were learning a lot of hypnotic languages through ad copy. You know, how do you get someone to actually move from one state to the next, right?


It’s not the fact that you’re trying to trick someone to do something that they wouldn’t do. But here’s the deal. If you’re selling coax, you’re selling purses. If you’re not using the right word, the right triggers, the right things that help people move from point A to point B, you’re not going to make money. And if you’re in the business of actually selling purses; if that’s your widget, if that’s your unit, then that’s the way you pay the bills, that’s how you feed your family.


If your only way to make more money because your traffic is consistent is actually to convert higher, you better make sure you’re learning hypnotic languages. And hypnotic languages could be like ’discover’ versus just ’if you would like to.’ The whole passive aggressiveness of asking for the sale will crush your percentages and really put you out of business.


Learning the proper words, the proper stance. You know what? If you believed your product and service is what it’s worth, you’d ask for the sale, right? And so that was a huge issue with so many people looking at their sales copy, looking at their email, they were just so passive, right?


Another thing I taught, eventually we will definitely have something like this for… maybe I’ll release the video. I don’t know, maybe I will release the video. If you want to see the show notes, it should be at Let me reinforce it. What we’re going to do is I’m going to have it put up there so maybe I’ll reference some more things you can kind of really see and dig into this what the podcast is all about. Because I know some of you are already driving like ’Oh, I didn’t get that link he was talking about.’


Okay, maybe I’ll go ahead and I’ve done it a couple of times but you know, maybe I’ll have it transcribed, right?


Okay, so here we go. One of the things I taught also in this training course that we had, it was called BARM. Not barn, BARM. B-A-R-M. And there was a big thing I learned. And I learned this on YouTube. It was pretty cool. So I’m really reinforcing this. So BARM is, it’s like a circle but it starts with a B. And the arrow goes down to A. What does B stand for? B stands for belief.


See, you’ve got to have belief in anything before you start anything. A diet, dating, having kids. If you don’t have a belief, you just won’t do it, right? I think that’s the ground zero for everybody. It’s the foundational understanding that if you have no belief, you take no step forward, right?


Now what belief does when you draw an arrow from the B to the A, starting from B and going to A is action. Once you have belief, you start to move into action. This is where people get stuck. See, the thing is people’s beliefs are so weak, like what if I told you I believe that you can lose ten pounds the next month? And you didn’t believe it, would you really take action? What if some of you were like ’Well, I kind of believe it.’ You’d take a little bit of action.


See, a big part of your action and how much action you take is relative to your belief levels. If your belief is through the roof, you will do whatever it takes and it takes a massive action. But if you’re action is so small, I can always come and draw back to what do you believe? Like what is your why system? What is it? What do you believe in why you can’t do it? What is your belief level at?


Now let’s continue forward. It’s BA and then it goes to an R. Draw an arrow to the R. R is results. See, when you actually do some action, you get results. But here’s what happens. Many people focus on the wrong results or look at the results only purely as money. Well, maybe it’s not money. Maybe the result is maybe clarifying what your belief level is or maybe the result is you finally took action. The person who never took action took action now.


Now you have some results, maybe the result is just changing you. Maybe it’s just physically changing you as a person, maybe that’s the result, right? Now in internet marketing the three results I like to teach people are; number one – traffic. Traffic turns into leads, leads turn into sales. Okay? Traffic – leads – sales.


That’s the kind of belief, if you believe it you can do it, take some action but what we show you, how I show you internet marketing like Facebook, how to do Facebook likes, Facebook niche groups like SEO with blogging or video marketing or paid traffic. You know, whatever it is, once you have the belief, it goes into you taking action and getting some results. Maybe getting new friends on Facebook, building your Facebook like page, maybe getting more than ten hits a day onto your capture pages, you’re starting to see that at least three people see your pages every day, that’s the results.


Now, depending on how big your belief is, that’s how big your action is, which is how much results you would normally get. Sometimes actions result to nothing. I get that. But you learn from your mistakes. Like split-testing, you learn from your mistakes.


The last thing at the end, where you draw an arrow to the M. So it’s B, arrow to an A, arrow to an R, arrow to an M. M is momentum. See the thing is a lot of people stop at momentum. I would say ninety percent of the people I talk to; they do a belief, action, results but they get stuck on not making enough money so they stop. Because their belief wasn’t large enough to carry them over or maybe they were focused on the wrong results.


But if you have the right results, the correct results, guess what happens, you start to build momentum. The thing is momentum doesn’t happen immediately. Momentum comes when you have consistent, daily massive action. How you know your momentum? You take a day off and it still grows. And not just grows at a slant, it grows exponentially and how exponential is it?


So let’s say you’re making like 3,000 in a month. To me an exponential BARM, barm momentum would be making 3,000 in a night. How does that work, how do you do that, right? Well, a lot of it comes down to; are you using the right systems? Do you have the right belief system, are you taking the right action? Are you physically putting it all together?


What you’re making a month you could make in a night depending on where you are. Now one way to do it, you shoot a webinar. A lot of you don’t ever do webinars. I’m telling you the biggest nights I have ever had, I say nights, not day, I’ll make it in three hours. In three hours I’ll make the most money I’ll make in an entire month. In a single day. How does that work?


Well, I’ll teach you in these podcasts, I’ll teach you on my blog. If you check out my blog at, I would love to just connect with you, hit me up, I’m a real person on Facebook. You can Facebook me on


And see, the thing is, when I started back in 2007 with my dad in network marketing, I didn’t want to go on the internet. But I burned out 250 names because I was taught to do the names list for network marketing, right? But I burned it out. You know, I had a little bit success, I had maybe forty bucks a month in residuals; forty to a hundred bucks in residuals to spend on learning.


What I wanted to learn was internet marketing because I was still working, right? So I wanted to learn internet marketing. That was in 2008, I started learning attraction marketing, how to market on the internet, how does one do it, how do you build? And that my friend, that’s where I started.


But you know what? No one held my hand and I’m not here to hold your hand. But I’m here to give you a shoulder to lean on. I’m here to have you understand I was in your place. Maybe you’re only making nothing. Maybe you’re negative. Maybe you’re losing 200 bucks a month because you’re paying for services and you’re not making anything yet. Readjust where your results are.


So for me – before I close this podcast – the results that I was looking at was not so much money. Money was a goal; a goal. One goal. But I understood that I wanted to focus on traffic. Can I get and grow my traffic? After getting traffic, could I get and grow my leads? Can I grow my prospects? Can I build my database, my list? Focus on that. Okay, because when you focus on that, you’re not so pitchy. You’re not so like can you join me? Can you buy this? You’re not so scammy feeling or slimy feeling.


If you’re like ’Let me just offer you some value, opt in here and I’ll send you this ebook.’ Opt in here and I’ll give you this training. Opt in here and I’ll come on the phone with you.


Whatever your approach is, figure out how you’re going to get leads because that’s something that you can measure much faster than money. Because a lot of times maybe you have a sick association with making money but no one has a sick association with generating leads. No one’s really brought up like that. No one’s parents are like ’Leads are bad. It’s better to give leads away than receive.’ No one says that.


That means your brain is okay accepting leads and traffic, let’s focus on that because mybe you do have an issue with making money. Now if you don’t, hey, maybe it’s another thing about results that’s tripping you up. Because you want to get the results you need to build the momentum you need so that when you do take off Sunday or when you do take your kids to school or when you do take a vacation, your business is still building.


So my name is Lawrence Tam and I want you to come back to our show notes, it’s going to be at my blog at This is podcast number six. Project Mayhem was based on the idea that I want to help people understand how to build their business and I know exactly how you feel.


Time is short, have no clue, you’re a newbie and you’re learning. And I wanted to give the ability to people to really learn even if I don’t ever call you. Because the thing is, even if I teach you how to – I can teach you how to build using the phone. But that’s not freedom. I built a business using the phone and I was getting calls every single day multiple times a day and I was at work and I had kids and my wife didn’t like it ’why is your phone always ringing?’ You know what I mean?


And I wanted to get away from that. Now I still take calls from time to time depending on who it is or what that person needs or maybe it’s a member of mine or maybe it’s a team member. It depends. I’m not saying never pick up the phone. What I’m saying is you can build a business without using the phone solely. Just use tools, internet marketing systems, generating traffic, generating leads.


So my name is Lawrence Tam. Come meet us, look at the show notes at If you want to see some of the tools that I am using, you can go to and that’ll take you to our toolbelt, some of the tools that I’m using. I believe that you can use another redirect at, that’s one word, I think both of them go there. Depending on what you want to learn.


So some of the things I would say, if you’re a complete newbie, really understand: number one – what do you want? What do you want from internet marketing? I mean is it really just a couple of hundred bucks a month, whatever it is. Most of the tools will help you depending on what you want to – so just read it, I have some pretty detailed description on what my tools do, how they help you.


But in the grand scheme of things, one of the things I wish my mentor had told me after two years of burning through traffic and money: number one – go and build your list, be valuable, don’t be a scammer or a spammer, especially not a spammer. Don’t spam people, right? Be valuable. So build your list, build a rapport, give some good value.


So my name is Lawrence Tam, hit the show notes on, look at my toolbelt to see some of the stuff that I’m developing, some of the things that I use for a personal business and maybe we’ll talk about it on the podcast, you can find them at


Thank you and have a good one.

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Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Tom Lincoln · March 4, 2014 at 5:01 pm

Great content! I look forward to seeing you at Internet Marketing events as well.

Pat Cooksey · December 13, 2013 at 7:26 pm

Wow, interesting, informative and stimulating all at the same time.  Love what you share, Lawrence!

alecia_mlmleads · December 9, 2013 at 1:55 am

Thanks for the heads up. Always empowering!

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