The Data Network Affiliates website has a lot of information on the number of missing children in the previous year. The website claims that by feeding in license plate data and tracking amber alerts, at least a few of these children can be recovered. The business is all about data collection, an industry that did over $14 billion revenue last year. This is a network marketing set up; this means anyone can take up this business and make money by recruiting other reps. But what should you know before you join? Read on.

What Is It About?

Data collection is believed to be an industry with tremendous potential. DNA was launched as a data collection company that works through the medium of network marketing in Feb 2010. For beginners, the company has started out with collecting details of license plates or cars and trucks. The founders of the company, George Madiou, Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler are experts in network marketing and have plans to expand into real estate data and business surveys.

The Affiliate’s Work

There are three ways by which DNA affiliates make money-
– By keying in data. Though this is the whole idea of the business, each affiliate gets only $2 per month for entering license plate details in the central database. This is for a minimum of 20 cars.
– By bringing in other affiliates. Get paid when affiliates you refer enter data for up to 10 levels.
– Make money when the data you enter gets sold.
You can join Data Network Affiliates for free and you get to earn even when you bring in free affiliates. There’s also a paid scheme called the Business Benefits Package (BBP) that is promoted by DNA to be more beneficial to affiliates who wish to make a decent income from this business. The BBP costs $97 initial fee plus $29.97 per month. This entitles you 1000 reward dollars using the DNA discount card, a travel consultancy package and training DVDs and material that’d help you in your business.

Attraction Marketing System

Should You Go For This?

Before you decide to take up this tempting mlm opportunity, let’s look at the drawbacks and the competition you may have to face as a DNA affiliate.


Narc That Car or what is now known as Crowd Sourcing International (CSI) is the main competition in this business space. This business is pretty much the same as Data Network Affiliates. Distributors have to take up a paid membership to make money for narcing cars. Though it seems like a steep membership fee, members can get that money back when they bring in two qualified referrals. Due to the “free” and “cheap” mindset of those looking to dabble in business many are leaving Crowd Sourcing International. The draw of a cheap business will in the end be the doom of the single business owner as the rep mindset of being cheap also will pay you cheap.

DNA also faces competition from other networking companies that don’t require stocking up on inventory. Just as this company doesn’t involve inventory, all those MLM businesses don’t have a tangible product to stock up and deal in. Work from home opportunities like those offered by iJango and Dubli are much more attractive to people who wants legitimate income opportunities.

Other drawbacks

It’s hard to convince people to join a business that pays just $2 per month. You’ll have to explain to them the power of ten and show how much they can earn when they get paid for ten levels. Don’t rely on your friends and relatives to listen to you; with so many MLM businesses around, people have started avoiding friends who push for an appointment.

The Way Out

To really make money in this business, you’d have to just keep extending your MLM downline; you’ll need to bring in not tens, but hundreds of people to make good residual income. And it is possible. Look beyond your comfort circle of friends and bring in people who will be really interested in making money online and who’ll work earnestly in maintaining your downline. Set up an MLM internet lead generation system that would help you identify such contacts and get them in touch with you.

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