Article Marketing Tips – Face Punch A Panda

Here are some article marketing tips I found after reading some test studies from people who use UAW.

Before I dive into the testing of another user I wanted to touch on the Google Panda issue. For most the Google Panda was supposed to target content farms and essentially bring down no value adsense sites. Now no value is subjective but in the end duplicate sites and auto-blogs were supposed to be de-ranked and allow valuable sites to make it to the top.

The Event happened April 2011 and 25% of my sites got gobbled up by the panda.

Article Marketing Tips – Panda is Alive!

article marketing tips

I guess you can say it's alive and kicking as I can prove it ate one of my sites up. For marketers like myself when we see this:


Generate Web Traffic – Use SEO

One of the critical pieces to building a business especially online is learning how to generate web traffic. I currently work with a couple of methods but the one I wanted to share today was a low cost method I use every day.

Generate Web Traffic – Using SEO

One of the cool things about building a business is that there are so many ways to drive traffic. The 2 main ways are free and paid. In my book they are both paid since your either using money or time. People these days don't put enough emphasis on what their time is worth and just throw it around like it's worthless. I would highly recommend new people to the industry to understand working something for free doesn't work out in the end.generate web traffic

Let's stay on point and talk about how to generate web traffic using SEO.

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially the art of marketing your business on the internet so search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will drive their customers to you.

I love this type of business model since it's like opening a store and allowing people to visit depending on their needs. There is very little forced advertising in this method and the amount of traffic generated is primarily determined on what your marketing in terms of keywords.

Sure there are other ways to drive traffic like social network syndication but SEO in my opinion is one of those things that really just worked for me and my business.

SEO will take a couple of skills but the ones I would like to focus on are: (more…)

Grow Your Business Like A Champ Not A Chump

Do you know the difference on how to grow your business like a champ and not like a chump?

They sure do sound like the same thing but many don't know the difference. How can I tell?

I just take a glance at their business and how they market it online. Many have good intentions but the way they setup their business it's just not going to work in the long run.

3 Essential Steps To Grow Your Business Online

1) Your business needs marketing.

I don't know how many times I've told one of my students that one of their biggest problems is not respecting the game of marketing. Many want to make it big and sell a ton of products or services. Now that's cool they feel that whatever they are selling could sell itself but if that was the case they could just put it up and people would gobble it up. Most will not succeed with some marketing.

Many market their business opportunity, service, and products the wrong way. Information noise has increased more and more as the years go by with more integration with internet and traditional methods. People's attention span are getting short and harder to infiltrate due to walls that are built up over time.

Shouting is the way to get ahead.  umm, NO. (more…)

Generate Leads With 5 Tips

One of the more important factors that decide the success of your online business is how to generate leads. Some can make it happen without it but closing a sale with multiple exposures is much more profitable vs trying to close on the spot. This is why so many profitable businesses online can make it happen with lower traffic because they can monetize at a higher rate by generating leads.

To generate leads needs patience and lots of hard work. If you are new to online business you may need to have proper research and implement effective strategies so that you Generate Leads to maximize profits.

Wait… did I actually say “Hard Work”?
Dang skippy I did. So many want a magic bullet, genie in a bottle, or lightning to strike for their business to explode. This is the WRONG way to build a business.
There are several things that should be focused on so that you can start generating leads to your business. Here are some points that will help you to generate leads and to maximize your earnings.

How to generate leads for your online business

Top 5 ways to generate leads and maximize profits

As there are many of the ways and strategies that can help you to maximize your earnings by generating leads you need to study them carefully so that you get success fast. It is important that you get more targeted traffic to your online business that is actually looking for your products and services.

1. First of all you have to develop attractive and clean looking website or web page so that you get more and more visitors attracted towards it. I would recommend a good capture page and funnel if you plan to stay in business for long. Here is my funnel for network marketers.

2. Then you need to optimize your web page for search engines. SEO or search engine optimization is the processes that will help your site get on the top results of the search. This will bring you more targeted traffic and in return more lead generation. If your new to SEO by all means learn on page SEO first. (more…)

Ways To Save Money – To Pay For Your Business

In the process of living a better life many are always looking to make money but that should actually be paired up to ways to save money to pay for the business.

Many in the home business arena fail to succeed primarily due tot he fact that they are short on cash. Sure, having an initial investment to start up is one thing but how about the daily costs that start to stack up?

  • Initial Business  Cost
  • Recurring Business Costs
  • Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Advertising
  • and so on

There are a lot of different things that go into running a business and the costs will continue to build well past the initial investment.

That's the real reason so many fail in a home based business. Running out of cash.

So here are a couple of ways to save money and pay for your business.

3 Killer Ways To Save Money For Your Business (more…)

Ways To Make Extra Money – Writing

One of the cool things I do on a daily basis is test different ways to make extra money online. See, there are a lot of people struggling without jobs but there are an even bigger segment that work a day job yet want to supplement their current income to afford the better things in life like vacations, living upgrades, and eliminating debt. I've used many ways to make extra money to pre pay my kids college tuition and even upgrade the ride I have.

Ways To Make Extra Money – Writing

One of the cool things that has popped up since the internet became mainstream is that there are so many people now that can make a pretty nice chunk of change just by writing online. This is one of the easier ways to make extra money because there is very little training outside of your own creative writing skills. If you have a passion and don't mind typing then writing online is a good way to get some cash pumping in.

One way I started was going to a product review site called epinions. There were one of the first places I noticed that would allow you to write product reviews and actually get paid on traffic that took action on your page. There are some guidelines to follow but generally nothing too strict and primarily for those NOT looking to use this for off page backlinks. If your just looking for ways to make extra money with absolutely no up front cash then writing on sites like epinions just makes sense. Now the returns will not be ground shattering but in the global scale of business there is so little up front investment that it doesn't matter as long as you can put in realistic expectations.

Epinions is a free site to join and there are NO referral commissions anymore. So you can click the link below if you want to link to my profile and see some of the things I wrote YEARS ago (November 2008 was last article I wrote for epinions) and still get paid a residual income from.

The pay isn't great but it's residual.

This was my first taste on leverage and working smarter. I gave myself a raise by working and writing.

ways to make extra money

Lawrence Tam's Epinion's Profile

So what else do I suggest? (more…)

How To Generate Leads Like A Pro

How To Generate Leads Like A Pro

Check this…

Most who join a business have limited to no marketing or advertising experience. Those who I do know that have a sales background make up for their lead generation shortfalls with awesome closing skills. Most people do NOT have these skills so if your looking to grow a business you better be able to learn how to generate leads like a pro.

For the most part many will struggle and that is just the natural path to growing into being in business for yourself. Many will buy ebooks and join systems to get going.

I would say the #1 place to get going has to be with My Lead System Pro. (more…)