Do you know the difference on how to grow your business like a champ and not like a chump?

They sure do sound like the same thing but many don't know the difference. How can I tell?

I just take a glance at their business and how they market it online. Many have good intentions but the way they setup their business it's just not going to work in the long run.

3 Essential Steps To Grow Your Business Online

1) Your business needs marketing.

I don't know how many times I've told one of my students that one of their biggest problems is not respecting the game of marketing. Many want to make it big and sell a ton of products or services. Now that's cool they feel that whatever they are selling could sell itself but if that was the case they could just put it up and people would gobble it up. Most will not succeed with some marketing.

Many market their business opportunity, service, and products the wrong way. Information noise has increased more and more as the years go by with more integration with internet and traditional methods. People's attention span are getting short and harder to infiltrate due to walls that are built up over time.

Shouting is the way to get ahead.  umm, NO.

That burst of energy works for the short term but not how a business works for the long term. Consistent creative marketing of a certain brand and getting it to the market is the best way to make a difference. If you want to really grow your business, marketing needs to be a big part of that plan.

But how do people with little to no marketing experience make this happen?


2) Hungry Like The Wolf

The true appetite to wanting to grow into the ideal business plan is how most stay in the game long enough to make it to the next level. It's the “WHY” or the “FIRE” that burns that pushes business owners to the next level to trying harder.

Too many want it BAD for say 3 months, 6 months, or even a year or so. But many business plans don't really hit their stride for most until after the 12 – 18 months mark. In my personal experience I hit an exponential growth period in my 6 month and didn't his a critical earning level until my 18 month. It was the path of which I took that made me the man in my business today.

That hunger got me through tons of rejection. The crazy changes of the internet and multiple road blocks to marketing discourages many which gets them out of the business before massive growth. To grow your business you gotta have that hunger to put in the extra effort.

Having that hunger to move on and grow is one of the most critical steps to staying the course of being a successful business entity.

3) Cash Flow

Some businesses end before it's time or just don't stick around due to the thing we all need to stay in business – Cash.

Many come into the business with a small business investment and looking for a return to break even.

What would happen if the business could only break even every month?

What if you were only making a little bit of profit and not really enough compared to the time you put into the business?

The above 2 really aren't too bad if you have passion as the passion would keep you going as really it's just your time that is being spent with little monetary gain.

Most who go into business experience the more common losing money into the business. How can one grow your business if there is no profit?

Cash flow will be the death of your business if your not able to monetize your traffic and stay in the game long enough to figure the business out. See, many business owners are learning on the fly and it will take some time to get it all going in the correct direction.

Grow Your Business Like I Have

Marketing training,  mindset training, and even correct monetization to be cash positive are all things I have learned over time.

If one is to learn these 3 major aspects of building a business online and even offline where would I recommend that they go?

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Lawrence Tam

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