Visual Understanding Of The System I Use Online (Video 8 of 10)

Okay… so with my process I attract traffic from different platforms and most if not all of it goes to capture pages and blog posts/pages.

The idea is to funnel the traffic into a process and you just need to test and tweak as you go how you want them coming in…

Most of my traffic is from paid/social media/SEO so it's a good mix and my blog(s) do just that for me.

I have plural, blogs, due to the fact it's the EASIEST way to get multiple “types” of content out there…

If you do not have a easy way to blog, build content, and attract new traffic…

I highly suggest you watch this video on how to clean up your traffic:yellow_getinstantaccess

I wanted to use this video to expand on Video 7. I wanted to fill in some details, show you how a prospect flows through your business system (a.k.a. sales funnel), and show you how to keep your prospects and leads happy.


First, you have your capture page. This page has a video, an enticing offer, or sales text that entices a targeted prospect to give you their email address and establish rapport with you.


The next step is sending them to a sales page. You are selling something. This is where you put your offer in front of them. If they don't buy right away, you still have their email address. You can continue to provide them valuable information and reintroduce your sales offer at a later time.


You can have different sales pages, all going to different offers, or highlighting a different aspect of the same product.


75% should be email of value and 25% should be sales.


For example, if you are selling vacuum cleaners, then 3 email should be about housecleaning hacks, tips to quick clean carpeting, making your floors look new, etc. and 1 email should actually offer something to buy.


Why do that? It builds trust. It gives your prospects something of value. It keeps exposing your brand to them and keeps you in their minds. If you are sending something of value, they are more likely to open your email. If all you send them is sales pages, they may opt out without buying anything.


How Do You Get People To Your Capture Page? 

You want web traffic, and a lot of it. This is because the vast majority of people who will visit your page will never give an email or buy anything. If you only have 10 people visiting per day, the likelihood of you selling anything is very small.


However, if you have 1000 visitors per day, the likelihood of someone buying increases. You want more visitors, especially repeat visitors. Repeat visitors are more likely to share your page with their friends, give an email address and buy. Always be ramping up your web traffic. 100,000 visitors per day is not unheard of.


So you do you get web traffic? The tool I recommend most is a blog. A blog that is updated frequently with great content, and great SEO will bring in a lot of free traffic.


Great elements of SEO are:

  • Using a targeted keyword phrase, like “How do I clean hardwood floors?” every 100 words (on average) = 1% Density
  • Writing at least 500 words, preferably more….. these days shoot for 2,700-3,200 words.
  • Inserting links to your own blog and outside links.


Your blog should be media-rich with videos, photos, etc. If you think it is a lot, don't despair. Start simply and add as you go. You can always go back and change your blog posts, too.

Learn Traffic Funnels and Dive into traffic… Here is where I would start your education.


Thank you for watching Video 8. Get ready for some choice tidbits of information in Video 9.

I will be diving MORE into this in Video 9….

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30 thoughts on “Visual Understanding Of The System I Use Online (Video 8 of 10)

  1. Cedric says:

    You make everything seem as sureal as possible. Simply Draw tracffic by blogging set up content. To sale page and let auto responder work for itself.

  2. Joshua Wiesler says:

    Good video on how all the steps link up. makes total sense. love the 75% content to 25% sales. Really like how you approach the industry.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      gotta put in more than you take out

  3. Milena says:

    So many a-ha moments so far. You were right on when you said in previous video that network marketing teaches you how to network but not how to market. You are showing the missing link…Can’t wait for the next video!

  4. John whitfield says:

    I’m a little behind on my videos that you suggested,but between these videos and your podcast I’m finding myself wanting to get back into blogging more and more. I only wish I knew more about embedding videos, and setting up a web page to work smoothly.

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      the big picture of blogging is it’s great for front end traffic AND engaging with your list… send your email subscribers to your blog posts 😉

  5. Jenny Ceballos says:

    Thanks for posting this kind of information!

    Im sure this will be very usefull for me. But at this point im asking myself…What to promote o market??

    Can you help me with this?


  6. razan says:

    good information to me thx

  7. Qaisar Khan says:

    hey Lawrence, you told me to comment on each video to see if im ready for help. i am really struggling right now and i need your help. i need more people to join wakeupnow which i join 2 weeks ago, thank you!!
    please help me. i really need.

  8. Jason Counts says:

    I’m starting to understand! The diagram has helped! I just need to get started and keep watching these videos! Thanks for the info! I’m so far ahead of where I was yesterday and feeling that I could make this work!Thanks again! see you on the next video!!!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      you WILL make it work!

  9. Nick Irwin says:


    Once I saw your diagram on the whiteboard detailing how your blog directly effects the traffic driven to your page, I now have a better understanding on how everything flows together as ” one “. I want to learn how to drive 100,000+ in traffic to my page. In other words ” I WANT TO CRUSH THIS SYSTEM ” !!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      Just take it in steps…. it’s quick if you focus

  10. Demy Watts says:

    wow, didn’t realise just how fundamental and important the blog is…

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      the blog is multi purpose.. but mostly cause you can control the content on it 😉

  11. Andre Kotze says:

    Great explanation of the sales process Lawrence 😉

  12. Elvira Longoria says:

    OK LT, I finally understand how the capture page gathers email information, in case the sales page was not able to convert into a sale the first time around. We are going to be able to send out daily email back to this interested party, using an autoresponder that I already am paying for with get response.. Do it with multiple sales pages that can be set up to look different to keep it interesting and offer something of value to gain the prospects trust. So only 25% sales, wow that is interesting, no wonder we were told to blog, blog, blog. We are getting it now, I am realizing I need to learn to blog effectively to bring in that free traffic you talk about. OK lets see how many more mistakes I have been making, lets see the next video and overcome. Thanks!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      you are getting it 😉

  13. Joel Gomez says:

    Give 75% value & 25% sale, I kinda did it the other way around.

  14. Kamal lakhr says:

    Love that
    and you know i more likely paid traffic specially for who understand it well
    Higher quality costumers ^^ and we can scale up as much as we want we can even optimize that will give us more leading ^^
    but website is a free traffic but limited 🙁 how ever i think it’s a good begging for someone begging 😀

  15. karen says:

    love it.

  16. Martin says:

    Great overview of the system 🙂

  17. Rigoberto Ramirez says:

    WOW, that is very interesting. That really intriged me to find out more on how to link picture, videos and articles to your blog to drive traffic . Pretty awesome

  18. PeterThankgod says:

    I am aware of the EN has the powerful tools ever to create a great record breaker…..

  19. andilerner says:

    I know Empower Network has this funnel set up for us, but it seems to work best using a funnel with your individual brand – I see you do this, and most other big players do as well. Good stuff, although may be too much information for a newbie. 

    I like the way you model visual teaching style with this video  🙂

  20. spooon says:

    Jaynae frustration is normal… focus and go

  21. spooon says:

    AustinHayes hence the large white board makes it’s appearance 🙂

  22. AustinHayes says:

    I like the diagrams better! I am a visual learner lol. Great video LT!

  23. Jaynae says:

    This is where I am stuck at and very frustrated.

  24. DarrenHanser says:

    Bro — glad to see you upgraded the white board from the hand held  😉

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