Mistakes Made In The Business Online (Video 9 of 10)

I've made a LOT of mistakes. It is part of what made me a success today. That doesn't mean that you should suffer the same mistakes, especially if they are common mistakes that can be avoided. Granted, you will still make mistakes. However, why suffer basic mistakes if you don't need too? Wouldn't you want to speed things up, even if it only saved you a few months?

The first phase of building a business online is exactly that – building.

Most people spend time building their websites. Part of that building involves adding content.

Content is not just writing – it's

  • photos
  • memes
  • videos
  • audio
  • and more.

How about…. Install a comment feed; it allows people to discuss your blog topics. It builds a community on your site. Static websites, websites that don't change, serve their purpose, but supplementing it with a blog that is updated regularly with good content is the best way to start getting visitors to your site.


First mistake – Spending too much time building. The money is in the promotion. Stop tweaking your website's color schemes or your website title. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be building your blog with excellent content, but spend a fair amount of time promoting it and driving traffic to it.


Second mistake – Not promoting your website or blog. There are many ways to promote a website. Some of the ways I use are

  • social media
  • content websites
  • article directories
  • pay per click.

For example, I use Facebook to post links to blog post and articles that I have done. I use YouTube to post videos and then I have a link from the videos to my blog post. I can use Squidoo or Hubpages to post articles that I have done, and I also use article directories. These are outside of SEO and Google and they can send me a lot of traffic. This is all part of promotion.


Moral of the story is that you don't have to have the perfect blog in order to succeed. The polished, glossy websites you see are the results of large teams of experienced people, all working together under an established mission statement with set rules and guidelines.


You are you, by “yourself”. You have an advantage over large, faceless corporations. You are small and fast, and you can move quickly when it comes to trends and changes in the online business landscape. There are plenty of bloggers out there who have large followings of raving fans. They don't have teams of people working under them – they simply have a decent computer, an internet connection and the ability to churn out content that grabs the hearts and minds of the masses.


Many people succeed online. It takes hard work and dedication. And they MAKE IT WORK.

The beauty of being online is there is virtually no competition. You can form partnerships with other bloggers, form joint ventures and you both benefit. It doesn't take away from either of you. The old way of thinking that if you build a business you are competing with other businesses and taking business from them virtually does not exist online. This is because there is so much business online, that there is plenty to go around for everyone.

One way to avoid mistakes is to USE systems and learning from sources that PROVE to work in the industry.

Check out this video (BUTTON BELOW) that talks about this and also how to avoid being STUCK IN THE BUILDING.

10 Video On Marketing And A Profitable Business Online

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42 thoughts on “Mistakes Made In The Business Online (Video 9 of 10)

  1. So it’s ok to start off with just few mistakes that you will eventually learn from. For instance spending to much time on building with pictures and trying be perfect.

  2. One request, just reply ‘one word’ one single word that will give me an idea of ‘good content ‘ one word’ I’ll get it
    😉 Promise I’ll get it

    ps. ‘two words’ if there is no way you can put in into ‘one word’. . .haha just saying maybe

  3. Hey Lawrence, I met you at my first empower event in nashville, thank you for being real and your natural self, I love that… after speaking with you I decided I want to blog, I had spent too much time on building and then on content trying to make everything perfect and barely ever promoted so thanks for the videos. I want to do videos with each blog post 🙂

    What would be the best way to reach you if I needed a quick advice?

  4. I’d really like to see a video explaining where you get your images for your blog/site. I have a lot of content I’m eager to post but hit a road block when I realized you could get sued for just grabbing images off of Google. I know in most cases you have to buy them from stock photo sites but I’m wondering if there are alternatives for people just starting out. I’m kinda scared to continue until I figure that out.

    I know it’s always good to mix it up with some of your own creations but making every single image can be a bit time consuming. Effective but not efficient.

    Also, you do great work! You’re one of my favorites.

    1. create your own… and yeah.. if you take a photo without consent.. just put proper annotation.. if you don’t… most will just ask you to put annotation or remove it… most are pretty nice about it

    2. Free stock photo sites are available, and free video clips, too. Even Google has free content inside YouTube as Creative Commons, etc.. Also see www SlidesCarnival.com for free Powerpoint slides!

  5. So make my blog functional and then start promoting and produce good content. Simple enough. Time to produce. great analogy with the house

  6. Yes, I learned this the hard way. By thinking of how to perfect my speech, I forgot to speak whatsoever…and then got frustrated that there were no results. Speaking of mistakes… You learn best from them!

  7. I remember doing everyone of these mistakes without ever knowing how to fix it. I’d get caught up on taking too much time on learning and building that I would be so tired of working on it I’d miss out on making great content and promotion.

    It got to the point I stopped doing it at all because I burned myself out worrying about if it was perfect or not.

    1. yeah… being perfect will stop you in your tracks..

      i found out years ago I make a TON of mistakes… but what is cool.. I’m doing pretty well even with the mistakes.. and you can too

  8. hey Lawrence, you told me to comment on each video to see if im ready for help. i am really struggling right now and i need your help. i need more people to join wakeupnow which i join 2 weeks ago, thank you!!
    please help me. i really need.

  9. Thanks Lawrence! I’m just trying to absorb all of this in! Wow! I’ve got a whole notebook full of notes! I’m going to keep watching and learning! Thanks for taking the time brother!

  10. this was AWSOME, do appreciate the effort and time you make to better educate people. thanks so much for letting me in

  11. Thanks Lawrence, still taking it all in, 3 core steps with lots of elements to each one. Need to focus on content and promotion asap – like you say, no one wants to get rich slowly! Thank you for this!

  12. Dear Lawrence,

    I am happy to be a student by learning, listening, and apply. This video 9 is very good to keep handy so I can really explode for profits online.

    The force is with us!

    Peter de Vera

  13. We made both those first two mistakes as well. It took us nearly a year to learn to do everything ourself.

    It was stressful and time consuming and although we learnt a lot it would’ve been better to earn a lot!

  14. So now I learned we need not spend too much time on building that website, but just start promoting, promoting, through facebook, blogging on EN website, paid traffic and or SEO, after we get good at writing good heart grabbing content. I know I still don’t have a perfect website, cuz I still don’t even know where the menu is, like the one you see on the 15k formula, I got stuck there too. So I have not made many changes to the default settings that the EN website comes with, I wanted to change the tabs and still don’t know how. But OK one more video to go and we will go on to the next phase. Can’t wait to find out how easy promoting can be. Thanks LT.

  15. It’s funny I was stuck in the building process for a while!!

    I finally got passed that stage but I’m stuck on the promotion.

  16. hhh that make me remember some words robert kiyosaki say
    “In military they wasn’t teaching us by success they was teaching us by mistakes to learn what we will do in case of this mistake happen on real war and that what make us alive ”

    Love that Lawrence ^^
    you are the best hh

  17. Yes – promotion is the key, nothing works without it. This is the most critical activity – Thanks for driving this lesson home.

  18. AustinHayes first learn how to index a website.. google search that. next i wouldn’t worry about the brand until you can prove you know what your doing… proof is in the pudding.. 😉

  19. I am stuck in the building stage of my website! Trying to get it to look as professional as possible so that the clients know that I am serious. Also, I feel like my blog posts are valuable to artists and rappers, but when I try and google my blog, it doesnt even show up. why is that?

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