LT 16: Breakthrough Advertising with Avram Gonzales

5 Levels of understanding your customer and where they are in the buying process. Listen in to this Breakthrough Advertising podcast interview with Avram Gonzales on the Project Mayhem Podcast.


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MindMap: Breakthrough Advertising Chapter 7 – Intensification


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Show Notes:

Avram Gonzales started in 2010 and he did this challenge where he would
shoot a video on new things he was doing daily.

250+ videos later… dang! WHILE going to college and Grad School.

He spoke on TEDx which is one of my goals to also achieve.

Book: Eugene Schwarz – Breakthrough Advertising
level 5 – unaware – don’t know there is a problem (benefits)
level 4 – problem aware – ex: broke people (benefits and anxiety)
level 3 – solution aware – which to pick (feature) (which fighting game)
level 2 – product aware – unique selling proposition (USP)
level 1 – most aware – already know (exclusive)

breakthrough advertising

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I want to thank Avram for spending some time and teaching me about these 5 Levels and sharing with my Newsletter and Podcast listeners.

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9 thoughts on “LT 16: Breakthrough Advertising with Avram Gonzales

  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you for sharing these great techniques.
    These are certainly going to be some things I try and implement in my every day use.

  2. Kat Zapanta says:

    Thank you so much for this Podcast Lawrence and Avram!!

    TOTALLY resonate with what Avram talked about, and will be diving into this book, Breakthrough Advertising. Had a lot of AH-HA moments and understanding behind what we have naturally gravitated towards in our marketing and can now even better “piece it all together”.

    Amazing value here! Thank you!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      it’s something I didn’t really know about until he laid it out.. I did part of it but in a chart makes more sense

  3. Joy Schaefer says:

    Awesome! Thanks Lawrence and Avram. Definitely info to help take my efforts to a new level .

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      thanks for listening!

  4. Thanks for the ninja info on customer awareness so we can direct them in the most efficient manner! Practicing this daily!

  5. John Newton says:

    Thank you Lawrence and Avram for this podcast and information. Super-important awareness information that I had not seen before. You guys continue to serve up awesome content that helps people. I appreciate that!

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      thanks for listening!

      I would totally appreciate if you went to iTunes and left the podcast a glowing 5 star review and suggestions of topics to cover here->

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