Silver American Eagle Value Found On Shop NBC

So I was doing some shopping and came across a “WOW” moment when looking at a silver american eagle.

What does A Silver American Dollar Worth?

I saw this on Shop NBC

1987 Silver American Eagle MS70

1987 Silver American Eagle MS70

1994 Silver American Eagle MS70

1994 Silver American Eagle MS70
Sure, you might know I am collecting a lot of silver these days and maybe 1987 is a long ways ago but 1994 wasn't too long. In 1994 I was a sophomore in high school. Wait, that just dated me 😉
But really. That isn't that long ago.
So today's exercise is to take a guess to WHAT the prices of those 2 coins are worth on shop nbc as of today. What does a silver american eagle worth these days? (more…)

Can you really help without want? L4 MLSP Leader wants to know

I know this might sound funny from an L4 member who  has literally helped hundreds of people outside of my team but I wanted to be real and get this off my chest. I have been spending more time in a MLSP forum to give free information and I ran into this.

There is a member there that many of you probably think like or at one time did.

“Can I learn from leaders for free?”

I want you to think about this.

I help many mlsp members, and many more on this forums who never say thanks. That is okay and expected. I still continue to bring value and help whoever is here on a semi automated basis. Trust me when I say I screen your calls cause I'm not superman.

I work my business 4-5 hours a day and can NOT help everyone as much as I should. That's life.

So who has priority?

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. My Primary business team
  4. MLSP team
  5. My own learning
  6. My own marketing
  7. MLSP in general (you peeps) — But guess what… I'm still here putting in my own time to help the community.

Looking at that order and how much I spend with helping people can you honestly say that you should “expect” me to work with you on a completely free basis over phone/email/text? (more…)