I got the below post from Mr. Beistle over at myphoneroom.

He touched on a couple of steps so many people just forget when they decide to build a business.

Learning how to list build is one of the most important skills you can learn as a home-based business owner.

Of course, for many people, list building is a complete mystery. The good news is that it isn’t nearly as difficult as you think it is.

List building starts with your advertising and marketing efforts. Those efforts will generate leads for your business.

What’s missing for most networkers is an actual sales funnel that uses multiple types of media and marketing mediums (email, phone, mail, online, etc) allowing you to stay in contact with your qualified prospects on a regular basis and on auto-pilot.

Doing so allows you to communicate with your prospects on an ongoing basis to develop rapport and establish you as the leader they are looking for.

Plus, this allows you to put the golden rule in networking to work for you — which is this:

People join when it suits them – not when it suits you.”

You see, nobody goes on your website or watches your business presentation because they have nothing better to do. They’re interested.

Yet they have the attention span of gnats. Within seconds they may be distracted, or chase after something else.

What’s the easiest way to make sure you don’t lose them?

Use an email auto-responder. It will keep sending them relevant, helpful information until they buy, join or lose interest – without you lifting a finger.

As I mentioned earlier, doing this will help you create a strong relationship with your subscribers and in time, they will come to trust you and join you in business.

Having an email list can be one of the most lucrative assets you’ll ever possess.

Quite honestly, without a list of hot prospects for your business, you severely hamper your chances of becoming successful.

It would be akin to playing basketball while hopping on one leg. Yes, you can still score a few points but you’re at a major disadvantage compared to everyone else.

In a nutshell, what I’m saying is:

Marketing = Leads
Leads + Sales Funnel = Sales & New Reps
Sales & New Reps = Success!

Simple right? So then why is it so darn hard to build a successful business?


Mr. Beistle hit it right on the head. If I had to quickly show HOW a business is run properly I would say this.

  1. Learn marketing online/offline – I use MLSP
  2. Dig into article marketing and seo – My free gift to learning internet lead generation
  3. Filter and sort leads and only speak with qualified people – My outsourcer MyPhoneRoom

More will be covered in the days ahead.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Tristan Richards · January 24, 2011 at 2:11 am

Nice article Lawrence, those 3 things are so key to being successful

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