MyPhoneRoom – How to Never Call Another Lead

Yeah I know, I know. Having the audacity to say MyPhoneRoom allows someone to “Never Call Another Lead” is a bit crazy to say when the majority of the business I do is dealing with people. Many of you will also say “Hey Lawrence, I've spoken with you before so that statement can't be correct!”.

Well your correct to an extent.

Look, I'm not say you will NEVER have to call you leads. What I'm saying is you will never have to call data. Sometimes people get that mixed up and confused. There is a distinct difference from generating data and hot prospects and leads.

What are you generating?

[pullquote]Top super affiliates and network marketers know it's a numbers game.[/pullquote]

Top super affiliates and network marketers know it's a numbers game. Being able to get to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time can be super time consuming.

The right people could just need more time to get their life in order or having the ability to Call someone a couple days in a row cause they are at work and busy….

See the right person just needs to be “touched” in a business/polite manner… not slamming and must close method.

This is where the newbie is at a disadvantage.

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