Company uniforms can benefit your business in several ways. They help to increase brand awareness and they give the impression of a more professional company. They’re good for morale and productivity too because everybody feels that they’re part of a team. You can avoid any issues with offensive or impractical clothing too.


However, designing a work uniform is a lot harder than people think. You need to make it practical and comfortable for everybody, while also considering branding and professionalism. Then, there is the cost to consider too. If you don’t know where to start, here are some key tips for designing excellent work uniforms.

Always Prioritize Branding

If you don’t use your uniforms as a branding opportunity, you may as well set a dress code and get people to wear their own plain clothing. So, make sure that you put thought into the color scheme and include the company logo on all items of clothing. Sites like do some excellent custom branded items like beanie hats, for example, which are perfect. Remember, your employees will be wearing these uniforms when interacting with customers, and when they are traveling to and from work, so they provide an excellent opportunity to boost brand awareness.

Think Carefully About Fabrics

The cheapest fabrics will probably be the most uncomfortable ones, and that will impact productivity. On the other hand, the highest quality may not be financially viable. When choosing a fabric, consider the type of work that your employees are doing. If they do a lot of physical work, breathability is your main concern. But if they’re often working outside or in a temperature-controlled warehouse, you need a thick, warm fabric. Try to find a good balance between the price and the quality of the fabric too.

Involve Your Employees in the Design

Your employees will be wearing the uniforms every day, so they should be heavily involved in the design. Consult them about which fabrics they think would be best and what style of uniform is most comfortable for them to work in. When you have some initial designs, get some uniforms made up and then let people try them. Take feedback into account because if you force people to wear uniforms that are uncomfortable or impractical, it will have a big impact on people’s work ethic.

Personalize Uniforms

The personal touch goes a long way in business, and you should consider this with uniforms. Personalizing them with people’s names is a great place to start. You should think about different teams too. Maybe you have a slightly different design for each department. Everybody is still part of the overall company, but individual teams have their own unique identity. This creates a feeling of everybody pulling together to support the overall goals of the business. Again, you can get employees to weigh in on how they think that the uniforms should be personalized.


Keep these key concepts in mind and you can create an amazing uniform for your team.

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