How many hours have you wasted doing menial tasks at work? Most people can’t answer this because before you know it, your day is over. Streamlining tasks is essential to keep productivity levels high in the office. When you spend most of your day checking, reading and writing emails, the whole day can end up feeling like a waste.

As one of the most widely used email services, learning your way around Gmail can help shave seconds, minutes, and hours off your workload.

GetVoIP put together a handy infographic that helps illuminate some tips and tricks for Gmail that everyone should know. Here are some of the best ones for power-users:

To turn your Gmail into an organizational machine, you should be using priority inbox. This helps you see the most important messages first. Then create filters to sort mail based on specific email addresses. You can also create labels for each of those filters to help further sort mail based on who it is coming from. Then, make folders to put those labeled/filtered emails into so they appear in your sidebar.

If you need to do some heads-down work and don’t want to be bothered by a large, company-wide email chain that doesn’t apply to you, you can mute that thread.

Power-users who need to know keyboard shortcuts will find that Google did not skimp on the amount of keystrokes available. You can select bulk emails, compose and even page through emails all with one click of a key.

You’ll find all of these and more explained in detail on the infographic below:

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