echoes of money

LT 9: Echoes Of Money

Coming from the discussion that generating an income (making money) could initially be thought of as “HARD”… Let’s break down how the Echo of your work is what you receive. Listen Here: Think and chew on that. Resources: Subscribe to The Project Mayhem Podcast (and leave a 5 Star Review) Read more…

LT 6: B-A-R-M

BARM – Podcast #6

Listen Here:

Speaking at No Excuses 4

Not too long ago i was the one who was only there to learn… not teach.

Now speaking on stage has been more common.


Met Ann Sieg Finally

She was one of the first people I met online back in 2008 when I was learning about “Attraction Marketing”.

2008  I was a complete Newbie online. Didn't have a clue what traffic was or how to build a website.
I read one of her pdfs and listened to her audios while waiting for my van pool at 5:30am…

yeah… I used to ride a van pool to work cause it literally took 45-60min each way and getting on the HOV lane
was way better than driving solo through US 59.

What was even cooler… she actually knew who I was 😉
Never spoken with her but had to snag her and grab a pick.


*not sure what the deal was with my phone.. it had weird purple stuff going on and had it replaced but I guess it goes with Ann's shirt? 😉



Congrats Little Sis For Becoming a Dentist!

This is me photo bombing my sister… Yes.. I know. you are supposed to do it ninja like and not just jump into someone's face and selfie…

but hey… this is what big brothers are for 😉

liana tam graduation


Sleep Study

I didn't speak about this on the podcast but it was too hilarious to NOT put on the podcast as it was in that same time frame of Las Vegas, My sister's graduation, and Houston IPI event.

My wife believes I have some form of sleep apnea (where you stop breathing when you sleep at night) and wanted to do a test. I do some sleep walking… where I go and pick up my phone and I wake up and go… What THE heck!

This was an over night test and it came back saying I had ~50+ times in the 9 hour block I would stop breathing.

My thoughts are that my mind is always “ON”….

It's kinda like having a hard drive (external) and you just keep it plugged in.. .even though you don't turn it off.. it never really goes off..

well… like my laptop.

We are looking at sleeping machines or possible surgery to open up air way sin my nose and back of my throat to help breathing.
Some of it is allergies and living in Houston doesn't help when the season kicks in.

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Show Transcription

Lawrence: Hey, this is Lawrence Tam and I want to welcome you to podcast No. 6, Project Mayhem, I’m your host, Lawrence Tam. Project Mayhem was the idea that you can actually in a crazy life, be married, having kids, having no time to build a business, working full time, you too can still build a fantastic business.