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WPEngine Review: Coming From Hostgator Dedicated Hosting

Let's start off with this WPEngine Review by saying…

  1. I personally use WPEngine Personal account
  2. I personally have (past tense) used Hostgator Dedicated Baby Linux Plan
  3. I personally use Hostgator shared plan for my small websites (with low traffic)
If you are building a website to eventually grow.. have room for growth. Let me share with you my experience since blogging from 2007.
My journey might have been like yours or could be …
I tinkered with frontpage and DreamWeaver in college back in 1998 – 2000 and most of those sites played music… no kidding.
why? I was inspired by this (do you remember the hampster dance?)
hampster_danceSo I built some family websites (hosting images) but never really understood marketing, traffic, and how the internet could pay my way online so eventually those got shut down. (remember GeoCities?)


*Update Speed Test 12/20/14
– updated to basic wordpress theme
– added some 2 security plugins other plugins I'm testing
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Marketing Years (my start to building a business from home)

2007 – started with blogger.com and wasted a ton of time there due to not understanding optimization and proper affiliate marketing (they don't like it cause  you don't own the hosting). Got my first international MLM Rep signup through a blog post (had no clue how I did this)

managed wordpress hosting wpengine 2 months off2008 – started writing on forums, marketing sites, articles sites to get some traction
2009 – I opened my first wordpress.org self hosted site (was horrible) and started tinkering with Amazon selling.
2010 – I got some education under my belt (here) and learned Blogging and Marketing with SEO and this site was born (www.LawrenceTam.net) you are here:)

I've been using Hostgator Hosting for the longest time and still recommend them for beginners .. I was using iPage for hosting initially and they were straight horrible (I repeat.. horrible) and have been happy with Hostgator shared servers for years.

2011 –  Sold thousands on Amazon with niche sites. At one time had over 20+ sites ranging from cat water fountains to clickbank products.

2012 – Started to get too big on a couple sites and wanted to look for better hosting than just “shared” hosting… by this time I was doing $30k/month income from blog sales and information marketing (affiliate marketing). A mentor of mine told me to get a dedicated host. So …. (more…)

Odesk And Elance Merge

    Two online virtual assistant and freelance companies, oDesk and Elance merge into one entity, two platforms. oDesk and Elance are two the largest outsourcing and virtual assistant marketplaces on the Internet today. They call themselves the “leading innovators driving the adoption of online work.”   The use of Read more…

November 2013 Monthly Update

On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a national holiday honoring the early settlers and their…. Just kidding, this is not that kind of update. Rather, It's an overview of what is happening on the Tam side of life including business, learnings, questions and fun. Just for you.

*There is a LOT of trainings and information on this page. You will want to BOOKMARK this page. 

Work Hard, Play Hard November 2013

First let's talk shop then on to the really good stuff.  I know, I know… fun is better first, but who said making money had to be boring. Let me show you how.

As you know (and if you don't) I have an online business as a a full time internet marketer. I train and teach others how to do the same while also partnering as an affiliate to which I have made a lot income from and it has allowed me to retire myself and my wife from ever having to work another day again as a Mechanical Engineer (me) or Accountant (wife).

Now, this didn't come easy… anything worth doing is not easy but it reaps great reward and because of it, I know other's like me can do it too so it's my mission to show you the possibility.

In fact, here are two new millionaires that just reached their goal with Empower Network.

My friends Shaq and Justin with his lovely wife D. They both started with humble beginnings and worked hard to reach their dreams and escape the “rat race”… just like me.

This now makes 7 millionaires and the company is 2 years old!









My advice is you have to work hard… get the right mindset by surrounding yourself with people that also have and want the same things and keep pushing.

Did you know I almost gave up before hitting it big!? It's true. I was tired and burned out but I didn't quit and just a couple months later it all blew up and since then I have never looked back. Every time you want to give up think of this image.


Pfizer Layoffs Hit – I Hope They Had Additional Income Streams

After The Shocking Pfizer Layoffs Which Resulted In The Loss Of 5,530 Jobs, The Company Says That More Are Still To Go

Most of the latest and current news from the leading companies in the United States are frustrating and among these news is the ‘Pfizer layoffs’. This news has shocked many because Pfizer is a giant global company which is involved in the research and development of drugs which has over the years reported positive growth and annual profits.

Despite its profitability and global presence, the company laid 5,530 jobs in the recent past and according to reliable sources from the company, more employees are expected to go. The Pfizer layoffs news is not an isolated case because other corporations have already done so. More are expected to do the same in the near future. There is no one who is safe and you can be fired or laid off from your current job any time.


The Pfizer Layoffs Is Just One Among Many Other Layoffs, Are You Prepared?

The Pfizer layoffs may get you in shock but that is the true state of affairs. It has happened, it is happening and it will happen in the future. The CEO of Pfizer, Mr. Ian Read, stated that more layoffs are expected to take place between now and the end of 2012. He stated that the Pfizer layoffs are aimed at increasing the company’s efficiency because it is facing increasing competition from generic medicines and other animal drugs manufacturers. (more…)

What To Invest In? How About You

Are You Wondering What To Invest In?

If you are among those in search of what to invest then I will offer you advice that will change your entire life to the better. My advice is based on the experience that I have gained over the many years that I spent searching online.

I searched and finally got it and this is what I would encourage any other person to invest in. What to invest in is in my opinion not a subject which requires a lot of research to learn more about because I believe I have the best solution and that is none other than online marketing.

The stories you read online about the amount of money people make over the internet through online marketing may sometimes seem fabricated and exaggerated but I can tell you that it is possible. I'm not going to vouch and say all are but money can be made online. It does not matter whether you are currently employed or not, what to invest in is online marketing.

Choosing online marketing is a decision that you will never come to regret of. I pride myself as the best decision I have made that has allowed me to free up my life to do things which would have been normally hindered by the small issue called, money.

If you have been reading the latest news you must have read about the current lay offs that are going on the United States. You are not secure even if you are currently employed. You better look and think of what to invest in now so that it can help when the unexpected happens. (more…)