On the fourth Thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a national holiday honoring the early settlers and their…. Just kidding, this is not that kind of update. Rather, It's an overview of what is happening on the Tam side of life including business, learnings, questions and fun. Just for you.

*There is a LOT of trainings and information on this page. You will want to BOOKMARK this page. 

Work Hard, Play Hard November 2013

First let's talk shop then on to the really good stuff.  I know, I know… fun is better first, but who said making money had to be boring. Let me show you how.

As you know (and if you don't) I have an online business as a a full time internet marketer. I train and teach others how to do the same while also partnering as an affiliate to which I have made a lot income from and it has allowed me to retire myself and my wife from ever having to work another day again as a Mechanical Engineer (me) or Accountant (wife).

Now, this didn't come easy… anything worth doing is not easy but it reaps great reward and because of it, I know other's like me can do it too so it's my mission to show you the possibility.

In fact, here are two new millionaires that just reached their goal with Empower Network.

My friends Shaq and Justin with his lovely wife D. They both started with humble beginnings and worked hard to reach their dreams and escape the “rat race”… just like me.

This now makes 7 millionaires and the company is 2 years old!









My advice is you have to work hard… get the right mindset by surrounding yourself with people that also have and want the same things and keep pushing.

Did you know I almost gave up before hitting it big!? It's true. I was tired and burned out but I didn't quit and just a couple months later it all blew up and since then I have never looked back. Every time you want to give up think of this image.


Miami Fun & Sun!

Speaking of being around like minded people, why don't you join me in Miami January?

Myself along with Shaq, Justin and many others will be there for an awesome mind blowing event. Seriously, come hang out. You can purchase tickets as a customer of empower: miami-freedom-event

Day In The Office With Me! Dec 13,14,15 2013


If large group events aren't for you, I have a special upcoming day in the office weekend gather in my hometown of Houston Texas. I launched this in the month of November and have received a tremendous amount of applications. I am only choosing to work with a certain number of people that I really want to give my full attention to and help set them up so they can prosper through my experience and knowledge.

Here is a short video giving you more information on how you can participate. I spend a full weekend with you, one on one style reviewing your business; If you haven't started yet, I mentor you on all things Internet Marketing to build your foundation from A -Z.


 As usual, you can always catch me here weekly on Tuesdays nights. Just in case you can't make it to either upcoming events I just mentioned:



Awesome Online Tools


There are a couple of tools that I have recently been using daily.  Here I give you a couple of training videos and reviews.

First up: SeCockpit. Want to find low hanging fruit and sell with your eyes closed? By far, before you do ANYTHING with your online business, you must first have a sound foundation if organic SEO traffic is your approach. Here is a detailed webinar to get you going –>> Click HERE

If not all your hard work and efforts will absolutely be wasted. GO HERE to learn how you can maximize your efforts and come out on top.

In November I held a private Webinar where over almost 800 people signed up to learn further about this tool and how it has aided in my online success. Watch the recording HERE. 


Second Training: Penny Clicks.

Check Out This Image

If you have been following me on Facebook, you will know that I have been diving deep in to Facebook PPC and Facebook

Niche Marketing. So much that I even hired someone on to my team to take this on full time and focus ONLY on this.

It's one of my top NINJA priorities along with SeCockpit for online marketing and if you have an online presence, you should listen carefully. Of course I made you a training video… don't I always? Here you go!

 Facebook Niche Marketing And Building Niche Audiences


Full Webinar on HOW To Build These Niche Pages
Click Here


My 3rd Grader Spelling Words

3rd grade weekly spelling words

I can't believe they have my girl spelling Kumquat… like I don't remember the ONE time I ever needed to spell that … EVER.. until now.

I added this here so you get a flavor of what being a dad is. Maybe you don't have kids or have one coming. Working with your kids homework and being IN their “business” is the best way to help your kiddos grow.


Family Activities and Stuff For November

lawrence tam baseball

This was a pretty cool saturday to take the kids to the baseball park – Sugar Land Skeeters



I'll update with more on this awesome 7 night cruise we took on the Disney Wonder.

House Hunting and Ideas

My wife and I have 3 kids and we tend to do a lot of laundry (no, we aren't going to have a maid do our laundry… clean our house sure… but not touching our clothes). We were thinking about maybe doing a double set in the utility room or doing a closet set upstairs.

Our custom house won't be done till 2014 and we we tasked to find a house we could base it's looks on. This was something we referred to the most.

Great Reads

Want to learn more about how I was able to accomplish my goals?

Reading… that is right. (readers are leaders)

You have to constantly grow your mind. Learn new USEFUL things that you can turn around and apply in your life and business. Nevermind what Kim Kardashian is wearing or what new water bill your county passed… you know why?

Cause A. it's not useful and B. you can't control it.

So why not take charge on things you CAN CONTROL… like your mind, your decisions, what you CHOOSE to spend your time on. Don't tell me you didn't know that you can control your life… actually, you would be surprised how many people out there think that life happens at them in stead of them making it happen. Think about it and share your thoughts on it here I want to hear more from you so leave me a comment.

In the meantime these two books are LEGIT!  These were on my list for the month of November and I highly recommend them. They would make great gifts for family, friends or colleagues. Awesome for anyone that is going to College to “start their career”. I highly recommend them. Check them out!


Click Here If You Want More Info START WITH WHY.




Click Here for more info on MILLIONAIRE MESSENGER.  

Training – Sandwich Page Leads to Spike Lead Production From EXISTING Traffic Flow

Watch This 3min video…. It's nuts.
The tool I'm using is called Leadpages and it's pretty wacky I was able to do that traffic and lead spike. You can see a full demo of the software and how else you can apply it to your funnels in the front for capture pages, middle for sandwich pages, or end for sales pages. (launch funnels too). Click Here For Demo


Training – Easy Bloggin'

Post by Lawrence Tam.

This was just an AWESOME training I did…
1 hr and 10min of pure blogging.

For the time being… this is a complementary training on blogging…. How I PERSONALLY do it and it's FREE with every Viral Blogging System. Get your viral blogging system before my personal training bonus is taken down.
It has over 900 Likes and 500 Comments already. It's Hot!
Get your copy here


Crossed 9,000+ Facebook Profile Followers

To think years ago I didn't know what the heck Facebook was. See I graduated in 2000 and myspace was the main thing people used… shoot. I remember doing most of my email checking with Hotmail.

So having established my personal profile to have over 9,000 followers is nuts…

I had to start sending people to my business page if you are looking to learn marketing here on my Lawrence Tam Facebook Page

Last But Not Least

Have fun. 🙂 Live a little

Make time for yourself and people you care about.

Family, friends, colleagues.

You think fun only happens when you plan something or travel somewhere or pay to be entertained… NOT AT ALL. Fun is when you make it. You have to celebrate your life. From the smallest things to the mass achievements. One large achievement for me in the month on November was family time on the Disney Cruise! We found an awesome deal for 50% off. THAT was a celebration. Put out there what you want and you shall receive. Here are a few pics. Enjoy!







Have a GREAT Day and as always… You can connect with me and learn what I do for a living, how I'm able to do what I do from home.

Here is a 10 day video course that is FREE to help you get started on your own journey of internet marketing and starting your own business online.

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


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so powerful information thank you Lawrence  🙂

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FreedomLife thanks for reading!

FreedomLife · December 9, 2013 at 12:27 am

That is an awesome Post Lawrence about all is going on in your life and business…. Thanks for sharing!!!

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Amazing journey! Thanks for sharing! Learning so much in the process.

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