iJango Closes It’s Door But Opens To What?

I have spoken and even mentored some people who where in iJango. It's too bad the business fell apart and I can feel your pain since I've been down that road with iLearningGlobal.

I guess business plans that start with “i” only work for ipod, iphone, ipad.

iJango Closes Down

It's never good to kick a company when they are down regardless if your the person telling your team to re-evaluate their business by: “do you really want to put your future in their hands?”.

Hey, maybe they had it good on the inside. Who knows.

I believe this is the 2nd online portal type business I've seen fall down and close shop. The other one I made some cool money with was Winzy and they just disappeared into the night.

Look,  iJango closing down isn't the worst thing in the world. When iLearningGlobal shut it's doors I was pissed but hey, it's a business. Not all businesses make it and times change.

The one constant is you. (more…)

Make Extra Cash – Get Out Of The Cycle

I guess it depends on what you do to make extra cash.

Let's dive into the different phases of what I have been through and what I would anticipate would happen.


In My Youth – How I Make Extra Cash

When I was a younger I would rely on my allowance from my parents to make extra cash to pay for my toys and such.  I remember I was getting like $5/week  from my parents which was a pretty good deal in exchange for chores. I would clean some dishes, vacuum the house, wash the cars, and mop the house when needed.

For most $5 per week was on the low end but it was just enough to get a comic or 2 whenever I wanted them and also save up for the time we would roll on over to Toys R Us and I would get like a transformer or get a videogame (NES back in the day).

All the way back as far as I could remember I was looking to make extra cash to pay off the things I wanted which at the time seem a little bit out of reach, like a better bike.

See, at the time I was capped at $5/week regardless of what I did. I had to wait for the big holidays to break out like birthdays, christmas, and chinese new year to get that bonus I needed to make it out with some bigger toys.

Looking around at people I teach and people who look for guidance to what I do online things haven't changed for many, many people because people still will always want to make extra cash.

They continue to trade their time for a set amount of money. Many work hard in hopes of a bonus (yearly bonus which isn't set in stone).  Hard work pays off to an extent. Once you start working for people you realize there is the amount of effort needed to keep your job then the effort needed to rank advance.

There are situations where rising in rank won't happen due to current seniority in place or the fact your unwilling to relocate. The company man is exactly what company's want. They want to lock you down and not help you make extra cash which could then help you leave the company.


Eiro Research Closes It’s Doors

Eiro Research Closure?


I have the unfortunate information that has closed Eiro Research's network marketing business.
If you are part of Eiro Research my heart goes out to you.

My business with IlearningGlobal also did the same to me months ago.

The hard truth is if you are not:

  • Building multiple streams of income
  • Building lasting relationships with business partners for JVs
  • Learning the ins and out of online internet lead generation
  • Working towards self development to be able to pick up and go
  • Building a list
  • etc…..

To all those who lost thousands of revenue due to this…. take note this is not the end of you.

Eiro Research Closes It's Doors (more…)

Amway Distributors Looking To Explode Online

Review Of Amway And Quixtar

When a friend from long back calls up after years and fixes an appointment to meet you, you know for sure it’s going to be a “friendly” Amway meeting (sneaky amway distributors). Amway has become almost synonymous with MLM marketing; it’s a name you just can’t miss even if you’re from a remote location. Strength of three million distributors, history that spans over fifty years and a wide range of consumer products of proven quality are all just a few feathers in Amway’s cap. What makes Amway so popular with distributors? What is the secret that has helped top performers make fortunes in this business? Learn all this in this Amway review.


About Amway Distributors

Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos founded Amway way back in 1959; the company was based in Ada, Michigan. The first product of Amway, short for The American Way Association, was LOC, Liquid Organic Concentrate, a cleaning product. The new company took over an existing business, Nutrilite, in 1972. In 1999, a new company, Quixtar was launched. Over the years, Amway grew to be a global brand and spread to several countries. Amway distributors are called Independent Business Owners (IBO) and are compensated well for the business they bring in.


Amway Distributors Products

This multilevel marketing company has a lot of products to offer to customers ranging from household cleaning solutions, water purifiers, beauty products under the brand Artistry, personal care products and nutritional products offered by Nutrilite. (more…)