Short and sweet and light on its feet. That is the blogging platform  #Tumblr.

While waiting around for someone else to build a micro-blogging platform, David Karp and Marco Arment decided to develop their own blogging platform.

Way to take massive action.

Tumblr now hosts over 125 million blogs and is used by most everyone – from teens to techies to tycoons.

Incredibly easy to use, Tumblr has its following of hard-core users.

Generally, Tumblr has a younger crowd.

It has a socially conscious crowd with access to a platform that can make ideas go viral faster and easier than ever before.

The Tumblr blog title, “We Are the 99%” became the slogan for a national movement called Occupy Wall Street.

Tumblr bloggers have taken control of the media and have redefined what is cool.

What is popular.

What matters.

Tumblr can make you famous.

Tumblr can make you infamous.

But most importantly, YOU can make Tumblr your own blogging platform.

Tumblr's Blogging Platform Features

You can do more with less.

You pour out your soul in words.

You can create a picture – worth a thousand words to a million people.

Tumblr is melting pot of creativity.

It is a fashion revolution.

It is an artist's gallery.

It is a comedian's audience.

Tumblr can seem pretty restrictive, compressing small amounts of information into a smaller space and merging it into the traffic jam that is your Tumblr feed.

But in the case of Tumblr, restrictions are actually instructions.

People use these instructions to actually create something beautiful, interesting or meaningful.

Sometimes, people need to be told what to do, to be given instructions, in order to release their creative selves.

What is so great about Tumblr?

It is free.

It has a simple user interface.

The dashboard makes it easy to curate and follow content. It also encourages engagement with the community.

It can send a lot of traffic to your website.

There are many creative themes to choose from and some can function better for you depending on what kind of blog you have.

You can schedule your posts and spread them out.

Tumblr photo blogging goes hand in hand with Pinterest and Instagram.

You can reblog, or share someone else's blog post on your own feed.

Tumblr's Blogging Platform Drawbacks

Does Tumblr have its drawbacks as a blogging platform?


Adding comments to another's posts is a clumsy process.

It is not easy to back up your blog. Especially if you have a Windows operating system.

There is a writing or “blogging ” platform, but Tumblr is better for pictures.

Blogging Platform Differences – A Brief Overview

So how does #Blogger and #Wordpress measure up against Tumblr?

WordPress Article and it's pros/cons here:

If you missed our Blogger Write Article Click Here:

It depends on how you use them.

WordPress gives you all the freedom in the world, to be seen anywhere in the world, but some people, when given too much freedom, do nothing.

Blogger is free, but can be perceived as unprofessional.

What if you could combine the three into one super blogging platform and social network?

What if you could take the three and combine them so that the benefits of one cancels out the drawbacks of the others?

A change may be just around the corner.

Stay tuned as we dive into more options to getting GREAT CONTENT online with various blogging platforms.


Currently I am using the following one. Check it out below!


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