Blogger, one of the popular blogging platforms.


One little word.

One big impact.

#Blogger is the one that started it all, the one credited for making blogs a big hit.

Though blogging existed before August, 1999, Blogger became the first true blogging system.

People communicated thoughts and ideas on this new media called the Internet on community forums, email lists and usenet.

The blog evolved from people going online and journaling their thoughts and personal lives.

It came from people updating the “What’s New” sections on their websites.

People wanting to be heard.

To be recognized.

To be seen.

To be.

History of This Blogging Platform

Once Blogger launched, a defined genre of publishing on the web was officially born.

Blogging would never be the same.

Then in 2003, Google saw the value of Blogger and blogging and welcomed it into the Google family.

Over the years, Blogger evolved to be faster, easier to use, and implemented such technology that we take for granted today, like geo-tagging.

Blogging has spread like a wildfire, inflaming the minds of dormant writers all over the globe.

Blogs have reached people, touched hearts, sparked ideas, actions, movements.

They have started revolutions.

They have been the kindle for social change.

They have drawn attention to individual stories, sick or dying human beings, who would have otherwise disappeared into the great abyss of anonymity.

They have launched a flurry of spin offs like microblogging and vlogging.

They are the first cousin to social media.

There are million of blogs that are left unfinished and empty, a symptom of a busy society filled with inconsistent lifestyles.

Blogs teach us about ourselves as people, ourselves as a society, ourselves as humanity.

So what are some of the benefits of Blogger?

It’s one of the easiest platforms to use.

It’s free.

Members of Blogger can use their accounts to comment and follow other Blogger accounts.

Members of Blogger can use one Google account and access all of their free Google services with one username and password.

Blogger is available in over 50 languages.

It allows users to design and choose templates.

But Blogger is not without limitations.

Google CAN delete your blog if it feels you have violated terms of service. This is an issue when the hosting/platform doesn't see eye to eye on affiliate marketing, network marketing, internet marketing. (welcome to censorship on the internet)

Blogger has no extensive technical or customer support.

You end up with a long, convoluted web address. (good luck with easy permalinks)

Free tools means limited tools, subject to other people’s rules.

Blogger is a locked platform, meaning that if you start your blog there and decide to move it elsewhere for a more professional online presence, then it can be difficult.

It's not as versatile as #Wordpress.

If you haven't seen our writeup of WordPress

WordPress can be viewed worldwide, provided it is on paid hosting server. There is also a plugin to make it mobile-friendly.

Tumblr’s versatility makes it as useful on a computer as on a mobile device, tablet or smartphone.

If you missed our #Tumblr Article Go Here:

Blogger is a great blog with all the tools a writer needs, plus it is part of a community that links it to other bloggers.

WordPress is a great blogging platform for business and websites.

But how does Tumblr fit in the holes left by WordPress and Blogger?

 Side Note:

I started on back in 2006, migrated to in 2008, and officially use my EN blog to market stuff like vacuum cleaners…. no joke. vacuum cleaners

here is an example of affiliate marketing blog where they embrace marketers.

To see more on this blogging platform, check it out below.

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GilnLarissa · November 1, 2013 at 8:25 am

I once started blogging with Blogger way back when…then dropped it cause I didn’t know what value it would bring. Very good advice here. Thank you.

    Lawrence Tam · November 3, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    thanks!!! you can still use it but i wouldn’t make it my home base

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