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Review Of Amway And Quixtar

When a friend from long back calls up after years and fixes an appointment to meet you, you know for sure it’s going to be a “friendly” Amway meeting (sneaky amway distributors). Amway has become almost synonymous with MLM marketing; it’s a name you just can’t miss even if you’re from a remote location. Strength of three million distributors, history that spans over fifty years and a wide range of consumer products of proven quality are all just a few feathers in Amway’s cap. What makes Amway so popular with distributors? What is the secret that has helped top performers make fortunes in this business? Learn all this in this Amway review.


About Amway Distributors

Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos founded Amway way back in 1959; the company was based in Ada, Michigan. The first product of Amway, short for The American Way Association, was LOC, Liquid Organic Concentrate, a cleaning product. The new company took over an existing business, Nutrilite, in 1972. In 1999, a new company, Quixtar was launched. Over the years, Amway grew to be a global brand and spread to several countries. Amway distributors are called Independent Business Owners (IBO) and are compensated well for the business they bring in.


Amway Distributors Products

This multilevel marketing company has a lot of products to offer to customers ranging from household cleaning solutions, water purifiers, beauty products under the brand Artistry, personal care products and nutritional products offered by Nutrilite.

Amway Distributors – You In?

Being a distributor in a global network marketing business is not an easy task. With competition from emerging markets like Amway Malaysia, Columbia and India, climbing the high ranks of this company is not a joke. However, being a top Quixtar Amway distributor does have its own rewards. Apart from the monetary benefits and the perks you get from this business, the recognition on a world level can be heady.
The size and global nature of the company has also brought it a huge share of complaints. Amway scam advocates claim this to be a Pyramid setup where more emphasis is placed on bringing in people than distributing the products. This may be partly true because Amway distributors do keep forcing people to join the business and build their MLM downline. However, this is not a fraudulent company. This fact is proved just by the quality of the products sold.

Making The Amway Business Work For You

The ultimate aim of a rep is to bring in enough business to make money. But contacting uninterested friends and relatives and pushing them into the business is going to neither improve your profits nor make you popular. In fact, this trend has become so bad that there are websites that offer advice on how to deal with Amway Quixtar IBO friends.

It’s better to think of yourself as a business owner and solicit customers who’d be interested in your products. The strength of Amway Distributors are its marketable high quality products; while people you know may run away from the prospect of a product promotion meeting, there are others who’re looking for such products and don’t know where to get them. You can reach this target market easily through the internet and social media marketing because mlm recruiting doesn't have to be difficult. Online tools like Facebook and Twitter will help you identify people who’ll be interested in your business and assist you in contacting them.

Your next step to building an Amway distributors business online is to learn how. Fill out the information below to begin:

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  3. I am looking for an amway IBO or distributor so that I can buy artistry products. I live in Laguna Niguel, CA which is in Orange County.

    1. your going to realize Amway reps are not being taught internet marketing plus marketing online in general is frowned on.. so your probably going to have a hard time finding a rep who know SEO or PPC to get your sale.

  4. hi this is stephanie fahlbush and i was wanting to know 1)how much are the double xx vitamins wholesale? 2) what is the pv bv on the vitamins? 3) does Amway have a monthly standing order plan for prchasing the vitamins? if yes how is it paid? credit card? checking acct.? 4) how much does it cost to be a distibutor? pv bv on kit? if i have more questions can i call you? if the answer is yes to question #3 then can you email me the business plan from your manual? please call me832-414-7019

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Just visiting Lawrence’s website and noticed your post. It’s been some 16 months since you posted this, so expect that you have this matter dealt with now.
      Should you wish any further help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact me – although I should maybe point out that I live in Scotland in the United Kingdom. You could always e-mail me, if necessary.
      Thank you. Caroline Robertson.

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