So many people these days are looking for the magical unicorn, bright rainbow, and killer lottery ticket when instead of investing into properties that are doomed to fail here is what to invest in – Yourself!

It should be no secret if you have been reading my website for awhile that I'm a huge proponent of learning. Not to say college is necessary but man it sure does open your mind up to other possibilities.

If your looking to step out and change your financial future what one must understand is to be able to live the life you “wish” you wanted you better prepare yourself first. Sounds out and kind of like the chicken and the egg scenario but I would rather you prepare yourself with a proper mindset about money vs being one of those lottery winners who burn through their winnings and actually end up worse than before.

What To Invest In – You

So how does one invest in themselves these days? Well for starters are you reading or at listening to books? There is a wealth of information in a place so secretive that an estimated 68% of the population probably has access to but never even go.

What is it?

A library card 😉

Yeah, it's funny how many people who don't have a free library card and others who do yet never even go. Then I get countless questions on what to read and how to be a better business person.

Well, for starters you can dig through the library or get what you can off the internet. Here is the problem with the internet.


If  your reading a book or listening it on cd/tape for the most part there are NO commercials, banners, pop ups, instant messaging, email pop ups….. distractions. When your on the computer your constantly trying to stay focused and this is one of the reasons why so many of my top students get their trainings in a binder, pdf, or hard copy and get OFF the computer.

You might thin it's harmless and I fall into the trap all the time but wasting time on the computer doing non productive activities towards your business is deadly to your wallet.

What to invest in for reading material?

what to invest in

I would start there. Probably can pick up a super cheap used copy or just go to the library. If your that neat freak person who needs to buy it you can support this site by clicking on the picture of the book above 😉

When your ready to take the next step in your education.

What To Invest In – Financial Education

I would highly recommend you understand how money works and how it can work for you. Do you think the rich get richer by working overtime? Do you think they get richer by having the slogan “I can't afford that business benefit”. Do you think the rich have an excuse for everything?


They make it happen and the majority of them leverage time and money to do it.

This is what I recommend because it details what Tim Ferris like to call “The New Rich”.The secret to learn what to invest in is the ability to understand what works and going through trial and error without your own money.

The Elevation Group

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Lawrence Tam

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Paul Clark · May 31, 2011 at 12:54 pm

I purchased the book months ago after my wife was reading a diet book by the same author.  WOW!  What a great book.  I have book marked pages and stuck in notes, etc just so I can reference occasionally.  I am working on my first project of many after reading and can’t wait to start working my own 4 hour work week. ~ Paul C

    Lawrence Tam · May 31, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    my wife has the 4 hour body and it’s a pretty thick book. she got sold on it after being on I think Dr. OZ show. Great content and the 4 hour work week is a great book.

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