It’s no secret that working from home is the future for many companies. Not only do remote workers benefit from less time commuting and a better work-life balance, but they can also benefit from staying active in their downtime. 

There are several benefits of working out at home for telecommuters who don’t want to pay for a gym membership, share equipment, or deal with a commute. In this post, we’ll go over how remote workers can enhance their work-life balance by setting up a home gym, and the benefits of working out at home.

The Benefits of Exercising for Remote Workers

In the pre-COVID world, going to the gym was just a part of many people’s morning or evening commutes. However, once the benefits of remote work dominated the professional landscape, the gym routines flew out the window. 


It’s easy for remote workers to stay dormant for the majority of their days. Sitting in front of a computer caused workers to move less and even created a 32% reduction in physical activity.


The failure to exercise or stay active can be extremely detrimental to a remote worker’s mental and physical stress and can cause remote communication problems. If you find yourself feeling sluggish or depressed through your remote work days, it might be time for you to set up a home gym.

The Perks of a Home Gym

Telecommuters who set up a home gym will have many lasting benefits coming their way. Not only can at-home exercise enhance your mental capacity for high-stress workdays, but it’s easy on the wallet, as well. 

Forget the Commute

One of the greatest benefits of remote work is the absence of a commute, so why would you add one to your daily routine? Commutes add unnecessary time and stress to your day, so simply getting up from your desk and heading to another room can be the perfect solution.

Fit Exercise Into Your Work Day

Do you ever find odd hours in your day waiting on tasks? Instead of spinning in circles in your office chair, take a screen break by hopping on your treadmill, exercise bike, or even swapping out your chair for an exercise ball. 

Avoid Crowded Gyms

Crowded gyms are nobody’s happy place. By investing in at-home exercise equipment, remote workers can skip common inconveniences and other people’s questionable gym etiquette. No longer will you have to listen to people grunting, getting in your space, or clean off dirty exercise equipment. A home gym is a perfect solution for homebodies that want an exercise routine without having to be in crowded areas.

Exercise How You Want

Without the stress of a crowded gym, remote workers can fully customize their workout routines. Do you want to exercise a little in the morning and a little at night? No problem! If headphones and earbuds bother you during exercise, you are even free to listen to music or online exercise classes out loud without bothering anybody else. 


The benefits of having an at-home gym are insurmountable for remote workers looking to get active throughout the day. Being able to thrive in a remote work setting will help a telecommuter reach their full potential.


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