While Florida and Arizona used to be the best cities to retire in now days there is a list of some different kinds of places! Apparently the cliché Florida retiree bit just doesn’t fit the mold for everyone out there. This is mostly in part to new retiree ages and they are of a whole different generation than the baby boomers were. The new generation of retirees seems to be attracted to different things and these cities have made the list for being the best to retire in, and here is why.best cities to retire


Best Cities To Retire In

1.      Austin, Texas: The amount of people ages 55-64 have increased by 110 percent in Austin just in the past 10 years and it expected to go higher than that. Austin Universities and city colleges have started offering classes that allow people to continue their education and this is one of the reasons it has become one of the best cities to retire in.

2.      Atlanta, Georgia: Thanks to the diversity and low cost of living in Atlanta more and more retirees are choosing the Peaches State to live out the retired part of their lives. In the suburbs of Atlanta you can really find low costs of living but plenty to do as far as keeping yourself busy.

3.      Portland, Oregon: With so many parks, trails and activities for retirees to participate in no wonder Portland is one of the top cities for people to retire in.

4.      Boston, Mass: Whether it is the history or the beauty, Boston has definitely increased the number of retirees and potential retirees in the past few years.

5.      Milwaukee, Wisconsin: If you can stand the super frigid winters with snow this beauty of a city may appeal to you. While it is a bit too cold for me it seems more and more people are choosing the beautiful but cold scenery to retire to.

6.      Sante Fe, New Mexico: Warm weather, breath taking views and very rich history are just a few of the things that make Sante Fe one of the best cities to retire in.

What makes the best cities to retire in?

When people consider where to retire there are a few things they look for. Cost of living is of course the most important thing because you have to stay within your financial means. The activities and events that the area offers can also help someone choose which city to retire in too. Weather is also a huge concern for quite a few people as some are not fond of too hot or too cold weather. Wherever you choose to retire just make sure it is somewhere you enjoy being and could see yourself staying for a long period of time. Now to fund that plan you better be making some pretty good passive and active incomes regardless of what the economy is doing. If your ready to start investing in your future to live in the best cities to retire in….

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