So what exactly is the draw for Weekend Jobs?

Weekend Jobs = Weekend Warriors

I've done the odd end job back in college and high school. I understand the draw. Back when I was in school (graduated college in 2000) the selection of jobs for students were pretty limited. There were some who went and became lab assistants while others worked as a waiter for bars and such during nights and weekends. With a full time schedule of 15-17 hours it's pretty hard to get a stable part time job.


This is where the brain storming comes in to why so many students look for weekend jobs to supplement their cash or mainly replenish their alcohol fund.

I looked and got some small gigs at the mall doing a couple nights a week and weekends until I finally landed a cool gig grading material science homework papers. It paid more than going to the mall and all the grading took place while I was watching NWO wrestling (yes, back when it was getting big).

The benefits by working at home was awesome. Travel time and just not having to report to work on the COMPANY'S time was a life saver. Grading papers started when I wanted to start it. The only real requirements were that I had taken the class and applied for the grading position with my professor before anyone else. I guess it did help I had favor with the professor but that job was so awesome.

Weekend Jobs = Awesome?

If you were looking for ONLY weekend jobs what could you possibly make? One of the stipulations from my university grading position was that I had to meet some criteria. I don't think most will qualify for a strict weekend job.


Mostly, these types of jobs are given to those who had served in that capacity or exact position before. The hiring personal would then have to make a special exception. I mean, in terms of being a waiter the tips are bigger on weekends so why would a full time or even part time worker allow someone to not put in the time during the week to get the good hours on the weekend?

It just doesn't happen that often.

Part time work is over 20 hours. This can be done doing 2 full shifts on the weekends but not many places will only let you do your time JUST on the weekends. It makes scheduling people in for times a nightmare and others will feel a bit shafted for not getting the premium weekend times.

Now let's just say you do have landed some weekend jobs in the past or currently. I would think that is the minority and you still had to have special favor from the hiring manager. A new person wouldn't be able to fill those gaps especially now with so many unemployed people looking for full time gigs. Overtime is a must for many and weekends is what pushes them over.

What makes you think you can just jump in and land some top tier weekend jobs over those who need it badly?

Weekend Jobs Transition to an Online Business

The shift is happening. With more and more unskilled internet marketers are going to traditional jobs like cashiers and waiters, there is a huge door for those looking to make some extra cash just from their own home. I wouldn't say it's an “online job” but more like an “online business”. Main reason is because you call your own hours and you make what you “EARN”.

I mean, isn't that what this country is about?

Performance = Payouts and not Trade Time for money.

The benefits of learning how to make some money online is that you can make the internet YOUR employee. You can have it setup where you keep building and building and regardless of what you do later on that older properties you developed are now paying you. Regardless if you wake up or roll over the traffic and commissions come in.

Now, I'm not going to sell the idea that this will be an overnight process. It is a different trek for everyone and depends on your own resources, knowledge, and time.


I know for a fact it works, and it works well.

Here is a screen show of one of my affiliates.

weekend jobs

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The key difference from weekend jobs to what you can do online is that it's doesn't have to be done on the weekend. It can be build at night, and even during your lunch break (what I'm doing now 😉 ).

Learn internet marketing, graduate from my 7 day bootcamp class and understand if you can generate traffic you can write your own paychecks and say good bye to weekend jobs and hello to weekend parties.

Lawrence Tam's 7 Day Internet Bootcamp

weekend jobs

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Dan · June 12, 2011 at 1:06 am

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This is a good online home business over time. But remember, we can’t succeed in any online home business without hard work and don’t ever give up. Hopefully this is helpful for you guys. Thanks!

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