Weekend Jobs vs Online Jobs

So what exactly is the draw for Weekend Jobs?

Weekend Jobs = Weekend Warriors

I've done the odd end job back in college and high school. I understand the draw. Back when I was in school (graduated college in 2000) the selection of jobs for students were pretty limited. There were some who went and became lab assistants while others worked as a waiter for bars and such during nights and weekends. With a full time schedule of 15-17 hours it's pretty hard to get a stable part time job.


This is where the brain storming comes in to why so many students look for weekend jobs to supplement their cash or mainly replenish their alcohol fund.

I looked and got some small gigs at the mall doing a couple nights a week and weekends until I finally landed a cool gig grading material science homework papers. It paid more than going to the mall and all the grading took place while I was watching NWO wrestling (yes, back when it was getting big).

The benefits by working at home was awesome. Travel time and just not having to report to work on the COMPANY'S time was a life saver. Grading papers started when I wanted to start it. The only real requirements were that I had taken the class and applied for the grading position with my professor before anyone else. I guess it did help I had favor with the professor but that job was so awesome. (more…)