If you are participating in any kind of MLM program, you may have seen some sites which offer free MLM leads and wondered as to whether they are a good thing to use. Everyone wants to get something for free, this is basic human nature. However, in the MLM world, free does not mean good. If you want to get some quality leads then you should be prepared to spend some money on them, or at least work hard to get them yourself.


Why Free MLM Leads Are Really Not Free

You might be thinking to yourself: well, it's free, so even if the quality is bad, I am not going to lose anything, right? Well, this is where I would completely disagree with you. Sure, the leads that you get are free, so they will not cost you anything out of pocket. However, you will be spending time contacting these free MLM leads and marketing your program to them. So while it may not cost you money to buy these leads, it will cost you your time (and maybe even money if you outsource the task) to contact them.


Free MLM Leads Are of Bad Quality

If these free MLM leads were any good, who would want to give them away. Here is a question that you should be asking yourself: if someone has an entire directory of high quality MLM leads, wouldn't it be better for them to market to these leads directly, rather than giving them away. We all know that quality leads are what will make you money in the MLM industry. Even if you have the most beautiful website and the most convincing sales materials, if nobody sees them you will not make any profit with these. The free MLM leads that many sites will give you when you sign up are typically leads that would be considered bad quality.

What I mean by that is that they are leads which are quite unlikely to result in a single person joining your program. Most probably these leads are of people who were tricked into giving their information to participate in a survey, contest or to get some kind of a freebie, such as an instructional video or MLM guide. These people were probably simply visiting the site where they entered their info out of curiosity and did not have any serious intention of joining any program.

Furthermore, these free MLM leads are very often people who have already been marketed to and presented many other programs before. They probably have their email inboxes overflowing with offers to join several MLM programs as well. You also won't know just how fresh these leads were. Even if they were not contacted by anyone since they gave their info, if it has been a few months since they did so, they would probably be confused when you contact them and start wondering what you want from them and how you got their contact information in the first place.


Is It Possible to Get Good Free MLM Leads?

The short answer is: yes, it is possible and it is actually something that I am doing myself. However, doing this will require that you do some work and not just fill out a form and expect free MLM leads to be handed to you. One good strategy to get leads for your MLM program would be to write an article that is related to your niche.

Then, include a link to your lead capture page in the resource box of your article and submit it to article directories. No matter how many people submit a lead, it will not cost you anything. You could also use social media to its full potential by creating a fan page, or uploading videos to a video sharing service such as YouTube. All of this can be done with a little bit of work plus effort and will result in getting free MLM leads that are actually good.

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