Travel Ventures International, or TVI Express,  has introduced a business that would appeal to everyone. People are always on the lookout for cheap airfares and discounted travel packages. By becoming a member of Travel Ventures International, they can get access to discounts in flight costs, hotels and packages. However, not many people come forward to take this up because of the fear of scams. The company’s made some heavy declarations of offering an MLM opportunity that could fetch you an income of $10000 in just a week. Here’s a review that will tell you how honest this business is.

About TVI Express

The MLM enterprise was launched in 2009 at London. TVI Express is a new comer to the United States and Canada. Members are also entitled to a 6 night holiday accommodation at any destination of their choice. Travel Ventures International has links with several hotels and airlines; this enables the company to offer such discounts.

TVI Express

However, wherever you look for information about the company, you’ll see that the income opportunity gets featured more than the actual product.

TVI Express – Cost And Compensation

It costs more than $250 to join TVI as a distributor. As a distributor, you have access to the TVI back office where you can make travel bookings at discounted rates. You also get a 6 night/7 day holiday with return tickets for one.

TVI Express

Distributor compensation in TVI Express depends on the level you are in. The first level is the Traveler Board where you get a commission of $500 on hiring 2 reps who move you up to the next board which is the Express Board. TVI will pay you $10000 when you exit this board. There are also various perks offered such as laptops and cars.

Is TVI Express Taking You For A Ride?

People get tempted by the sales pitch offered by reps that promise good cash for just bringing in two people into the business. But just think; if what they said is really true, you’d have been attending TVI Express meetings with a lot of multi-billionaires by now. Here are reasons why people fail in this business-

– There’s no guarantee that people you recruit will continue building your MLM downline. They won’t be of much use to you when they quit the business halfway.

TVI Express has quite a lot of competitors who offer almost the same product, not to mention time share rentals that may have even better deals. Competitors in the same field are Pyxism and Dream Style Vacation. With such similar offerings, potential clients subscribe to the company that offers them maximum benefits.

– Because of the huge number of scams in this business, people are not ready to trust reps that invite them to parties, call for appointments or offer free gifts.

Flying High With TVI Express

Today’s traveler relies a lot on the internet. Use the reach of the internet to promote your business; but make sure you differentiate yourself from hundred others who have their own website. Improve traffic to your website and install a powerful MLM leads generator that works round the clock; use innovative techniques to reach potential clients and demonstrate to them the positive points of your business.



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