Why should we have a Tumblr vs WordPress debate in the first place?

It’s now official that having a blog is crucial to every business to communicate with customers and spread the reach of the business. However, it wouldn’t do to simply start a blog just because it’s recommended and fill it with key-word rich matter that wouldn’t convey meaning to anyone.Tumblr vs WordPress

To have an effective blog, one should first tackle the question on which blogging platform to use; this Tumblr vs WordPress analysis will tell you how to select your blogging platform to bring out the best for your business.

Tumblr vs WordPress – Fight!

Tumblr’s Triumph Factors

–         Simplicity is Tumblr’s first virtue. While WordPress can be complicated for new users, Tumblr is user friendly and can be easily adapted to your content.

–         If you want to display content in the form of short posts, videos and images, Tumblr’s easy layout will be comfortable.

–         Another advantage with Tumblr is its strong social media presence. Social networking is an unbelievably strong marketing tool and Tumblr’s link up with social networking sites is believed to be better than that of WordPress.

–         Tumblr’s microblogging format helps offer information in bite-sized chunks; this informal style enables better communication with customers.

–         Posting to your Tumblr site can be done even through email and SMS or from your phone.

Tumblr’s Tumbling Points

–         Tumblr scores down on the Tumblr vs WordPress contest when there is sizeable information to be conveyed and when this can be better done through a self hosted site.

–         Many users feel themes in Tumblr can’t be manipulated as easily as it’s done in WordPress.

–         It’s easier to plug in widgets in WordPress than in Tumblr because not much coding is required for widgets in WordPress.

WordPress’s Wonders

–         The first wonder of WordPress is its self hosting facility. This gives a higher degree of control over the content of your business in your website.

–         WordPress has a good community setup with a “commenting” facility that helps make new contacts. Social networking can also be integrated into WordPress blogs.

–         WordPress is very effective when it comes to selling products online because of the plug-ins available for ecommerce. It’s possible to host an online shop with WordPress while it may be complicated to do so in Tumblr.

WordPress’s Worries

–         While WordPress may seem to have more features, it is also more complicated than Tumblr. By the time you figure out how to use and install WordPress, you can have your own Tumblr blog running and concentrate on the content instead of technical details.

–         People who believe blogging should be free of cost may not wish to use and pay for WordPress’s domain facility.

–         While comments are allowed on WordPress blogs, Tumblr has a definite advantage when it comes to Social networking.

Tumblr vs WordPress – Conclusion

While each of these blogging platforms has its own distinctive features, what you need for your business should ideally be a mix of the best features of both. Just think how much spread your writing will have if it’s to be expressed through a vast featured platform like WordPress and yet have the social networking reach of Tumblr!

What you need is a site that incorporates the best features of both blogging platforms to make your blog sell instantly. This was the reason why a new site called the Empower Network was created. Now, this integrates the key selling points of both Tumblr vs WordPress; so you get paid for what you write immediately. Now, does this answer your Tumblr vs WordPress confusion?

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Lawrence Tam

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chorwin.wordpress.com · March 11, 2012 at 1:02 am

Tested both tumblr.com and wordpress.com. As I had been on wordpress.com for several years, suddenly I confused with tumblr interface when starting a new page. It simple, but as a regular wordpress blog user, I am lost….

After some try and error, I think I got the whole idea of how the tumblr “blog” work. Anyway, it simple and clean, for those non tech savvy. I found the loading speed of site from tumblr is a little bit lag, compare to wordpress.com. By the way, I am loading the page outside of state.

    Lawrence Tam · March 11, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    i prefer wordpress.org sites as they are proven to rank and get traffic

Grant Dunn · January 2, 2012 at 6:09 pm

Interesting post here Lawrence. I totally agree. Empower Network truly does offer the best of both worlds. Keep up to great work my friend.

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