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If your a marketer you see 2 things right off the bat on this image. What did I do?

Top Article Directories are everywhere but there are some that are just better than others in terms of traffic, click through, and ease of use.

Top Article Directories – EzineArticles?

EzineArticles is still a good place to go to but if your paying attention check out the bottom right Alexa rank. The google panda update “ate their lunch”.

I'm not saying to abandon that directory but I'm saying don't keep all of your eggs over there.

So what are some of the top article directories you should invest time into?

Simple answer – Your own 😉

I know that's a cop out but dude, listen.

It's the best advice I can give you if you want to stay in business and profitable for a very long time. Don't let others dictate what you can make.

EzineArticles was once considered one of the top article directories to post on due to their backlink and traffic strenght. Those days have changed a bit but if you have NOTHING else they are still okay to post to. I would rather you invest your time in building up your own assets.


Top Article Directories – 95,069 Views

Point blank. If I had 95,069 views on my blog I would have made a HELL of a lot more money than sending that traffic to ezinearticles. I'm not going to say I didn't make some money with those views but I would have made more if they were to a property I OWNED.

One of the first things my students as when they see something like this is “can you teach me that”. The very first thing I reply is you gotta graduate from my 7 day Internet Lead Generation bootcamp course first. After grasping the basic foundation of generating traffic and understanding traffic flow then it makes more sense to dive into more advance topics like high end traffic generation.

But before you invest in traffic you better be sending them to properties you OWN unlike what I did in the Image. That was a mistake on my part and part of my learning curve. I no longer push heavy traffic to properties I don't own.  With ezineArticles dying for some traffic but pissing off a ton of people (myself included) it only makes sens to use them on some projects but for the most part you need to build up your own web properties.

I'm going to show you how later on mainly because the majority of my students are not building web assets properly to monetize their traffic. That was the exact issue I had with ezinearticles. I sent them a ton of traffic and got good click throughs but wasn't converting at a rate I was happy with. The main part was I was losing a lot of traffic to Ezine ad placements. Top article directories are great for supplemental traffic but not to host your original content.  I would highly recommend when your ready to learn advance traffic generation you better be sending it to your own website and why I started the project – start a website.

top article directories


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