While on vacation I've been thinking about what people do to make money. While at magic mountain I was checking out the friendly people who worked there and what are some summer jobs for high school students. Obviously the people working the rides and managing the thousands don't do it for a career path, right?

Summer Jobs For High School Students – Mindset

It's okay for a 18 year old high school student or even a college student to to and get a quick job to trade some time for money. Sure the pay might suck but what else are  your options, right?

Well, kids are kids and they don't know better. They are told to go to school and get a good job. If your “lucky” you will find something you can maybe go ahead and make a career out of.


Why do so many people that I come in contact with go into careers that either don't pay enough or they just plain hate? If your not getting paid then at least do it for passion. I just don't how driving a public transit bus or picking up garbage can be for passion or to a career path.

The only thing I can maybe think of is that they have given up OR just know better? Sure there are special situations but there has to be a time in place when one takes a look at what they have accomplished and where they are going.

That's the real problem. People get stuck in the mindset of summer jobs for high school students, and when they wake up they are 40 with kids. By that time it's too late… right?


Your never to old to learn something. It's all in your mind. Once the pain of learning something new is accepted then it's time to start deciding to make a change. A change doesn't have to be over night but making strides to getting to where you want to go is a starting point.

If your short on time or just running out of things you feel that matches up to how you want to make some money then I suggest you learn what I do. It's all online for the most part.

The beauty of it is that you can start learning today and decide if you want to do what you want to do for passion and just supplement your lifestyle OR just getting out of your JOB asap.

Check out this video and get out of the mindset like those looking for summer jobs for high school students. High school students have time to make mistakes. How much time do you have left?

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