Maybe your new to the industry or just living under a rock but social networking for business is all the rage. Social networking for business  is the art of making sales or delivering service to your potential customers by exposure through connections.

The #1 place to start networking has gotta be Facebook.

Social Networking For Business – Facebook Is A Must

If your in the business of selling products or services then your business is people. Where is there the largest amount of people WITH personal information tied to it?????


Facebook has a ton. I'm not even going to display a number since it won't matter because it will have gotten bigger by the time you read this.

The important fact to understand is Facebook has people that come back and stay. It's not like a search engine where it points to other sites on the net. Facebook is like a cafe, a coffee shop, a place to hang out.

The killer point in Facebook is that people are tied to it even when they are away from the computer. The smart phone rage has penetrated into facebook allowing a deeper interaction between people and drawing people together.

So how does social networking for business use Facebook?

Social Networking For Business – Understand the Market

Unlike pay per click on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Facebook is a bit different in how people treat their time there. People come to Facebook to hang out and learn new things, play some games, and just have some fun. There are a ton of options to share thoughts, pictures, and videos.

This has many business owners wondering what to do and how to build ab business using this platform.

The key is understanding this market space is that people there are not really there to be sold to. This is where social networking for business kicks in. Referral type marketing has been in business for ages. Taking that type of business model then mixing it in with social proof or acceptance will allowing you to build your brand and connect with your core market.

The best customers are repeat customers. The reason so much money is invested to gather customers is because the metrics weight out the costs to get the first customer and how much that customer is worth in the long run. If you know what your potential new customer is worth you can spend more than the next without going under. This magic number is only for paid strategies though.

Social networking for the most part is free and social network for business can also be free. Figuring out what is free and what is not will allow you to use your other resource that isn't money, Time.

Social Networking For Business Is Time Intensive

Get ready to invest time connecting with your core audience. Most of that can be handled by your media or public relations manager but if your a one man operation then knowing what to outsource is pretty important. Building a following through Facebook pages is a great way to get social approval and “Likes”.


There is a hidden gap to connecting with a customer who merely likes you vs wants to pay money for what you have.

Here is some free training to point you in the right direction to using social networking for business. The angles are different and the approach isn't the same as just befriending someone. Correctly targeting your audience is only half the battle. Closing someone who is on Facebook just for fun will be pretty hard if your not prepared.

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