Marketing Successfully in Social Media

During the last couple of years, social media networks have managed to grow tremendously, considering the fact that at this moment in time, Facebook has over 1.94 billion active users, and Instagram has just reached around 700 million active monthly users on the platform.

This massive growth in popularity, alongside with the potential for conversions that social media networks offer, have transformed them into advertising hubs, where millions of businesses throughout the world have their very own pages, and often posts sponsored posts and ads about their newest products and services.

However, for someone just starting out with social media marketing, knowing which network to choose, can be quite difficult. Not only this, but most beginners also don’t have inside knowledge about the average cost of a marketing campaign, which network is cheaper in the long run, and which can provide the best conversion rates.

To help in this regard, the team behind WebsiteBuilder has compiled a smart graphic entitled ‘The Social Media Cheat Sheet’, thus showing some of the must-know facts about carrying out marketing campaigns on social media networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. The infographic contains essential information for advertisers, including information on the audience growth rate, audience reach, ROI, the minimum campaign cost, whether there are free vouchers available, CPC and CPM data, statistics on conversion rates and the average order values. Data on the best products sold, the best time to advertise, tools to run a successful campaign, types of ads supported and the most engaging ads are also available.

Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

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