There has always been a fascination among people for alternative treatment methods like acupressure, herbal remedies, aroma therapy and homeopathy. When a combination of some of these therapy methods is wrapped in a modern package and offered as a product, it’s bound to be attractive. CieAura has strived to do just that through CieAura transparent holographic chips. This CieAura review will tell you more about this product and the MLM opportunity offered by the company.

The CieAura Company

Ken Rasner launched CieAura in March 2010 at Houston. The company has several offices and customer care centers in the United States. The company markets CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips that help reduce discomfort and pain and boost stamina. Customers who’re satisfied with the product are converted into distributors and the products are distributed through a network of such distributors.

CieAura Products

CX2 enhances athletic performance, SinusAllergyRelief offers relief to people suffering from sinus, EMF protects the body from emissions caused by electro-magnetic fields, PureEnergy plus boosts energy resources in the body while PureRelief channelizes the flow of energy and RestQuiet helps users sleep better. Other than these, the company also offers herbal teas made from whole herbs.

The CieAura Business

This is a business that encourages customers who’re satisfied with the products to become CieAura Independent distributor. Once you’ve joined the business, you’re encouraged to spread word of the products and the business. The website has details of the compensation plan offered to distributors. This Cieaura review aims to probe into the business opportunity and check out how profitable it is.

Before we check the profitability, let’s have a look at the competition and see where the business stands.
Asantae – This is a multi-level marketing business that deals with cardiovascular health. The products offered by Asantae are alleged to help boost cardio health through its healthy supplements.
USANA Health Sciences – USANA is a popular network marketing company that deals with health and nutritional products like vitamin supplements, health drinks and meal replacements. This company has a wider range of products than CieAura and an equally interesting income opportunity.

Attraction Marketing System
The Hemp Network – This is a yet to be launched MLM business that sells products made of medical mushroom for preventive health and well as to boost physical fitness. The protein content of hemp is utilized to make these products.

Why CieAura?

From this CieAura review, you’d have inferred that though unique in its approach to health, this is not the only health based MLM; in fact, health and wellness is a thriving field that’s seeing new entrants every day. Still, CieAura chips is a good business to take up because it offers an innovative product that uses the benefits of homeopathy and acupressure to provide relief from pain. The mere concept behind the CieAura pain chips is sure to attract customers.

Make Money With CieAura Business

Such an attractive business is sure to bring in profits, provided you promote it the right way. Instead of trying to focus on people you know, just think of the possibilities of selling these product to people who really need them. By selling to a definite target market, you increase your profitability and conversion rate. This can be made possible by using online techniques to capture a wide audience. New online tools and social media tools enable selective marketing and will be very useful in your attempt to sell CieAura pain chips to people who need them. Just learn how to use these techniques to be the master of your business.

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