Selling CieAura Pain Chips And What You Need To Know

There has always been a fascination among people for alternative treatment methods like acupressure, herbal remedies, aroma therapy and homeopathy. When a combination of some of these therapy methods is wrapped in a modern package and offered as a product, it’s bound to be attractive. CieAura has strived to do just that through CieAura transparent holographic chips. This CieAura review will tell you more about this product and the MLM opportunity offered by the company.

The CieAura Company

Ken Rasner launched CieAura in March 2010 at Houston. The company has several offices and customer care centers in the United States. The company markets CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips that help reduce discomfort and pain and boost stamina. Customers who’re satisfied with the product are converted into distributors and the products are distributed through a network of such distributors.

CieAura Products

CX2 enhances athletic performance, SinusAllergyRelief offers relief to people suffering from sinus, EMF protects the body from emissions caused by electro-magnetic fields, PureEnergy plus boosts energy resources in the body while PureRelief channelizes the flow of energy and RestQuiet helps users sleep better. Other than these, the company also offers herbal teas made from whole herbs. (more…)