Providing good customer service is an integral part of today’s business operations. To put it in stricter wording, consumers demand good customer care. If their demand is not satisfied, they have the power to ruin the businesses’ reputation by spreading negative word of mouth and giving bad online feedback.

What else can be more devastating for businesses, right?

Customer care is continuously developing and being used at all levels of touch points with brands, to meet the ever evolving consumer needs. The recent trend in customer care has been noticed in social media, where potential consumers spend most of their time. In fact, 63% of customers on social media expect to receive customer care by businesses.

Find more interesting facts on how Customer Care is important in social media in the infographic compiled by experts from

Meanwhile, let’s find out why social media customer care is what businesses should embrace. We present 3 main reasons below. Here we go!

Good Social Media Customer Care can boost customer satisfaction rate by as much as 26.6%

Quick responses to inquiries and contact resolution are crucial in satisfying customers. 42% of customers on social media expect a response within 1 hour, while 32% expect to be responded within 30 minutes. There are also a group of customers (11%) who expect a response to be immediate.

Moreover, 24% of customers say the most important aspect is first contact resolution. Then, why not meet their expectations for them to be satisfied with the brand, right?

Social Media Customer Care boosts revenue and ROI

Businesses experience an increase in annual ROI by 30.7% due to top quality customer care. They also experience 81% higher annual increase in revenue from customer referrals. Those businesses which have top quality social customer care document 92% customer retention.

Only the 1% of the customers who come back for more shopping, result in an approximately 10% increase in total revenue. In fact, good social customer care makes customers to spend more by 20%-40%.

Social Media Customer Care is cost-effective

It is always great for business to find cost-effective ways of doing business, isn’t it? Thus, using social media for customer care can be good news for them, because it is absolutely cost-effective.

It costs $1 to give a solution to a customer’s problem on social media, whereby it can cost nearly $6 more with the interaction of a call center. Social media customer care is almost 63% cheaper than phone support, and it is more efficient than voice agents by 67%.

  • First, 31% of people share their thoughts online after they have had a bad customer care experience.
  • Second, not answering a complaint decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%.
  • Third, 30% of customers are more likely to go to a competitor if a brand doesn’t respond on social media. Statistics speak for themselves, so no need of further comments here!


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