Email is the method of contact for an ever-increasing group of people across the globe. Some forecasts place the number of people using email at around 4 billion across the globe. Many people have multiple email addresses, changing them, using different ones for different uses.

We check our emails on our laptops, on our tablets, and on our phones. In fact, mobile responsiveness is the big influencer of emails: If emails aren't readable on smart devices, many people won't open them. That's because up to 70 percent of people rely on their smart phones for reading emails.

Social media and websites are great for connecting with customers and potential customers in new ways, and one of the best of them is email. On every possible platform and site, you can and should try to capture emails.

But besides asking for email addresses, what are ways that you can measurably increase the size of your email subscribers into people that will interact in tangible ways? There are a number of different options.

One is social ads: They're great especially when targeted toward people who are interested in similar things. Facebook Lookalike Audience offers an option that allows you to target based on what those people are already looking at or visiting.

And as we mentioned, asking for emails all the time, in all sorts of ways, is a requirement. You can also use old-fashioned ways-say, in person contacts-in order to get those emails. You can encourage loyalty, you can ask for it on an app, you can give them free downloads to get that email.

In fact, those incentives-such as contest entries, e-books, and the like-are really great incentives for email signup.

This graphic walks through the steps you should use to grow your email list, explaining in depth what works and what's important to focus on.

Easy Ways to Quickly Grow Your Email Subscriber Base

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